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The demon king of evil lord Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess created by Simdrew1993

I've given him a more realistic look. Enjoy!

Comments welcome. Please endorse if you like him or my Voice Acting! :)

Permissions and credits
I have created Ganondorf The Dark Lord of Evil in Skyrim from the Legend of Zelda gaming series. 


After a drop of the hero's blood was spilt the evil king's
 servants had taken the sample to an altar to perform a ritual in which the demon king would be brought back to life once again. Soon after.... Ganondorf was resurrected, as he emerged from nowhere he started slowly by observing his surroundings making an evil smirk relieved to know that he was back once again, he then knew exactly what he wanted, revenge on Link and Princess Zelda! He devised a plan, he started studying spell tomes on summoning those he wished to summon in his presence, he wished to claim the power of the Triforce once and for all! If all went according to plan Link and Zelda would be spawned where he would defeat them then claim the Golden Relics thus forming the Triforce..... then long after reading his tomes he gathered new-found knowledge about portals, he cast the spell but all went wrong, instead of summoning Link and Zelda, it backfired.... a dark vortex opened up out of nowhere Just then Ganondorf was sucked into the portal reappearing in the land of Skyrim, as he stands where he is he see's children and woman crying as Stormcloaks and Imperial's are killing one an other in the civil war...He seems quite pleased with what he sees. 

Link and Zelda were also sucked into different portals of dark energy that appeared around them. After the portals absorbed the chosen ones they were sealed, perhaps there would be no return...All 3 had awoken in Skyrim. What adventures lie ahead? That's up to you.


As Ganondorf will you embrace your path of power by slaying all that oppose you and by burning all to the ground? Or will you do good deeds to manipulate those into thinking highly of you only to gain enough trust to commit kills after they all least expect it or corrupt those around you. The choice is yours!

If you want my Ganondorf Voice Acting in your game you'll need this mod!

My Voice Acting is a separate file compared to the mod. 

Installation for Voice Acting file is simple download Additional Player Voices, then download my Ganondorf Voice files, go to your skyrim directory, easiest way to do this is right click on your Skyrim or SKSE Shortcut then click go to file location, after you are in your Skyrim directory go to data, then look for sound/ FX/ nhva/ Set1 ....Now delete Set1 then place my folder there, Wa-laa! It's finished!  

If you would like to use my Ganondorf Voice work in a mod contact me for permission, if you wish to convert my Ganondorf character into a follower then contact me for permission, Thanks. 
He may be used in pictures, Videos and whatever else just have fun! 


First off you'll need this, The Skyrim Enhanced Character creation this is how most players are able to perfect their characters and make unique followers, characters and npc's:
The file above is very important if there is no character creation mod then there will be no Ganondorf.

If you want his cape it's the companions Cape which is part of Cloaks of Skyrim mod:  If you want to start out with it then go to the ~ console and type help companions, then search for the cloak you should see it then type player.additem then the numbers followed by how many. Done!  

Then you'll need Apachii Sky hair for the hair types, download Apachii Sky Hair Male V1.2 For Elves, Then download Apachii Skyhair Male V.1.1 here is the link they can all be found on the files tab:


You should be all set now after those files above
. But if you want to add even more accuracy and make him look even more so like how he does in the pictures if he doesn't already, then I recommend you download these below:

I believe MF0 (Male Face Overhaul) is the Skin I use for my male Skyrim characters:

Also I recommend:
High res dirt maps and war paints:

And for eyes I use these High Quality Eyes by Xenius, I use the darker ones though because the lighter felt too bright to me:

If you want his Darknut Blade seen in the pics then go here:

Also if you want to start with the armor I gave my Ganondorf creation then here is text, right click your Skyrim shortcut on your desktop then click go to file location to where it takes you to your Skyrim directory. Create a text document and just call it Ganondorf. Once that is complete add these lines to the document then save it, once in game bring up the console commands and type: bat Ganondorf    exactly how I just typed it then he will automatically be equipped with most of everything in his pictures now here is the text:

player.additem 000f1ac1 5
additem 000f1ac1 5
player.eqipitem 000f1ac1
eqipitem 000f1ac1
additem 0004b288 5
player.additem 0004b288 5
player.equipitem 0004b288
equipitem 0004b288
player.additem 0004b28d 5
additem 0004b28d 5
player.equipitem 0004b28d
equipitem 0004b28d
player.additem 27018881 5
additem 27018881 5
player.equipitem 27018881
equipitem 27018881
player.additem 0010cf71 5
additem 0010cf71 5
player.equipitem 0010cf71
equipitem 0010cf71
player.additem 000166fd 5
additem 000166fd 5
player.equipitem 000166fd
equipitem 000166fd


If You have interest in making a follower out of my ECE Skyrim characters then you must contact me first for permission, you'll need to give me credit for my hard work when you are done. I'd be happy to see my characters as followers would be interesting to watch them fight eachother lol. Here is a full tutorial on how to make ECE to followers best tutorial I've seen on the Internet so far though the Youtuber that made the video forgot a few steps that they put in their video description:  

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Ganondorf created in Skyrim By Simdrew1993
Bethesda for making The Elder Scrolls Skyrim
Nintendo for creating Ganondorf, and The Legend of Zelda.