Lore Friendly Frozen Sisters - Elsa and Anna by SilverMoser
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This mod adds Elsa and Anna from the popular Disney film Frozen to Skyrim in a way that's meant to allow for a more immerse experience then what I've seen so far with other Elsa mods. I also didn't see any mods that had Anna as a follower as well so I thought I might be the first.

Elsa is an icemage studying at the college of Winterhold and can be found living in the Dragonborn's dorm room in the Hall of Attainment (first room on the right as you enter the hall from the ground floor.

Anna is an expert archer who is a member of the companions and can be found living in Jorrvaskr hall in Whiterun. She like's to wander around a bit so she might be outside in the training yard or in the living quarters under the main dinning hall.

Both of them can be recruited as follower's and both of them are marriable.

This is my first mod.

V2.1 (Temporarly taken down until something is sorted out)

>Elsa now uses the skysims hair model
>Elsa's hair now has a new custom color to make is look closer to a platinum blond shade. This also has the side effect of giving all female nord characters a new hair color preset that looks like a blueish white on most hairs
>Elsa's skin tone has changed a bit to give her a paler more icy look
>Elsa's face has been redone
>Elsa's sense of morality has been removed :P, she will no longer turn hostile if you commit a crime
>Elsa and Anna have gone through sensitivity training so they are more tolerant werewolf characters (they may still run if you use howl of terror but they should come back after you turn human)
>Anna's face has had a few minor tweaks

This mod requires Apachii Sky Hair.

Make sure that Skysims Hair 206 (elsa).esp is loaded before SSelsa.esp (higher on the load order list).

Also this mod does NOT include any female textures, so if you are not using a female texture replacer they are going to look more or less like all the other vanilla female NPC's in Skyrim who all have that generally ugly crack-addict texture that Bethesda decided to use. I HIGHLY recommend using a female replacer such as: Better Females By Bella , SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa, WSCO - Windsong Skyrim Character Overhaul by Windsong, or Coverwomen by mrLenski.

You only need one female texture mod but my personal recommendation would be the Oriental version of WSCO, it's what I used in the screenshots I took.


Credit to the FanFiction writer Hunhund for coming up with the character's back story.
Credit to Shorty Specs for making the demonstration video.
Credit to Bronze316 who's ENB preset True Vision was used in the screenshots I took.