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An attractive Male Nord for your adventures! Usable with RaceMenu

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I have had a difficult time finding any *male* preset or follower mods that really suited what I was looking for, which was a little sad, considering the onslaught of female options. I am not an experienced modder, however RaceMenu allows you to both save, and load presets of characters. All you have to do is place the file that I have provided in the appropriate folder created by RaceMenu, and viola! You can easily load my character into your game during character creation.


1. Get all Required mods and any Recommended mods you fancy.

2. Download the main file off of this page.

3. In case it isn't clear, you need SKSE for this to work. Navigate to your "Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\Presets" folder. Where that is depends on where you have installed SKSE. I used Mod Organizer, so for me it is within the "\Mod Organizer\overwrite\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\Presets" folder.  

4. Put the main file off of this page in that folder.

5. Start a new game and upon character creation, there will be a "Presets" tab at the top of the screen. Click it, and then press F9 on your keyboard to load a Preset. Any Presets you have in that folder will now appear. Choose mine, it will say: "Preset-CuteNordGuyOverload". :)

Done! Enjoy!

IF you want him as a follower as well, then go get Familiar Faces, and you can make your character into a follower to be used in any of your games! I just don't have the skills to make him into an easy .esp for this purpose, sorry! But this works for me!


ApachiiSkyHair <- Get the file that is FOR MALES, specifically!
Enhanced Character Edit


Better Males - I used Favored Souls mesh, but you can use your favorite on this one. (I'm sure this Preset works fine with SOS, SAM, etc as well if that's your cup of tea) AND WHILE YOU ARE THERE YOU ALSO NEED -- Faces - YoungerFacesMergedWithMenByGeonox --

Smooth Male Body <- You need to pick the version that is the same as what you got for Better Males.

The Eyes of Beauty

Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents <- There are optional files to get textures compatible with different body types. For instance the Favored Soul compatible version is the one I used. As it says on the page, you install the main file at the top of the downloads section first, and then you get the optional compatibility file and overwrite the main file with it.




ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer <- Practically essential if you want to use a lot of hairs etc during character creation, such as what ApachiiSkyHair adds. Fixes any potential ctd's caused by that.

Familiar Faces - If you want to turn your character into a follower. :)