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About this mod

This is a complete rebuilt of Volkihar Castle for Vampire lord players.

Permissions and credits
Description :
This is a complete rebuilt of Volkihar Castle for Vampire lord players. Once you repaired the courtyard access (after defeating Harkon) you can ask Garan to repair and clean up the castle. It will pop a small quest to recruit some people to fill the newly repaired rooms.

Features :
Adoption friendly : you can move you familly to the castle.
this mod adds :
  • A fully equiped forge
  • A library
  • An enchanting room whith:
    • a scroll Enchanter
    • a staff Enchanter
    • an atronach forge
    • a soul merger
  • An alchemy lab
  • A Treasury to show off your rare items
  • An Armory
  • A Kitchen
  • A Ship
  • A guest wing (you can invite up to 9 people to your castle)
  • 18 Guards
  • Some vampire cattle maids and cooks
  • A bard (you can choose his gender, voice type and faction)
  • 8 Uniques npc (you can ask them to perform some task, such as meting ingots or cutting firewood)
  • Lots of mannequins, planters and weapon racks.
  • And plenty of things to discover by yourself :)
You can configure most of things with the MCM menu.

How to get started :
You will need to speak with Garan Marethi and ask him "I want you to see that the castle is repaired and cleaned". This dialogue line will show up once those 3 conditions are meet :
  • Sided with the vampires (obviously).
  • Completed Dawnguard main quest line.
  • Having the courtyard access repaired.

Requirements :
Credits :

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