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Badass RaceMenu Preset

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I have been noticing a popular trend regarding alot of player made RaceMenu presets, and that is really UGLY and really UNREALISTIC characters. For what ever reason that may be, it doesn't seem to be getting any better. But fear not, I am here.

As for what makes me more qualified to make super mega rad characters, not much to be honest. But with that being said, I have been a CG modeler and artist for about 10 years, and have studied the human face for a very very long time. I also believe that is why i sometimes see things in peoples characters that most do not. That is also why I am starting this whole series of RaceMenu presets:) This is the first of many characters to come that I have made to make all of your characters super beautiful/badass. Be ready for more!

Eldran Requirements: THIS IS A NORD-ONLY PRESET
Apachi Hair

Highly recommend you use Mod Organizer, but you should be able to install manually as well with no problem.

For the screenshots, I am using RealVision ENB.

ALSO, I am open in helping make NPCs. But i have no idea how to, and am not savvy with the creation kit at all. If anybody needs help modeling a custom character for there mods, don't be afraid to contact me!