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Adds the Characters from my FanFiction "The Age of Wrath and Redemption" or please read and Rate :D Suggestions welcome, and for those who want a place message me on steam.

Permissions and credits
No more Ugly Vampire Faces 

Required armor to look like they do in the pictures:

Bosmer Armor Pack by Maty743

Vampire Armor Retexture

Vagabond Swordsman

Lozenge S130 Longsword

Adds Shaylar, Shaylan (Use Bosmer Reinforced Armor), Talim the Huntress (Use Bosmer Elder Armor), and Sarthinias Mooncatcher (Use Wildhunt Armor) to the Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar let them all use the Bosmer Short Blades.

Adds Lord Sarthinias the Nightmaster (Use Vagabond Swordsman Armor Dark with S130 Longsword) and Lady Luna Nightmistress (Use Vagabond Swordsman Armor Dark) to Castle Volkihar

Adds Corsica Fair-Wings and Selenia Star-Gazer to Candlehearth Inn in Windhelm

Adds Xander Eagle-Talons, Arianna Shade-Seer, Za'Tara Shadow's-Bane and Lord Thraculas the Son of the Dragon (Use Dread Knight Greatsword)to the Nightgate Inn

Adds Dracgo Stonewall to the Temple of Talos in Windhelm

Adds Sanathos Blood-Scales to Argonian Assemblege by Windhelm Docks

Adds Luna Moondancer and Elanordir Star-Child to the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm.

Adds Samson and Akinbode to the New Gnesis Corner Club in Windhelm

Adds Duvaineth Green-Fyre at the Candlehearth Inn at Windhelm

Adds Serana's Sisters. Sabina, Seraphina, and Sybilla to the Palace of the Kings

For Serana to look as she does in the book use (BVFE Serana and Family and Lustmord Vampire Armor (Curvy) and use The Hairstyler (cast on Serana and choose the longest hair for females in black)

Great for Immersion
Dread Knight Weapons (Great for Thraculas' Sword...Read the book and you'll understand.) 

DVA- Dynamic Vampire Appearance (Amazing Immersion)

Vampiric Thirst (Highly Immersive requires SKSE this {} and Sky UI though!) 

Bat Travel Vampire Power (Teleports you to Castle Volkihar and the other major Holds and adds a power that allows you to transform into a Bat Cloud and Fly around. Just like Vlad III in Dracula: Untold...)