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Ever got tired of the Companions faces and hair? This is the mod for you.

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The Companions are fierce warriors, and they have allways been. Their story goes back to Ysgramor and the 500 companions. So, I wonder: Did they allways look so bad?
Yes, some of them can't sleep due to the Best Blood, but insomnia is no excuse!


Changes the looks of all of the Companions, except for Vignar Gray-Mane and Eorlund, who by is words isn't a Companion. So included in this looks overhaul are seven Companions: Aela, Njada, Ria, Farkas, Vilkas, Athis and Torvar. 
May not look exactly like the pictures. I have Younger Faces for men (frow Better Males and Smooth Male Body)

Minor Issues and Possible Bugs 

  • Njada  may appear naked. 
fix: Use a Follower overhaul ( in my case UFO) and reset to default clothes (again in my case: You are naked!).
  • If you done what's said in previous point, she may appear with her helmet on.
fix: Take that helmet from her inventory.

Things I'm not sure if worked, need feedback

  • I've tried to make Farkas use the Wolf Armor again. (during a quest, he turns into a werewolf, when he turns back, he now has a steel armor.) For me this didn't work, maybe it will work for you.
  • Changed Ria weapons from a shield and one-handed sword to two one-handed swords. Not sure if she will dual-wield.

  • Apachii's Sky Hair: Female and Male, (not sure if the Full package works with all the changed NPC's)
No DLC's required!

Please Give Me Your Feedback!