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Etain from the movie Centurion - This is my interpretation of one of my favorite movie characters \"Etain the Pict Scout\" played by Olga Kurylenko in the film Centurion. Custom Warpaint by 83Willow to match Etain\'s in the movie now included.

Permissions and credits

Etain of Britanni {Belrand Replacer}

Update 2.0

[size= 2]Face: Warpaint Updated to look more like the movie character but her face is the same as version 1.1 for purists
Weight: Body Weight Updated to 45% (same as Belrands) at the scale and may work with other female bodies but you should no longer have to set her weight to fix neck seam.
Spells: She uses Belrand's fighting style and spells
Combat: She uses Auto-level from 10 to 85 and is etiher essential or non-essential
Armor: Prefers light armor in keeping with the movie character
Hair: New Hair from Apachii that I feel matches the movies a little closer. Note: Since she is created using the NPC Editor I removed each and every extra Apachii hair file from her. There should be no extra hairs in the "showracemenu" with version 2.0 in use.
Eyes: Hazel Green, I used "Eyes of Beauty" on her for this update.

Required Files

[size= 2]ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_0 is REQUIRED for Version 2.0[/size]

[size= 2]ApachiiSkyHair 1.4 or later is REQUIRED for Old Versions[/size]

Standalone Version located here:

Etain from the movie Centurion - This is my interpretation of one of my favorite movie characters "Etain the Pict Scout" played by Olga Kurylenko in the film Centurion. While by no means a perfect replica, with the limited resources I had to work with I am happy with her final version. I spent nearly a week working on her, feeling like I was going to go mad at times trying to get her facial features correct. The Nexus public also helped me with test viewing her when I had originally planned on replacing Argis with her but after some debate I felt Belrand was a natural choice give his conjuring of familiars and Etain being (for the most part) a Druid. Thanks as always for checking out my mod and Endorsements are always welcome and appreciated!!!

***The only required mod is ApachiiSkyHiar!!! Please download that first!***

Floating Head and Color Fix: (Because I made her a more realistic height and weight)

Open Console (~) click on Etain to show her ID number.

Type: setscale .97 and Enter.

Type: setnpcweight 27 and Enter.

Now do a new save and close Skyrim and then restart your game, she should now display properly.

Note: Make sure you release her as a follower before you save. If you can leave the Winking Skeever before you save even better.

Her combat mechanics are the same as Belrands, no tweaking done there but she should auto-level to 100 now. She is non-essential!!! Make sure you watch her back! :)

The armor shown in the pictures is standard Vanilla, she will appear nude in your game so you can put whatever you want on her. I customized her hair color, skin tone and of course her face and makeup! :)
***Custom Warpaint by 83Willow to match Etain's in the movie Centurion! Data folder included in Zip File and it replaces Vanilla Warpaint #2

I also used Fgem's Hircine's Curiass;
Fur Armor is cotyounoyume's A Sexy Little Apparel Replacer CBBE;
Cloak; Winter is coming Wolf cloak trimmed in white fur.
Her Spear (Which is the closest to the one in the movie I could find) is from Bob's Armory (Thanks Mr. Dave!) It is called a Partisan. (Please endorse his work, it is absolutely incredible!)
Navetsea's body textures were used as well (and as usual), highly endorsed!

Marriage: There is a well known Vanilla bug on some NPC's in this game that after the ceremony is over they will leave your service. Do this; Immediately after the marriage you need to talk to her before she leaves the temple and get her to follow you. If she does not show the follow command you can always click on her to show her RefID and type in console (setrelationshiprank player 4) and that should fix her.

You can either use CBBE or UNP bodies. I have her using Bella's face with makeup option one and no shine and finished her off with navetsea's excellent body texture (less muscles). I also used Ran's Eyeliner replacer for a darker look and GlossTech V.05 No shine on her skin (It's cold in Skyrim and she shouldn't look sweaty). :)

Note: I debated on making her a mute as in the movie (tongue cut out by the Romans) but left her voice intact. I may make another version that is muted to be true to the character if there is enough interest.

For more of 83Willow's awesome work click here!83Willow