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Laluna - by timek.

Updated 25.10.2013 to version 2.0 - Endorse If You Like :)


  • Laluna is the newest addition to my companions. She's a young. blue-haired Breton with a mysterious look.
  • She specializes in frost magic so her main source of damage in battle comes from different ice spells (Destruction), and also her trusty Frost Astronauch!
  • She starts at level 6 and is located at the Drunken Huntsman, Whiterun. ("help laluna 4" if lost/can't find her, then enter "player.placeatme 'number' ")
  • Auto-Level is enabled up to level 100.
  • Essential so she will not die.
  • Marriable.
  • She starts with just a dagger, a torch so no armor included.
  • She trains mainly in Destruction, Conjuration, Sneak, One-handed but also vaguely in some of the other schools of magic.


- Install manually or via NMM and activate the .esp located in skyrim/data folder.
- Overwrite if asked to (if you upgrade to new version or change hairstyle).
- Load the mod's .ESP file BELOW UFO / any other such mod in NMM/Launcher to avoid issues.

- Newest Skyrim
- Apachii SkyHair.

She will use what ever body/face mods you have installed but these I used in screenshots:

- The Eyes of Beauty.
- CBBE with Women Of Skyrim textures and/or SG-textures and make-up
- CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible

» OPTIONAL MODS I USED(Not needed but gives improves visuals):
- A ENB, I used K ENB / Project ENB  in screenies

» Problems? Try this:
- Knows issue is that her spells might aggro other companions and make them attack her. Game bug.
- Disband her from your group if you're using a old save game and upgrading to a newer version, or to a different hairstyle.
- Load order: Below UFO or any other follower/companion mod. Also below Apachii and all kind of face/body altering mods.
- Manually install works sometimes better.
- Open console and input "help laluna 4" if you lost/can't find her, then enter "player.placeatme "ID" . The ID-number is what you get from the above "help laluna 4".

v 1.1
- Moved her to Whiterun, inside Bannered Mare.
- Removed Frost Astronauch tome from inventory.
- Gave her the Summoner perk to make her cast Frost Astronauch properly (Aslong as she has alot of magicka/high enough level).
v 1.0
- Initial release.

Russian translation:


Yumi - new Warrior follower !

Redguard Jenassa Replacer

Damius the Mercenary

More images of my char's and Laluna on my profile: Click.

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Creds to Apachii's Hairstyles & Fallout Hairstyles by radioragae
and foretrenty for NPC-Editor