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Rachel can be found at the whiterun bannered mare

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IMPORTANT requries apachi sky hair latest version she will use to any other mods you use such as skin and body mods and wear any clothes you give to her
1 rachel is found in the bannered mare of whiterun
2 if the option for her to follow you does not appear for some reason you have to type player.setrelationshiprank player 4 (enter) then setrelationshiprank player 4 (enter) then addfac 5c84d 4 (enter) then you will be able to tell her to follow you and she will act as a normal follower from this point on but this should never be necessary
3 if you can't find her in the bannered mare try waiting 12 hours and searching again
4 she might be a marriable? lol not sure
she has 100 in sneak heavy/light armor and one handed and all the perks for those trees 0 in everything else
she can now be simple asked to follow you no console commands needed
she no longer randomly kills you when you ask her to do something
no longer turns against you when fighting city guards
for her to look like she does in my screen shots you would need
1 The sevenbase body form
2 Coverwoman/normalmaps/bellas better females
3 eyes of beauty
4 Milkdrinker skin textures / barbarian skin textures
if you find any bugs please post them in posts section i will try my best to resolve them