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Adds a big player home near Riverwood. Yes it's a big house, hence the name. It contains a lot.

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New video showing the new version of the player house in the sky

This mod adds a player home in the sky near Riverwood. It's based on one of my previous mods (it uses a lot of its assets), City of the Gods. This however is just a (huge) player home in Tamriel. Fast, easy, no quests or hassle. 


- A lot of weapon racks (done in an original manner) 
- A lot of mannequins 
- All alchemy and enchanting stuff 
- All smithing tools 
- Four guard NPC's that rotate shifts and a follower NPC 
- Secret room (hint: water is not just for show) 
- Bedroom, including beds for kids etc 
- Several 'Skyrim' scene displays. Reinacting stuff 
- Great view over Tamriel, mostly over Whiterun


- The Secret Room contains the armor of the Sky Castle king
- Will be adding more NPC's, because they make the place more lively 
- Key is on the table in front of the house 
- Yes the house is big, because I like to be able to display my stuff, don't like small shacks. 
- If there are bugs, let me know 

(My graphics were achieved with Realvision ENB)


- All Skyrim DLC. Why? Because I use the assets.

Main file uses this mod. Vanilla version in Optional section doesn't

- ApachiiHair

Update 04

- New video showing the current house
- Look of the Sky Castle from the ground has changed
- Changed the book
- Some bugfixes
- Secret Room actually has some great added value (complete overhaul)

Update 03

- New Exterior Location in the sky, new building etc
- Interior just some cosmetic changes, and beds for kids (no impact on what you had inside)
- Prefer the old version? It's still there
- The rocky look in the sky is still WIP, will fine-tune it in future updates

Update 02 

- Added two extra guards. The guards now rotate shifts, eat, sleep, etc. 
- Added tanning rack at the smithing quarters 
- Fixed navmesh, fixed one pedestal
Update 01

Added a room for castle staff, some floral decoration and changed the pedestals for the mannequins

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