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Shelia, a Preset for Racemenu.

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This is Shelia, a Preset for Racemenu.
It makes you able to play as Shelia, the character shown in the Pictures

Please read this Description BEFORE installing

+++How to install+++
1. Install SKSE if you haven´t done this already. You can find installing instructions on Youtube.
2. Install RaceMenu. This is, where you can put this Preset in later
3. Install these Mods:
Fair Skin Complexion 
[You just need the eyebrows (standalone Part of this Mod), Rest is optional (I used the skin of this mod for the screenshots, but you haven´t to do this.]
Requires UNP or CBBE.
True Eyes
4. Extract this Mod and put the content into ...\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen
5. Run Skyrim and load a game or start a new one
6. a) Type showracemenu into the console and hit enter (if you have loaded a already started game) or wait until the Character-Creation-Menu, if you have started a new game.
b) Set your character as Nord and female
c) click on Presets and load Shelia.jslot
d) click on Sculpt and import Shelia.nif

Any questions, suggestions, problems or bugs? Ask in the Comments.
Feel free to modify this mod or to use it in your own mod if you leave credits.

Thats it, thanks for installing and enyoy playing as Shelia

Thanks to the Creators of the Mods named above.
The Outfit used on the Screenshots is DreamBurrows Princess of The Woods Retexture