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This mod improves Onmund's face, removing his hood, adding new hair and getting rid of his underbite. Enjoy this beautiful version of Onmund!

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Greetings, fellow Skyrim lovers! 

I have made this mod to offer you an improved version of Onmund, one of the fellow students at the college of Winterhold. 


Considering that he's elligible for marriage and he's quite a nice NPC, I have thought to beautify him a bit since CrimsonFairy's mod didn't work for me. That pissed me off, so I tried to make my own version.

What's new about this Onmund?

I have "fixed" his underbite. This is pretty much the big change about him. I have changed his eyebrows, eye color, eye width, nose and I have added some facial hair. I have also removed his hood, so I can see the beautiful Apachii hairstyle worn by him.

What other mods have you used? I want the same look for my Onmund.

First of all, I have used the latest Skyrim update. Secondly, the Apachii hair mod is a must!!! Otherwise, it is most likely that this mod isn't going to work.
Here is a link to Apachii's mod I have used: 
I have also used Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi - Variant - 2_0a
Plus this High Quality Eyes by Xenius

Are there any problems I should think about?

Yes, just like with any other mod. He might mention master Neloth if you ask him to follow you, or you might find more of his original clothes in his inventory (you could take them and sell them if you do find them there)☺ you might also find him naked. If so, just take a clothing piece from his inventory and give him another one, or the same. Another problem might occur if you have a previous save with him as a follower. If you want to play that save this mod won't work, so you won't see any changes. That's why you should start a new game or load a previous save when you didn't have him as a follower. 

Don't worry, this is only version 1.0, so I'm trying to fix as many problems I can. If you find something else that doesn't work, tell me and I will try to fix it ASAP. Take this as a BETA-version.

NOTE for Females!!!

Enjoy your new Onmund ;) 

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