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Morella, once a beautiful Altmer girl now transformed by Mehrunes Dagon into a Dremora warrior. Morella wanders Tamriel in search of companionship and redemption from her curse. She is available as an Auto-Level or Calculated Level 40 Companion. She is located at The Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

Permissions and credits

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I designed Morella to be a total bad ass, period. This companion is perfect for a person playing as a demon or a Warlock/Sorceress. No fluff, no skirts and no high heels, Morella is a killing machine pure and simple. I was originally going to place her in Dawnstar but I was coerced into placing her in Whiterun by my son. During her testing with the calculated version I have seen her use several two handed kill moves and watched her jump on a dragons head for the final death blow. I could have had her uploaded a few days ago but I have been having so much fun having her by my side I haven't felt like stopping my game to worry with it. I highly recommend using her in conjunction with the Monster Wars mod.

The included custom warpaint is a replacer for femaleheadwarpaint_9 (Skull Face Paint) and will auto install with NMM. I added the Oblivion symbol as per lore it is used quite often in association with Mehrunes Dagon. (I did not use the warpaint provided for Dremora because I disliked the way it appears off center on Dremora females. I did try re-sizing the file but met with poor results.)

07/07/12 - Version 2.1: Carry weight fixed and Steed Stone added to her perks, she should be a real pack mule now. I had to increase her weight to 85 on the scale so she is a bit bustier too. I also fixed the custom warpaint file so that it is back up to the hairline and not just below it.

[size= 5]***ApachiiSkyHair 1.4 is REQUIRED!***[/size]
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Race: High Elf
Voice: Female Condescending
Hair: Black
Eyes: Demon
Weight: 85% at the scale. If you use ADEC, UNPB or CBBE bodies with BBP she should be fine.
Height: 6'1" to 6'3"
Location: Whiterun, The Bannered Mare
Speed: Her speed has been increased very slightly
Perks and Spells: Healing and Iron Flesh for spells. Her perks are geared for two handed weapons and heavy armor use. She also uses Stealth perks such as muffled movement, silent roll and light foot. I have not added any archery perks to her mechanics but I may do that in an update later.
Inventory: She is available already equipped with Daedric armor, battleaxe and bow & arrows. She is also available nude without armor so you can outfit her with whatever you wish
Properties: She is set non-essential and is marriageable for those that want that option.

Horns: R18Pn 05 - Astaroth Suit for UNP and CBBE V3

I used his "Heavy Version D" as they were closest to Dremora horns. You can use whichever set you want to make her a little more unique if you wish.
Use console command "Help horn" to get the item number. To permanently equip them type in console "equipitem" and then the item number and 1 (equipitem xxxxxxx 1) and they will be on her permanently so when you release her and go find her again you don't have to wait for her to reequip them.

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Optional Files: To make her look like she does in my images
I used Bella's Better Females, Makeup variant 1 on her

Darker Neater Brows by Caliente (CBBE)

Her body in my images is CBBEv3 with Navetseas 1.8 body "Feminine Arms and Toned Abs" textures. (She can be used with whatever body you prefer)

Female Daedric Armor replacer for CBBE by Lustrianna was also used.

***The Daedric Halbred shown in some of my screenies is either from Skyrim Monster Mod***

[size= 3]Thanks for checking out my mod and please endorse her if you like her! :)