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"Of the people, for the people!" A Mod List for the rest of us. Based on flexibility, fun, safety, ease of install, and popularity over personal preference. Includes three optional game settings mods that will reduce grind and free up some .esp plugin slots.

Permissions and credits
Under what circumstances would this be useful?

1) Your load order isn't as stable as you'd hoped.
2) You feel like trying something new.
3) There's a cool mod you didn't realize you'd missed.
4) You're reinstalling Fallout 4 from scratch and could use a handy reference guide to steer you through the sea of 30,000+ mods.
5) You want to save a few plugin slots on your mod list by downloading the optional "Grind-Free Game Settings" mod that comes with this.
6) You're not interested in doing any research at all, and prefer someone to tell you exactly what to install (that isn't the goal here, but it's an option).

How is this Mod List different?

Popularity over arbitrary personal preference. Here's the approach to constructing this list:

A) Start with the top 500 mods in the Top Files section on FO4 Nexus,
B) Include only mods that have been released for at least a month,
C) See how many of them we can slot into a load order that plays well together without conflicts.

"Top Files" is ranked by most endorsements received over the past two weeks. We want to look at recent endorsements, not all-time endorsements, because there are mods that were once popular but have been superseded. And we're filtering out mods released in the past month to avoid stuff that's only going to stay in Top Files for a short while.

This makes our starting point a group of about 450 mods, the top 1.5%, that millions of users have collectively agreed are the best ones, instead of some arbitrary list a random dude on the Internet patched together containing mods you've never heard of.

A good portion of these mods overlap (e.g. we can only choose one female body texture), so next we'll prune the list for bugs, compatibility, and flexibility. Excluding optional face/body presets, this will leave us with a final list of about 250 mods, occupying close to 185 non .esl plugin slots.

Sample load order is here.

Your actual load order will vary with customization preferences.

Flexibility: No "my way or the highway". Nearly all of this list is optional. You can generally include or exclude whatever you want. You aren't forced into frameworks, and if you don't like the first option presented, a backup is offered where feasible. There's plenty of room left at the end to add your own mods and personalize it.

Safety & Compatibility: EVERY SINGLE LINE in the plugin record of EVERY SINGLE MOD on this list is verified to ensure not only that it won't bork your game, but that it's not going to create a problematic conflict with other mods on the list. When in doubt, it gets left out. This is not one of those lists where someone throws together a bunch of big mods that sound cool without ever looking under the hood at what's actually in there or how they interact.

Fun: You're not still playing Fallout 4 for the main story, are you? This list has some options to avoid grind, double the amount of playable content, and crank up the exhilaration factor. Although you're welcome to do so, we're not excluding any Top 500 mods on Nexus just because they have the 'adult' tag. If that means we're heavier on guns, boobs, and carnage than most, so be it. "Of the people, for the people!"

Easy install: No "compatibility patch hell', and unless otherwise noted below, install in whatever order you want.

Why publish this?

Mod Packs. These can have major issues, but I view opposing them the same way I view abstinence-only sex education. Nexus is indirectly monetizing Mod Packs, people have published some problematic ones, and a non-zero percentage of users are downloading them. Besides or instead of complaining, let's give folks more options for safe mod lists so they aren't saddled with a conflict and CTD-ridden load order.

I figure maybe if I publish a Mod List, a more qualified mod author(s) may see it and realize they can do better. If experienced mod authors start publishing Mod Lists, it might help fend off the plethora of broken Mod Packs to come, and maybe we'll get harassed less about our Fallout 4 mods breaking Skyrim (kidding... okay half-kidding).

What are your qualifications to make a Mod List?

Nothing special. But until someone eminently qualified steps up, here's my Fallout 4 modding background:

- Been running over 500 mods with solid 60 FPS, downtown load screens under 10 seconds, and the game crashes once every 30 hours or so.

- Over 1,000 hours logged in the game (according to Steam) and more than that in the combo of Creation Kit and xEdit.

- Co-authored 5 mods currently in the top 100 of the "Top Files" list, including 4 Mods of the Month, and 1 Runner-up. These are large quest mods, including ones that alter the vanilla main quest, which requires knowing not only how just about every vanilla quest works, but also how most of the top few hundred mods for Fallout 4 interact with each other, in order to avoid conflicts.

- Help run a Discord server with several thousand members and assist people with their load orders every day.

Aren't there already other Mod Lists for Fallout 4?

Biraitbec Modlist was the most popular one before it was abandoned in summer 2019 and the author left the mod scene. Still worth a look though- it was thorough when it was being maintained, and you may find a few mods you missed, or catch some conflicts by reading through, or maybe it will inspire you to try a new save game with a different style.

While this "Thuggyfied" Mod List takes a popularity-based approach, there's nothing preventing you from incorporating elements of both this and Bitraitbec. The only dealbreaker you'll find is that neither of these lists are overall compatible with a Horizon-centric load order.

Specialized Play-throughs

If you're interested primarily in a Sim Settlements play-through, start with Sim Settlements Experience Mod List as a base, then perhaps peruse the "Settlement Building" section of Thuggyfied to add some popular non-SS settlement mods to that list, and further personalize your settlement builds.

If you'd like to dig even deeper into settlement building, there is Settlement Building and Decorating for Dummies by Damanding (Creative Clutter Team) for some hidden gems.

Why can't I have it all?

Besides the 255 plugin limit: conflicts. Mods that work well in a vacuum may cause problems in a large load order. Assuming conflicts are well-managed, there isn't a right or wrong, just different approaches. We can't put all 30,000 Fallout 4 mods, or even the 500 most popular mods, into a single list. Choose a style you're comfortable with, from a provider you trust, and use that Mod List as your primary.

I hope to update this section as more safe, conflict-free Mod Lists are released (General play, Survival-centric, Adult-centric, Armor/Weapon/Tactical-centric, etc.)

What are the mod criteria for this list?

Popular + Supported + No major bugs + No major conflicts

This involves some judgement calls. Everyone publishing a mod list has biases. Here are mine:

- Fallout 4 has been out for a while. The official DLC is cheap. We're going to use a few mods that require all the DLC.

- Let's leave out mods, even really cool ones, containing scripts that are constantly firing and clogging the Papyrus log with errors. Same with mods that break precombines in dense urban areas, delete records, and make wild or overly aggressive vanilla edits. Those things can be patched out in a personal game, but not on a public mod list.

- Let's avoid mods that require frameworks some players might not like, and/or a dozen patches, or several other base mods, in order to function. We want stuff that is easy to install and easy to update.

- If the mod author has bailed, or there's no comments section, or legitimate questions aren't being answered, or there are a bunch of open bug reports, or it's hard to get help, let's pass on that one.

- Certain large overhaul mods simply don't play well with other large overhaul mods, or other mods in general. I can patch those out in my personal game, but not on a public mod list, so a couple cool overhauls are being left out.

- Several bug-free and nice-to-have mods have been excluded because they're split up into a dozen different downloads and/or require a half-dozen .esp files, making them a hassle to install. This can kill momentum when installing a bunch of mods. Mods need to be installable in under 60 seconds without any difficult decisions involved.

- I don't personally use all of the top 500 mods. There's some good stuff excluded because I haven't played it enough yet to recommend. This list is an evolving document. If something obvious got missed, leave a comment and I'll check it out.

- This is a "let's enjoy the game and make it highly replayable" list, not a "let's be a snob" list. Modern assault rifles are fun to shoot, personal jet packs are a blast to fly around in, creative settlement items are more interesting to build with, attractive NPC's are more pleasant to look at, and variety in music avoids repetition. These things keep the game fresh, so we're going to include them. Feel free to ignore any elements you don't like.

- Since quest mods are my thing, I'm not going to shy away from including the most popular ones that play well together, since they can add an additional 100+ hours of combined content to your Fallout 4 experience and let you approach the game in radically different ways.

- Let's get a relatively quick install where we avoid bloat, stay flexible, leave room for expansion, don't have to get anal about the order in which we install things, and don't spend our whole weekend doing it.

What is a Mod Pack?

Covered here.

Can I use this Mod List to create a Mod Pack?

On the morning of October 15, 2019, Nexus Mods began hiding any mod lists that were being used by Wabbajack (Vanilla Sprinkles, Fallout 4 Enhanced Edition, and Banana Split). The reason provided by Nexus was:

"This mod list intended to be used with a third-party tool has been hidden by Nexus Mods staff due to the following: We are currently working on our own system for the downloading and installing of streamlined mod lists and would rather wait until our work is finished before hosting automated mod lists such as this one.Thank you for understanding."

'Thuggyfied' is not intended to be used with a third-party tool. Do I mind if someone makes this list into a mod pack? No, provided you don't break the underlying mods by making personal edits to them. Will I make it into a mod pack myself and provide an auto-installer? No. You mean I have to install these mods myself by visiting the actual mod pages? Yes, and you don't "have to", you "get to". It's not for everyone, and that's okay, but taking control of your load order and understanding what's in it will bring you greater game enjoyment in the long run.

If using a mod pack, it's never a bad idea to verify a creator's mod background and qualifications. Doing so can reduce the chances of downloading something a non-mod author slapped together with little due diligence or understanding of what's under the hood. Some of the people publishing mod packs, despite having little or no experience authoring actual mods, make substantial edits to the mods in their pack (e.g. deleting records, altering stats, breaking quests).

The 'authors' of these mod packs don't have enough knowledge to understand how or why the mods in their packs are no longer functioning as intended after the bad edits. As a result you can get stuck with a broken mod pack and end up having to contact the original mod authors of the underlying mods for help fixing the broken game, or completely start over with a new load order.

What are best practices when installing Fallout 4 mods?

Covered here.

Why is there a download here? Isn't this just a list?

Nexus requires that a file be attached in order to publish, so I decided to make something useful:

There are seven popular and relatively non-controversial game settings mods on this Mod List. Each one is an .esp file that takes up a mod plugin slot (255 plugin limit) and works by just altering one or more game settings. There are no texture, mesh, material, script, or voice files attached.

So I reworked and combined these game settings into one mod called "Grind-Free Game Settings", which is an .esp file flagged as an .esl, so it won't count against the 255 mod limit. Here is what the mod does:

1) Pick locks much easier, provided you already have the required perk to pick them. The lockpicking mini-game can become mildly irritating once you've played this game for a couple hundred hours, and this bypasses it.

2) Hack terminals much easier. Only one password, the correct one, is displayed instead of three. This works provided you possess the required perk to hack the terminal.

3) Text on terminals displays much faster (25 times faster than vanilla, which is almost instant).

4) Settlement power lines can be connected 9 times further away, as compared to vanilla.

5) Settlers and other NPC's can more easily sandbox between multiple floors, as a result of changing the fSandboxCylinderTop game setting from 150 to 600 and fSandboxCylinderBottom from -50 to -600, so NPC's can detect sandbox markers two floors above and below them.

6) When you jump from a height and land wearing power armor, friendly NPC's will no longer turn hostile.

7) When NPC's block doorways, bumping them will make them respond in one-tenth the regular time, and they'll move twice as far away when bumped, as compared to vanilla.

Download the mod from the files section and install like any regular mod. The mods this replaces are noted below in the "Gameplay Options to Minimize Grind" section. Please give the original mods an endorsement if you haven't already.

If you don't like all seven changes this mod makes, details on how to customize are here, as well as details on the mod "More Grind-Free Game Settings" that was added to the files section on July 19, 2020.

So with that out of the way....

Install whatever you want, in whatever order you want (unless noted otherwise). You can try running LOOT the first time to sort your plugins unless sorting is already built into your mod manager (e.g. Vortex). Then make any manual adjustments to load order that you feel best suit your personal tastes. Loading all your mods in FO4Edit is the best way to detect mod conflicts in your plugin files.

If you don't trust LOOT, a sample load order is provided here. This sample load order assumes you installed every mod on the list that contained a plugin file. In cases where there was more than one option and you were only supposed to choose one, it assumes you chose the first option presented. There are notes at the bottom of the load order document providing more detail.

Categories below are generally sorted in order of popularity, as measured by endorsements, except Weapons and Armor are listed last. Also, any mods requiring the Fallout 4 Script Extender are listed in their own category at the very bottom of the page.

Appearance - Body Shape

Everything here is optional, except that many of the armor and clothing mods recommended later on require CBBE (the #1 mod on FO4 Nexus), so if you don't install that, you can't install any armor/clothing mods that depend on it.

If you use Atomic Beauty, Fusion Girl, Jane Bod, Wonderbody, EVB female, etc., you'll need to mentally substitute in your preferences. All the outfits below are optional, so this shouldn't be a big deal.

If you want vanilla shapes with no nudity, install the CBBE nevernude option with vanilla shapes. That way you get the vanilla look with access to all the cool armors. The CBBE mod page has full instructions.


Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer (CBBE) - Replaces the female body mesh and textures.

Skeletal Adjustments for CBBE Knee Fix - Provides skeleton adjustments for CBBE, fixing the 'Broken Knee' issue without modifying the body or outfit meshes.

If using sex mods, you'll probably want Fusion Girl instead of CBBE. "Fusion Girl" is compatible with CBBE-based textures and there are mods converting CBBE outfits to work with Bodyslide for Fusion Girl. See "Requirements" section of "Fusion Girl" for details.


If you want males with "no outfit" to be naked instead of wearing underwear, install ONE of the following:

Just a hairy male body - Naked male body with a hairier chest

Wasteland Lumberjack for EVB - Naked male body with a much hairier chest

Enhanced Vanilla Bodies - Naked male body with a hairless chest

Super Hero Bodies - If you want a male body that is customizable in BodySlide.

BodyTalk - If you would like a male body optimized for sex mods. This requires several prerequisite mods. See the BodyTalk mod page requirements section for details.

Female and Male

BodySlide and Outfit Studio -  Customize the shape of bodies and outfits. You'll also need this if you want to download any of the specific BodySlide presets listed in the section below.

Install at most ONE of these, not both:

Unique Player - Allows the Player to have a unique body shape and skin textures, different from the other NPC's in the game.

Unique Player and Followers Redux - An alternative to Unique Player, this allows custom shapes and skin textures for both player and followers. It requires multiple plugin files instead of just 1, and will take extra legwork to set up.

Appearance - Specific BodySlide Presets

These are all optional. Only two are in the top 500 mods. The presets here are the most popular by body type. You can search for additional ones using the "BodySlide, OutfitStudio, and TexBlend Presets" tag on Nexus.

BodySlide comes with its own Slim, Petite, and relatively normal options. The most popular BodySlide presets on Nexus tend to be unrealistic or extreme. Manually install as many or as few of these as you want by placing them in the folder: Tools\BodySlide\SliderPresets

FSM Body Textures Redux
Specimen Two
Malestra's CBBE BodySlide Preset Collection
RustyXXLs CBBE BodySlide Conversions
True Wasteland Body

Josie Body
The Body of Alice
Jmenaru's Bodyslide Presets
Angelic Curves
Realistic Curves
Selena's Body
Big Natural Drop Shaped Breasts
Rebecca Rose


Bodyslide Edits for Busty Characters
Type 3DCGH
Voluptuous CBBE
Premium CBBE Body Preset
Avyvxii's CBBE BodySlide Preset
FAPP - Fit And Perky Presets
NHB - Natural Huge Boobs
That Gym Booty
Plastic Surgery Bodyslide Preset
Red Velvet Suite (Requires True Wasteland Body)
Alex Bodyslide Preset

Erin Body
Gymnast CBBE BodyslidePreset
Rachel Bodyslide Preset

Appearance - Body Textures

Choose ONE of these. Or choose none if you are happy with the default CBBE body textures.

FSM Body Textures Redux - Robust female texture customizer for CBBE. Blemishes, tan lines, sweat, pubic hair, etc. Contains face textures as well if you wish to install them.

Glorious Female Nude Mod - High resolution textures with customization options.

CBBE Ida Body Texture - Texture for CBBE body replacer.

8K Realistic Skin Textures - Unless your rig is an absolute beast, consider using this only on the player, in combo with the Unique Player mod.

Silky Smooth Skin - Silky skin with options for freckles, oiled, sweaty, tan, camel toe, nipple colors, pubic hair, etc.

Oni - This has face textures too if you want. Install is a little more complicated/confusing than most others on this list.

CBBE Pubic Hair Sexy Tamed Bush - What the title says.

NUCLEAR Nude - Apocalyptic Fallout themed skins with dirt, sweat, scratches, and cuts.

Appearance - Face

These are optional. Install as few or as many of these as you want. If you enjoy using NPC looks replacer mods or LooksMenu Presets, those presets usually require one or more of these face mods, meaning it's easier to just install all of these.

The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition - Better eye textures

Eye Map Normal Fix - Enhanced normal maps for the eyes.

Valkyr Face and Body Textures - Install just the face texture. DO NOT install the body texture. The author has a better body texture listed above (Ida)

Deluxe Makeup - Alternative makeup masks

Kirs freckles - Retexture of vanilla freckles

Appealing Moles - Changes the nasty facial moles to nicer looking ones

HN66s and XAZOMNs Long Eyelashes for FO4 - Female eyelash replacer

Whiter Teeth - Gives your character and others whiter teeth. If that isn't to your liking, alternatives include (choose only one) HD Smile or Immersive Mouth and Teeth or HN66s and XAZOMNs Distinctive Teeth for FO4

No More Glowing Mouths - Prevents the inside of mouths from glowing when it's dark.

Lots More Facial Hair - Over a hundred new facial hair options

Female Neck Tweaks  - Small adjustment to the female neck shape

Ghastly - Retexture of ghoul eyes

Extended Facial Sculpting - Allows for more diverse facial sculpting and LooksMenu presets

Appearance - Specific Face Presets

Appearance - Hair

These are optional. Install as few or as many of these as you want. If you enjoy using LooksMenu Presets, those usually require one or more of these hairstyle mods. Easiest thing is to install them all and just use the ones you like.

Ponytail Hairstyles - Adds 32 new standalone hairstyles with physics for your female characters.

Ponytail Variations - 10 Ponytail hairstyles

Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair - Collection of hairstyles from Skyrim's KS Hairdos and ApachiiSkyHair.

KS Hairdos - Addon(s) with Physics - Even more Skyrim hairstyles

ANiceOakTree's Hairstyles - 10 custom hairstyles

Misc Hairstyles -  More hairstyles for male & female. This is a non-Nexus link. The mod is not available on Nexus, but many mods on Nexus use this as a required file.

Lots More Male Hairstyles - Over a hundred new male hair combinations and hybrid hairstyles

Lots More Female Hairstyles - Over a hundred new female hairstyles

SavrenX Detailed Hair –Less cartoonish vanilla hair textures. An alternative is Wasteland Salon.

Appearance - General NPC's

These are all optional.

Named Human NPC's

Wasteland Heroines Replacer and Presets All in One - Replaces the appearance of 43 female NPCs. Use this only if you want specific female NPC's in the game to look prettier, and read the requirements before installing since this mod requires some of the face/hair appearance mods listed above. If you use a separate Cait, Curie, or Piper mod below, put those below this in load order.

If you want to get more specific or custom with named NPC appearance replacers, without requiring download of F4SE and a bunch of other supporting mods to make it work, Keke888 has about 50 different named NPC appearance mods, both male and female, to choose from.

A grittier option, if you're willing to download F4SE and a bunch of supporting mods is Immersive Wastelanders. Whatever you put lowest in load order will control how the NPC's look.


Ghouls Revamped - New 2K textures for male and female intelligent ghouls. Another option here is Classic Ghouls Replacer. Choose one or the other, but not both, and don't switch from one to the other mid-game. You can also just stick with the vanilla look if you prefer.

Generic Human NPC's

Lots More Settlers and Enemies - Adds several hundred new character faces for Settlers, Raiders, Gunners, CoA, BoS, RR, and Minutemen, so you'll see much more variety, with better looking NPC's.

If you want ugly/scarred NPC's instead of pretty ones you can swap Facials For Everyone - Less Than Fresh Faces in place of LMSE. Choose one or the other, but NOT BOTH, and don't switch from one to the other mid-game.

In the event you experience micro-stutter when moving from one exterior cell to another, try playing without mods that add NPC variety to the leveled lists and see if that helps. There are a number of mods adding NPC leveled list variety, not just the ones above. If the game has to generate Facegen data on the fly each time it loads a group of NPC's, that can slow things down.

If you're on the fence about it, there's nothing wrong with sticking to vanilla NPC leveled lists at first, seeing how things go, and revisiting the category at a later time.

Appearance - Companion NPC's

These are all optional. For any of these you install, they need to go lower in load order than any other mod that tweaks these NPC's (e.g. Wasteland Heroines Replacer)


Choose One or None of these:

Loving Cait - Requires "Ponytail Hairstyles" from the "Appearance - Hair" section above
Cait Fidelity - Requires "Misc Hairstyles" from the "Appearance - Hair" section above
Subtle Face Tweaks Cait - No separate mod requirements
Cait as a Female Half Super Mutant - I prefer the real Cait.... I said the REAL CAIT.... Perfection.


Choose One or None of these:

Subtle Face Tweaks Curie - Requires "Deluxe Makeup" from the "Appearance - Face" section above
Loving Curie - Requires a separate hair mod, Motoko Hair
Natural Curie Subtle Tweaks - No separate mod requirements
Platinum Curie - Requires mods in the "Appearance - Face" and "Appearance - Hair" section of this list, and also Looks Menu Customization Compendium, which requires F4SE.


Choose One or None of these:

Goodlooking Piper - Requires mods in the "Appearance - Face" and "Appearance - Hair" section of this list
Piper Natural Mom - No separate mod requirements
Actress Piper
- Requires mods in the "Appearance - Face" and "Appearance - Hair" sections above
Subtle Face Tweaks Piper - Requires "Deluxe Makeup" from the "Appearance - Face" section above
Unique Piper Companion -  Requires Looks Menu Customization Compendium, which requires F4SE


Ada: Ada2Human -  Allows you to turn Ada into a human (and back to robot again), with full appearance configuration, affinity, lip synced dialogue, dynamic
combat style and hacking/lockpicking.


Choose One or None of these:

Paladin Danse Face Cleanup
Handsome Danse

If you're feeling silly you can also run Buzz Lightyear Paladin Danse with either of these.


Valentine Reborn - HD Retexture for Nick Valentine with various options.

Mods that alter the appearance of multiple companions

If you use any of these, they should be placed in load order ABOVE any other individual companion appearance mods you choose.

My Piper and Curie and Cait - Requires "Eyes of Beauty" in the "Appearance - Face" section above
Agemo's Georgeous Heroines - Replace Cait Curie and Piper - Requires mods in the "Appearance - Face" and "Appearance - Hair" sections above

NPC Functionality

These are all optional. Install as many or as few as you want.

Better Settlers - Adds over 200 new settlers to the vanilla settler selections with optional changes to their equipment, gender ratio, stats, and mortality.

NPC's Travel - Adds over 300 new NPC's who wander the Commonwealth and interact with you (e.g. traders)

Better Companions No Conflicts - Combines the effects of Companion Infinite Ammo, No Companion Power Armor Damage, Companions Can Sneak, and No Companion Fall Damage, for vanilla, DLC, and Mod Companions, WITHOUT making any edits to vanilla records and WITHOUT scripts.

Companions Go Home - Send companions like Piper home instead of to a settlement (Really Bethesda? Why did there need to be a mod for this?)

Bug Fixes

Optional but strongly recommended.

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - A comprehensive bug fixing mod for Fallout 4.

Rusty Face Fix - Addresses the annoying bug that makes the player and NPCs faces turn brown and lose eyebrows when reloading a save game.

High Res DLC Black Face Fix - If you use the Official Bethesda HD Texture Pack (YOU SHOULDN'T!!!), try this instead of Rusty Face fix. If you don't use the Official Bethesda HD Texture Pack, you don't need this.

Load Accelerator - Makes loading screens much faster. Works better on an SSD instead of an HDD. Bethesda made load screen time dependent on frame rates (Todd!!!), so this uncaps the frame rates during load screens, and reverts back to the normal frame rate limit once the cell loads.

Ultra Quality God Rays Performance Fix - Get ultra quality god rays without the performance hit. No plugin file required. Make sure you read the "Installation and Activation" section of the mod page.

Preston Won't Give Quests Fix - Use this bat file if Preston won't give you any quests upon arriving in Sanctuary. (While I'd argue that scenario is a quality of life improvement, many think it's a bug, so here you go). The file is located in the Optional Files section of Bethesda Mod School Resources.

Flicker Fixer - Fixes most of the exterior flickering in the game, a.k.a "z-fighting", particularly in the Boston and Cambridge areas.

User Interface (non F4SE)

These are optional.

Dialogue Interface

Full Dialogue Interface - Makes the game display the full lines your character is going to say in conversation, instead of just a paraphrase. It also revamps the interface so that the game will now display dialogue options in a list instead of a wheel. One minor caution: Bethesda updated the game's strings subsequent to the latest version of FDI. If you are getting a "Lookup Failed" on vault suits, installing String Patches for Full Dialogue Interface will fix that. Make sure you are using the version of the patch that corresponds to whatever game version you're running.

You can try XDI instead of FDI if you want. It works well for vanilla but it is incompatible and/or won't play well with a number of quest/companion mods, and certain LoversLab mods if you use those. Examples of XDI incompatibility include:

- "The Machine and Her": Breaks Kit's dialogue and AGNIS (talking activator). There's an XDI patch for it, which solves one issue and introduces others. (XDI may have trouble with any mod using dynamically filled aliases).

- "Maxwell's World": The way MW followers convey the story line doesn't conform to the normal follower interface, so dialogue lines end up blank.

- "The Code": Uses text only in dialogue prompts to avoid the "awkward pause" issue with silent protagonist. XDI users see blank dialogue options.

- "Fusion City Rising": Can breaks Dayna's recruit scene (optional side quest)

- "Heather Casdin": There's an XDI patch for this one, but some users aren't aware of it. Even with the patch, there are still instances of confusing dialogue.

- "Insane Ivy": (LoversLab)

For quest/companion mods where XDI doesn't cause a malfunction, it can still bypass dialogue prompts and parentheses, making the dialogue choices confusing in cases where the mod relies on dialogue prompts to convey information, clarify the dialogue, or tell the story. Users will think there's a problem with the quest/companion mod, when it's actually XDI bypassing or altering the mod's dialogue text.

As far as popularity, FDI has over 10 times as many total endorsements as XDI and typically ranks in the top 10 on "Top Files" (i.e. outpacing XDI not only in total endorsements, but in recent endorsements as well). There is a vocal XDI fan club that is fond of talking smack and spreading misinformation about FDI. They will tell you FDI is obsolete, that it was replaced by XDI, and that users on Nexus are stupid and don't know what they're doing when they use, enjoy, and endorse FDI.

Nothing replaces doing your own research. If you are playing strictly with vanilla, using no quest, companion, or sex mods, XDI is an excellent choice. With quest/companion mods, your experience will feel smoother with either FDI, or no dialogue interface mod at all.

Other UI

Better Wait Menu - Makes waiting quicker and less annoying.

HideUI Hotkey HUD Toggle - Elegant and lightweight mod to toggle the main HUD elements on and off with a single hotkey. This mod was hidden by the author on October 27, 2019 and unhidden February 16, 2020 by popular demand. If it gets hidden again, an alternative is Immersive HUD.

MedKit - Drug Use Menu - Adds a Hotkey opening up a menu to your favorite chems, so you can save your other Hotkeys for fun stuff like weapons. For advanced FO4Edit users, if you slave this mod to "Hide UI - Hotkey Hud Toggle", that mod no longer needs to use up a favorite menu slot for easy access.

Subjective Cinematic Dialogue Camera - Changes all camera shots in dialogue camera mode where focus is normally on the player character to instead focus on the NPC target only. This is highly optional and will not appeal to most players, but it changes the entire feel of dialogue, and some players swear by it.

Vault Girl Mod - If you want Vault Girl instead of Vault Boy on various UI.


Install only ONE of these, and make sure to read the instructions on the mod page concerning .ini file edits. This section is also optional.
Improved Map with Visible Roads - High contrast world map with roads, topography, and waterline all clearly visible.

Color Map 4K 2K with Magazines Bobbleheads and Armor Locations - Color map with Bobblehead, Power Armor, Settlement and Fast Travel Locations.

Pip World Map - Mashup of multiple maps that also shows encounter zones.

Settlement Building

These are all optional.

Sim Settlements –Make settlers build their own stuff. Use the "3 in 1" version only if you're sure your rig can handle the additional strain introduced by the ‘Rise of the Commonwealth’ feature where the settlements build themselves. Do not run this if you're using Sim Settlements 2, and don't try to switch mid-game. Start a new game.

Sim Settlements Mega Pack Year One - Over 100 building plans from throughout the community for Sim Settlements. Make sure your system can handle it before you commit. Fallout 4 has a script data limit, explained here Do not run this if you're using Sim Settlements 2.

Sim Settlements Mega Pack Year Two - Another 100 building plans from the Sim Settlements Community, provided your rig can handle it. Both this and the Mega Pack Year One are highly optional and may add strain to your game. Install them only if you actually plan on using them. The Mega Pack Year Two (as of this writing) contains 11 errors when "Check for errors" is run in FO4Edit, but those errors don't appear to have any significant adverse affects. Do not run this if you're using Sim Settlements 2

Homemaker Expanded Settlements – Lots more items to build in settlements. An alternative to Homemaker is Settlement Supplies Expanded. Lots of overlap. Use one or the other, not both.

Settlement Objects Expansion Pack – Over 1,500 new objects to customize your settlement.

Stackable Concrete Foundations - What the title says. There is also Stackable Wood Foundations (no .esp, just a mesh).

Creative Clutter - Over 900 decorations, furniture, food resources, and more for you to build using its own custom menu. This mod is not available on Nexus anymore, only Bethesda.net. Requires Settlement Menu Manager in order to work.

Do It Yourshelf - Add interesting clutter to your empty shelves. This mod is also a Bethesda.net exclusive, and requires Settlement Menu Manager to function.

Settlement Menu Manager- Add custom menus without breaking your build menu. Various settlement building mods require this.

Quieter Settlements- Reduces the volume of generators, turrets, and other settlement sounds.

Brighter Settlement Lights - Brightens all player-built lights. Multiple versions for multiple brightness levels. If you want an expansion to this that also covers the DLC lights, check out DLC Light Radius Redux (both mods work together, they don't edit the same records).

Better Generators - Modifies all vanilla generators to produce more power.

Wall Pass-Through Power Conduits - Use this to feed power cables through walls.

Basement Living - Adds 10 standalone player bunkers with their own workshops and doors that you can craft and place in any settlement.

All-in-one Settlement Solution – A fuse box that once placed in your settlement will satisfy all your settlers' needs: food, water, power, defense, and beds. This is helpful if you want a busy settlement but have no interest in providing for it.

Gruffydd's Signs and Posters - Hundreds of new signs and posters for your settlements.

City of Quincy – Turn Quincy into a settlement after you take it back from the Gunners.

The Castle Fully Restored In and Out - Repairs the castle inside and out so you don't have to. Doesn't break any quests. There is a less popular but more recent version of this mod, by the same mod author, called The Castle Fully Restored Inside Out V2, which may provide better frame rates if you're going to build a huge settlement there. Use one or the other, or neither. The original mod still gets solid 60 FPS before you start building.

CWSS Redux -Craftable Working Showers Sinks Baths etc - Craftable working showers, baths, toilets, sinks, and kitchens, that settlers can use automatically.

Build Your Own Pool - Add pools to your settlements.
Hookers of the Commonwealth [HOTC] Settlement Edition – Add functional prostitutes to your settlements.

Gameplay Options to Minimize Grind and Increase Immersion

All of these are optional.

Cheat Terminal – Avoid grind when you’re not feeling it. This also lets you fix bugged quests, change the weather, give yourself the Local Leader Perk right off the bat (FFS Bethesda), and much more.
Immersive Waiting Sit Anywhere Redux – Sit and wait anywhere without having to find furniture.
Campsite, Simple Wasteland Camping - Adds craftable/carryable tents, sleeping bags, dog beds, fires, lanterns, and cooking pot so you can camp anywhere in the wasteland.
NSA No Settlement Attacks– Not now Lumbergh, I'm kinda busy. Eliminates annoying settlement attacks.
Salvage Beacons - Put your settlers to work carrying all your loot back to your settlements so you can focus on saving the Commonwealth.

Skip Far Harbor Memory Puzzle - Sing it with me... 1, 2, 3, 4... Ain't nobody got time for that.
Unequip Pip Boy – Equip and unequip your Pip-Boy
Cross Jetpack – A fully animated and customizable non-Power Armor jetpack. Other options here include Personal Jetpack and Jetpacks FAO. You can install all of them if you want different versions. 

Realistic Conversations Fallout 4 – NPC’s talk more often to each other, won’t force greet you from a distance, and other tweaks to make them seem less like robots.

Rich Merchants - Sell more junk to merchants. Instead of a few hundred caps, now they'll have your choice of either 2,000, 10,000 or 30,000 caps.

Visible Companion Affinity - Every time your actions affect the affinity level of your companions, the vanilla notifications are now followed by the current affinity rate and the amount by which it has changed.

Diamond City Auto Close Gate - Automatically closes the gate to Diamond City when you leave the area. (You had one job DC security!)

Crafting Framework - Add and manage legendary effects for your gear. This edits some of the same vanilla records as the massively popular Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) in case you're running that. Read the mod's Article section on compatibility before installing. Highly optional + excluded from load order guide due to the number of users likely to be running mods that edit the same vanilla records.

Advanced Needs 2 - A more interesting, customizable, and less aggravating way to play survival. Comes with several optional expansions. Highly optional + excluded from the load order guide since survival appeals to a minority of players, however this mod is completely configurable to be almost whatever you want it to be.

All-In-One or download individually

The following optional mods you can either use directly, or replace with the All-In-One "Grind-Free Game Settings" mod available for download in the files section. More details on what this mod does are covered in the article here, and also above in the "Why is there a download here? Isn't this just a list?" section above.

Easy Hacking - Only the single correct password with be shown in hacking minigames of any difficulty.

Easy Lockpicking - Allows you to ignore the lockpicking minigame. If you prefer the lockpicking minigame to still present a little challenge, but want the user interface to show you the sweet spot to open the lock, you may prefer Deft Hands.

Faster Terminal Displays - Speeds up the text display on terminals.

Longer Power Lines - Make power line connections from further away.

Multiple Floors Sandboxing – Allow NPC’s to more easily sandbox on multiple floors.  

Move (Get Out The Way) - Makes it easier to bump NPC's out of the way when they are blocking doorways.

No Aggro Impact Landing (Power Armor) – Don’t turn friendly NPC’s hostile when landing in your power armor.

Faction Overhauls

All of these are optional.

We are the Minutemen– Makes the Minutemen feel more like an actual faction.
CROSS Brotherhood Recon– New Helmet/Gasmask/Sunshades/Overcoat/Gloves/Underarmor, with the Recon uniform added to leveled lists for Brotherhood of Steel NPCs.
Synth Overhaul C.A.S.T - Overhauls synths by giving them 70 new armor sets, 77 helmets, 42 uniforms and 2 Synth weapons.
The Mercenary – Pack - Gives the Gunners much cooler outfits. Use the non-AE version in Optional Files if you don’t use Armorsmith Extended. If you don't want any AWKCR or Armorsmith dependency, install Mercenary Pack - No AWKCR or AE afterwards and use the Mercenary.esp file from that mod.
CROSS Chosen Of Atom – More interesting outfits for the Children of Atom.

Terrifyer – Ghouls – Makes feral ghouls sound more terrifying.

NONE or ONE of the following, but not both:

More Feral Ghouls - Adds lots more variety to the feral ghouls that spawn. This was set to hidden August 1, 2020 because someone re-uploaded the author's work without permission. If it remains hidden you can try to obtain this mod via the mod author's Discord here.

D.E.C.A.Y - More disturbing ghouls.

Multi-Follower Mods

If using a multi-follower mod at all, install only ONE of these:

Unlimited Companion Framework - Modifies vanilla scripts allowing for up to 15 companions.
Amazing Follower Tweaks- Multiple followers, appearance sculpting, commentary controls, personality reshaping, outfit management, etc.

I don’t recommend using AFT unless you absolutely know what you’re doing and are willing to risk problems. For example if you import A.I., it can break custom companions (e.g. from Heather, Depravity, Project Valkyrie, etc.), there are some incompatibilities with other popular mods (e.g. Everyone’s Best Friend and Companion Stealth Distance Fix), and since AFT overrides the vanilla follower script without any documentation of what overrides are being made, it is hard to know what might break. It's mere presence in your load order has been known to adversely affect popular followers like Kit (The Machine and Her) and Ivy that rely on the vanilla follower script. There is a handy AFT guide here courtesy of Reginald (author of Ivy).

Liga My Companions - Up to 16 companions at once with some unique options. This mod flew under-the-radar, not as popular as the others, but it's there if the others don't appeal to you.

Custom Companions

Optional but recommended.

Heather Casdin – April 2017 Mod of the Month. Story-driven companion with over 1,200 lines of custom voiced dialogue, quests, etc. Pick her up at the beginning of your game.

I'm Darlene - December 2018 Mod of the Month. Darlene is an advanced companion with a sexy French accent, thousands of lines of dialogue, and a deep story. Meet up with her near the beginning of your game.

Quests & Adventures

All of these are optional. Choose any you want. Downloading all of them gives you the equivalent of a whole new Fallout 4 game as measured by hours of new quest content.

50 Ways to Die at Dr.Nick's - 10 Connected Quests, Unique Rewards, Custom Player Home, Lore-Friendly Backstory, Lots of Explosions, and a Twist.
Lima Detachment - Adds several detailed, faction-themed bunkers to explore as you complete several quests. If you are running this mod at the same time as "Hookers of the Commonwealth", the door to "Malden Center Subway Station" from HoTC will block the door to "Harold's Investment Offices" (a.k.a Derelict Building) from Lima Detachment, which is the first building you enter in the quest "Calling All Patriots". To warp into the building, use the following console command: coc 0000Office01

Or, use console command TCL. Then walk through the door to the backside. Again use console command: TCL. Then open the door from the backside to access "Harold's Investment Offices". From the backside, the door will look like this.

Operation Wilkes Estate - Several detailed dungeons to explore with a player home reward at the end.

Operation Manhattan - Head to New York City and help rescue a captured Brotherhood of Steel soldier from the Gunners. This is a late-game quest for higher level players.

The Bleachers: A Diamond City Story - "The Bleachers" is a new, NPC occupied, Diamond City district below the bleacher seats. Befriend the citizens of the bleachers, hear their stories, earn their trust. 5 new voiced NPCs, a new central player home, many new workshop items, 2 new merchants, richly decorated new locations, and 4 new multi-part quests to get it all.

Self-promotion disclaimer: The following five are ones I’ve co-authored, but they’re in the top 100 of Top Files , are usually ranked #1 through #5 in the Quest & Adventures category (sort by Trending), and meet the other criteria to be included on this list, so here they are.
Depravity - Large quest/companion mod with evil RPG options for the vanilla main story. August 2019 Mod of the Month. 40 quests, 13 companions, 20 hours of content.

Project Valkyrie - Huge quest/companion adventure, August 2018 Mod of the Month. Four custom & fully-voiced companions, 20 quests, and alternate endings to the vanilla game.

Outcasts & Remnants - DLC-sized quest mod. April 2017 Mod of the Month runner-up. 20 hours of game play with new factions, locations, player bases, and fully-voiced custom companions.

Fusion City Rising - DLC-sized quest mod. September 2016 Mod of the Month. Hours of new game play. New factions, new locations, and multiple fully voiced companions.

Settler and Companion Dialogue Overhaul - Gives companions, settlers, and Raiders more to say with less repetition. Companions also give side quests. November 2019 Mod of the Month.

Tales from the Commonwealth

Tales from the Commonwealth is a popular quest mod. The mod "Atomic Radio" (same download page) is in the mod list and sample load order, but the actual quest mod Tales from the Commonwealth is not. It's a fun quest mod though. If you want to run it and are comfortable with FO4Edit, here are the records you can look at and consider adjusting to provide the smoothest experience and frame rates possible:

Location section:

Remove the vanilla Location overrides except for Fiddler's Green.

Cells Section:

Block 3, Sub-Block 6, delete ITM for RailroadHQEscapeTunnel (ITM = Identical-to-Master record)
Block 4, Sub-Block 4, delete ITM for GoodneighborTheMemoryDen
Block 7, Sub-Block 6, delete ITM for DmndScienceCenter01

Do not delete the records with broken precombines, noted by [Placed Object] in the following interior cells, as adjusting them can potentially break the quests in those areas (you'll just have to live with potentially lower frame rates in these cells):

Block 6, Sub-Block 2, Waterfront12 (Harbormaster Hotel), [Placed Object] broken precombines.
Block 8, Sub-Block 0, SouthBostonPoliceDepartment01, [Placed Object] broken precombine.
Block 8, Sub-Block 7, NorthEndBoxingGym, [Placed Object] broken precombines.
Block 9, Sub-Block 3, VaultTecOffice01, [Placed Object] broken precombine.

Worldspace Section Broken Precombines:

Block 0,0 Sub-Block 1,0, EasyCityDownsExt, [Placed Object] broken precombines (60 records)
Block 0,0 Sub-Block 1,0, EastBostonPrepSchoolExt02, [Placed Object] broken precombines (8 records)
Block 0,0 Sub-Block 2,1, 0000DB13 No Cell Name, [Placed Object] broken precombine (1 record)
Block 0,-1 Sub-Block 0,-2, TheaterDisctrictS, [Placed Object] broken precombine (1 record)
Block -1,0 Sub-Block -1,2, POIRJ12, [Placed Object] broken precombines (6 records)
Block -1,-1 Sub-Block -3,-2, LakeCochituateExt05, [Placed Object] broken precombines (3 records)
Block -1,-1 Sub-Block -3,-1, FiddlersGreenExt, [Placed Object] broken precombine (1 record)
Block -1,-1 Sub-Block -1,-3, 0000E6D8 No Cell Name,  [Placed Object] broken precombine (1 record)
Block -1,-1 Sub-Block -1,-3, 0000E6F9 No Cell Name,  [Placed Object] broken precombine (1 record)
Block -1,-1 Sub-Block -1,-3, POIJoel02, [Placed Object] broken precombines (10 records)

Removing the [Placed Object] worldspace overrides above will fix the broken precombines, meaning there will no longer be any frame rate loss in those areas. However removing those worldspace edits may cause some minor visual weirdness in those specific areas with overlapping objects.

Another option is to leave the broken precombines, but place the mod Boston FPS Fix after Tales from the Commonwealth in your load order. That will still result in some minor visual weirdness, but you'll have solid frame rates, at least in the areas addressed by Boston FPS Fix, the most significant area being around Easy City Downs and East Boston Prep School where Tales from the Commonwealth adds a bowling alley. In the less densely populated areas, broken precombines are generally not as big of an issue, unless you have a green flora mod that is requiring extra computing power to render the area.

You can also try running a mod like Tales From the Commonwealth Visual Fixes, which addresses some of the visual/broken precombine issues noted above.

If you want FaceGen data for the Tales from the Commonwealth NPC's, you can try Tales from the Commonwealth FaceGen Data, but that mod lists in its requirements another mod that is a 7.66GB download and may conflict with other mods you are running.

If running Tales from the Commonwealth, place it ABOVE all the other quest mods (listed above) in your load order.

Then, as you play, do not enter the Charles River Auction House on your own, as that can start a looping script that never stops, and you'll see it spamming your papyrus log. If you are determined to visit, wait until the quest sends you there, and make sure you complete the quest.

If you run "Check for Errors" in FO4Edit on Tales from the Commonwealth, it will register 43 errors related to quests, navmesh, etc, but as far as I can tell, none of these errors are deal breakers. If you address the precombine and script issues mentioned above, you should be good to go.

Radio Stations

All of these are optional.

Old World Radio Boston - Adds 30 brand new voice-acted radio stations to Fallout 4 with over 300 hours of new radio content.

More Where That Came From: Diamond City Radio Edition - Adds 111 thematically appropriate songs to Diamond City Radio.
Atomic Radio - Prewar radio channel with 5 hours of commercials for Fallout universe products, as well as PSAs, TV shows, and movie trailers. There are two other mods in the main files section of this download page that are unrelated to the radio.

Audio Sound Effects

All of these are optional.

Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sounds – Sound replacer for many of the vanilla firearms.

Project Reality Footsteps – Makes footsteps sound more realistic.

No more cash register sound when XP gain – Removes the cash register sound you hear over and over and over again.

No Idiot Savant Noise - Replaces the idiot savant noise with silence. Idiot Savant to Idiot Slut is quite popular if that’s more your cup of tea.

Remove Dogmeat’s Whining Audio – What the title says.

Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul

This mod is optional and not listed in the Load Order Guide due to conflicts. But it's a popular mod, I personally never play without it, and if you're willing to invest 10 minutes with it in FO4Edit, I think it's worth the effort.

Issue #1: True Storms has been in the top 15 of popularity ever since release. It uses an .esm file. Reverb & Ambience Overhaul uses an .esp file, meaning it sits lower in load order, and it overrides various "Region" data that "True Storms" also edits.

In FO4Edit, you would delete from "Reverb & Ambience Overhaul" the 8 records where it overrides vanilla Region data that "True Storms" also edits. Or you can make a patch. When you load "True Storms" and "Reverb & Ambience Overhaul" in FO4Edit, the 8 conflicting records you need to delete or patch will have a color other than green.

Or, if you go here, to Optional Files, and then "AT - True Storms and RAO Patch", there is a patch for this. For it to work, in addition to True Storms and Reverb & Ambience Overhaul, it requires Nuka World, Far Harbor, and the TrueStormsFO4-FarHarbour.esp to be installed when you install True Storms.

Issue #2: Vault Reverb. It arguably went a little overboard. There's a patch for that called Reverb and Ambience Overhaul - Vault Reverb Patch. Install this and place it directly below "Reverb and Ambience Overhaul" in your load order. You want "Reverb and Ambience Overhaul" high up in your load order so that more specific mods making changes to the same records override it.

Issue #3: Other ambience mods that edit the same records. For example, I'm a fan of Ambient Wasteland, Lush Ambience, and More Where That Came From - Diamond City Radio Edition, and these mods edit a bunch of the same Sound Descriptor records as "Reverb & Ambience Overhaul". So I simply put these mods lower in load order than "Reverb & Ambience Overhaul" so that they win the conflict.

Worth it, but if all this sounds like too much of a headache, there's no problem passing on the mod for now.


All of these are optional. Not a whole lot here because the sex framework and model pose animations have been excluded. You can search for them here (sort by trending).

Lowering Your Weapon

Choose only ONE of these.

Lowered Weapons – Lowers your weapon when not firing it so you're not pointing a gun in someone’s face when talking to them. This is by far the most popular option, and doesn't take up a plugin slot.

Button Lowered Weapons - Push a button to lower your weapon.

Automatically Lowered Weapons - Lowers your weapon automatically after 3 seconds in a range of situations. Only applies in 1st person. No change to vanilla in 3rd person.

Other Weapon Animation

Weapon Jiggle Remover - Removes the additive fire jiggle animation.

Unarmed Combat Animation

Kicks and Punches - Replaces the vanilla punches and also adds kicks, backflips, and power punches. Both the player and NPC's can use these new animations. Doesn't use an .esp slot.

Female Movement

If using all three of these (they're all optional), load them in the order presented:

Just New Female Animations - Balanced and feminine, but not overly sexualized, female animations for pistols, rifles, melee and holstered weapons, running, walking, standing, and jumping.

Girly Animation - Changes female animations for basic movement, pistols, melee weapons, and other animations. Main benefit here is the more feminine run animation, if that's something you want. The mod page shows 30 open bug reports, nearly all of which appear to be user error. Your mileage may vary. Let "Better Female Walk" override the walk animations for this.

Better Female Walk- Adjusts the female walking animation to have more hip movement. Let this override "Girly Animation".


Test these out before you commit. You can't safely deactivate or switch weather mods mid-game. There's nothing wrong with using vanilla weather, testing out the rest of your mod list, and then come back to weather mods later.

True Storms – Hardcore and fully configurable weather mod. Compatible with "Darker Nights". If you are using both, install "Darker Nights" AFTER installing "True Storms", and choose the merged patch option when installing "Darker Nights".

Mods like "Reverb and Ambience Overhaul" and "Ambient Wasteland", if you're running those, will override some of "True Storms" records, and "True Storms" is a master file so it must be loaded before those mods. The details on how to accommodate are listed above in the "Audio Sound Effects" section.

Vivid Weathers – Diverse weather mod with especially pretty sunsets. Not compatible with "Darker Nights" as they both alter the same weather records. "Vivid Weathers" and "Darker Nights" used to have a valid compatibility patch prior to Vivid Weathers 2.0, but the patch was not kept current.

There is a patch, Weather Synergy, allowing "True Storms" and "Vivid Weathers" to be run at the same time. It doesn't solve the incompatibility between "Darker Nights" and "Vivid Weathers". In summary:

No weather mod = okay
True Storms and Darker nights = okay
True Storms and Vivid Weathers = okay with the "Weather Synergy" patch, provided you follow the instructions.
Vivid Weathers and Darker Nights = no
True Storms, Vivid Weathers, and Darker Nights = no

But I tried the combo of all three and it didn't crash my game.
Okay, confession time: me too. I use all three and it's great. Load order is 1) True Storms, 2) Darker Nights, 3) Vivid Weathers, 4) Weather Synergy Patch. Darker Nights doesn't have quite the full effect in that scenario, but the sunsets and sunrises from Vivid Weathers make up for it. That combo only works for me if Vivid Weathers is loaded after Darker Nights. If Darker Nights is loaded below Vivid, the clouds from Vivid Weathers look off.

If you choose to use incompatible mods (Vivid and Darker Nights), that's your call. As "True Storms" and "Darker Nights" are the more popular mods, and are fully compatible with each other, those are the ones reflected on the Load Order guide.


The following are optional.There is nothing wrong with using vanilla if that’s how you prefer the game to look. Don't switch extensive landscape mods mid save game. Before you commit to one, try it out on a test save and make sure you like it. Typically, once it’s in your game, it’s in your game, and you’ll need to start a new save game if you want a different look.
There are some beautiful-looking landscape mods that have been excluded here because they break exterior precombined meshes in dense urban areas, which can tank your frame rates, or because they override too many vanilla records, resulting in incompatibility with non-landscape mods. The options here are safe in that regard.

Choose NONE or ONLY ONE of the following landscape mods:

Boston Natural Surroundings - A complete green flora overhaul that won’t break precombines. Comes with high quality LOD. Lots of pine trees.
A Forest - Green flora overhaul mod that won't break precombines and comes with high quality LOD. 'A Forest' gives a denser and more diverse forested look relative to Boston Natural Surroundings. If using "Vivid Fallout All in One", A Forest needs to be placed lower in load order. If you experience a frame rate hit, try putting godrays at high (or lower), shadow distance at medium (or lower), and shadow quality at high (or lower) in your Fallout 4 launcher settings. All the flora this mod adds creates more shadows than usual.

This was set to hidden August 1, 2020 because someone re-uploaded the author's work without permission. Then it came back, then it was hidden again. If it remains hidden you can obtain this mod via a link to Mega from the mod author's Discord here.

Fallout 4 Seasons: Grass, Trees, Plants, Snow - Seasonal landscape overhauls for Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Choose one season. You can switch between seasons (manually, not in-game) at any time.

Look at the pictures on the landscape mod pages and choose whichever one looks best to you. Performance is going to be similar. I haven't experienced issues with the above mods causing frame rates to drop below 60 FPS. Your mileage may vary, especially if using an ENB in combination with these mods (e.g. more tree shadows).

But I just want an enhanced vanilla look, none of this greenery or snow crap. Vivid Fallout All In One, listed below in the "Visuals and Textures" section, has you covered. Natural Landscapes is another option.

However, regardless of your choice, you probably need this:

Boston FPS Fix – Rebuilds precombines and improves performance in Boston and surrounding exterior areas. Especially beneficial to anyone using a mod they don’t realize has broken previs or precombines in urban areas. Boston FPS Fix generally goes below your flora overhaul mod in load order.

Interior Lighting

Install NONE or ONLY ONE of the following interior lighting mods. Test and make sure you like it before you commit.

Enhanced Lights and FX – More realistic interior lighting at the cost of breaking precombines in some of those interiors. If using the mod, your options here are to live with noticeably lower frame rates in some interiors, or go into the mod with xEdit and remove the precombine breaks, which in some cases means deleting all the edits that ELFX makes to a particular cell.

Interiors Enhanced - Darker ambient light and fog in interiors. This one is the least risky option in terms of frame rates and performance.

Ultra Interior Lighting - Adds more shadow-casting lights to interiors and adjusts ambient light and fog.

ELFX is most popular, followed by Interiors Enhanced, followed by Ultra Interior Lighting. There are no perfect solutions here, and vanilla lighting leaves much to be desired.

Exterior Lighting & Night Sky

These are all optional:

Darker Nights – Makes the nights darker (duh) and fits well with the signage and moon/star mods listed below. If you are using "True Storms" (above in the Weather section), you need to install "Darker Nights" AFTER installing "True Storms", and choose the merged patch option when installing "Darker Nights".

"Vivid Weathers" v2.0 and higher is technically not compatible with "Darker Nights". They both alter the same weather records and the compatibility patch is outdated. If using both Darker Nights and Vivid Weathers, put Vivid Weathers lower in load order.
Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars – Better looking stars. Uninstall at any time if you don't like it.

Visible Galaxy 4k and Framework - Allows you to see the Milky Way Galaxy in all of its glory. Uninstall at any time if you don't like it.
HN66’s Moon and Planets – Different options for how the moon looks. Highly recommend trying the larger moon option. You can change your mind if you don't like it.

Optional Add-ons

The following complement the night sky mods above. While the night is darker, everything else is brighter: street lights, billboards, store signs, bus stops, building windows, etc. It's not Cyberpunk, but there's a hint of that, and while it's not especially lore friendly, it looks cool. Skip these if that's not the look you want:

Wasteland Illumination - Electricity is still out there. Why not light up the wasteland a little bit? Adds over a thousand lights to streetlamps and other light sources throughout the Commonwealth and Far Harbor. Works great with Darker Nights. Test it out in an urban area and make sure you like it before committing to it.
Lighting Series: All In One – This lights up the signs on Red Rocket and Drumlin Diner buildings, and illuminates billboards and bus stops. Uninstall at any time if you don't like it.
Immersive Windows – Lights up the windows in many of the urban buildings. Uninstall at any time if you don't like it.
Radioactive Signs Lighting – Lights up the store signs across the Commonwealth. Uninstall at any time if you don't like it.
Vending Machines Lighting– Lights up the Nuka Cola, Milk, and Eat-O-Tronic machines (set to hidden by author in April of 2020, not sure if/when it will come back).

ETSGS - Easy To See Glowing Stuff - Glowing holotapes, magazines, and bobbleheads so that they’re easier to find. Uninstall at any time if you don't like it.

Clean Water of the Commonwealth - Revamps the water of the commonwealth. Optionally remove radiation or give extra radiation from swimming and drinking. Comes with optional clear water, crystal clear water, and tropical shaded water. An alternative to "Clean Water of the Commonwealth" is WET. Choose one or the other, not both.

Real Water HD - More realistic water textures (compatible with "Clean Water of the Commonwealth", not with WET).

Visuals & Textures

All this stuff is optional. For any conflicts with individual textures, let the one lower on the list win.
Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction - Increases the quality of the colors and contrast in Fallout 4 with no performance impact. Looks outstanding with vanilla, not so much with certain ENB’s or Reshades if you’re using those.

High Resolution Texture Pack - Higher resolution textures for a variety of items, while maintaining the original visual style. Comes in 2k and 4k options, with loose file or archived files options.
SavrenX HD Vanilla Armor - High quality textures for all vanilla armor with optimal file size.

SavrenX HD Vanilla Clothes - High quality textures for all vanilla clothing with optimal file size.
SavrenX HD DLC Armor and Clothes – High quality textures for armor and clothes in Far Harbor, Automatron, and Nuka World.
Industrial HD - Replaces various textures for Industrial buildings (Interiors and Exteriors) around the Commonwealth.
High Tech Buildings HD – Interior and exterior texture overhaul for all the High-Tech Buildings.
Diamond City HD – High quality texture overhaul of Diamond City.
Vivid Fallout All In One – Higher quality and better performing textures for landscape, trees, rocks, roads, bridges, and some concrete.

Enhanced Blood Textures – High resolution blood textures to complement a violent game. A less popular alternative here is True Blood. Run one or the other, not both.

Insignificant Object Remover – Disables insignificant objects you never see, to improve performance without visual degradation.

Retextured Chems - Rextures all the popular chems in the game.
Eyewear and mask retexture - Re-textured sunglasses and goggles.

LED BLACK Pip-Boy Deluxe – Cleaner looking Pip Boy. If you want a dirtier version, instead check out Fallout Texture Overhaul Pipboy.

Healthier Brahmins – Makes brahmins look much healthier.
Detailed Deathclaws – Detailed re-texture of Deathclaw skin.

Proto Vault Suit - Re-texture of vanilla vault suit.
No More Fake Puddles – Gets rid of crappy fake reflections. Has an .esp file, but you can easily flag it as an .esl in FO4Edit. An alternative to "No More Fake Puddles", with no .esp file, is Grimey Puddles.
Wetness Shader Fix - Fixes the exaggerated shine of specific objects while it's raining.
Remove Ugly Flat Trash - Removes several ugly flat trash decals that are used frequently all over the Commonwealth, thereby cleaning up some locations quite a bit without changing anything other than a few textures and material files. Ugly Dirt Go Away can complement this, replacing the default dirt decal with a transparent version to avoid ugly crud in your settlement buildings.

Shack Floors Re-Done - Install only if you would like the wooden shack floors to look newer.


If you want more texture replacers, have a look at the collections of SavrenX and Luxor8071. Several of their texture mods are included above, but it's up to you whether you want more. This is a popularity-based mod list, and I didn't want to overload anyone with a hundred texture mods to install, or force a certain visual style.

When installing textures, keep in mind this isn't "free" in terms of performance. The game itself is loading over 15GB of vanilla textures. If you add mods tweaking most or all of those textures without unpacking the vanilla archives and replacing the original files, that adds significantly more stuff your game has to load, which can have adverse effects including slower load screens (making a mod like Load Accelerator essential).

If using Mod Organizer 2, some of the texture packs above are archived. MO2 loads archive files first, then lets loose files overwrite. If you have loose files covering the same textures as those in the archive files, the loose files will win the conflict.

Before installing any large texture replacer, it's helpful to ask: Do I really need this? Am I actually going to notice a significant difference?

It's easy to fall prey to mod overload, and your high-end CPU/GPU/RAM will not always bail you out, as there are game engine limits to ensure compatibility with consoles. In a vacuum, HQ textures are fine. Complex outfits are fine. Increased spawns and settlement building limits are fine. Scripts that poll NPC's are fine.

But combine 4k textures in a massive battle near a settlement "triangle of death" where debris is flying everywhere and each NPC wearing a complex outfit is being polled by your sex mods to see whether they're eligible for rape or kidnap.... your game is going to have a bad time.

Modding Utilities

These are all optional, but there’s really no good reason not to at least install FO4Edit.

FO4Edit - Make adjustments to your mods easily and check them for conflicts.

LOOT - Sorts your load order. Usually built into your mod manager, but here's the link if not. LOOT is the first step in sorting load order, not the last. You should still load all your mods in FO4Edit, look for overrides, and make sure you're comfortable with which mods are winning any conflicts.

Fallrim Tools – Clean your save game file if you screw up.  
Mod Organizer 2 – The Mod Manager all the cool kids use. Lacks the marketing clout to take majority market share from whatever mod manager Nexus happens to be promoting to the masses.


All of these are optional. Install whichever ones look interesting. I’ve sorted these by author, so it’s easier to see pictures of all their stuff and find additional mods they’ve made outside the top 500 that might interest you.
I'm a weapons junkie and personally use everything on this list. A few of these weapons come with small quests attached to obtain the weapon.
Many of these weapons, especially the ones by FX0x01, Deadpool2099, and DOOMBASED, inject the guns into the leveled lists so that enemies and some vendors will be carrying these weapons. This adds a ton of excitement and variety to the game.
Author: FX0x01
See all his weapon mods here:
RU556 Assault Rifle – most popular assault rifle on FO4 Nexus
AK74M Assault Rifle  
Heckler and Koch - G36 Complex 
Heckler and Koch - MP7 
Heckler and Koch - UMP
9x39 Project 
Russian Recon Pack SVU and MP443 (The SVU is my go-to sniper rifle)
Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle 
AK400 Assault Rifle
OTs-33Pernach Pistol (Craft the automatic version, my go-to pistol)     
Steyr AUG A1  
Heckler und Koch - MP5
Springfield Armory M1A
Giat Famas

Author: Deadpool2099
See all his weapon mods here:
Wattz Laser Gun  
Bullpup Bozar
Author: Niero
See all his mods here. A lot of his stuff shows up on the armor and faction overhaul lists, but these are the weapon mods I recommend:
CROSS Cryolance    
CROSS PlasRail
CROSS Blades     
Author: VigVam33
See all his weapon mods here:
FACTOR - Modular Rifle   
AQUILA - Laser Rifle  (my go-to laser weapon)
Author: Various
DOOMBASED Weapons Merged (Weapon Pack) – 16 custom weapons that inject into the leveled lists

Scar H – Assault rifle with custom sound and animations
Infinite Warfare NV4 – Customizable assault rifle (my go-to assault rifle). There's an updated version of this that the mod page directs you to. The original version is still my favorite. Both are good.

FN FAL SA58 - Customizable FN FAL SA58 with many variants

L String Fallout Bow - Customizable bow and arrow set with cool explosions

Crossbows of the Commonwealth - Crank-cocking crossbow weapon

Glock 19x - Customizable pistol with leveled list integration

Lightsaber Renew - Lightsabers in 4 different colors. Recommend downloading the non-OP version, and highly recommend picking up Better Lightsaber Sound to override the default sound.  If you want more Lightsaber options, there's also the mod Star Wars - The Lightsaber. These can all be used together, and goes without saying but will say anyway: not Lore Friendly.

Mossberg 500 Pump Action Shotgun - Customizable pump-action shotgun with custom sounds, custom 1st and 3rd person animations, and optional leveled list integration.
Kriss Vector - With custom sounds and animations

Remote Explosives  - Set of remote explosives.

SIG Sauer MPX – Customizable SMG

M2 Flamethrower Redux – Flamethrower with custom animations. Best weapon in the game for fighting bugs, and doubles as an effective torch mechanism when traveling at night.


There are a few more weapon mods in the top 500 not listed above. Nothing against those, I just haven't played them yet, and there's already over 30 weapon mods listed above. I will update this section over time.

Armor & Clothing – Standalone

These are all optional standalone outfits. They will not replace any vanilla outfits in the game.

K-9 Harness - Tactical body armor and backpack for Dogmeat

West Tek Tactical Optics - Night vision thermal vision goggles and more
Courser X-92 Power Suit and Pip Boy - Modular courser outfit

CROSS Courser Strigidae - Custom courser outfit with optional scripted inject into the default list of leveled coursers.
CROSS Institute Expeditionary Suit - Craftable Institute suit  

CROSS 2077 – Cyberpunk2077 modular outfit 

CROSS Mojave Manhunter – Modular bounty hunter outfit

TheKite's Handmaiden – Railroad Handmaiden outfit with Fedora, Cigarette, Gloves, Underarmor, and Overcoat.
Vtaw Wardrobe 1 – Modular set of tanktops, leather pants, jackets, shorts, harness, scarf, belts, etc.

Vtaw Wardrobe 4 - Additional modular set of tanktops, pants, jackets, etc. that nicely complements Vtaw Wardrobe 1.

Vtaw Wardrobe 5 - Modular array of body suits, pants, dresses, boots, and accessories. Fits well with any other Vtaw set.

Vtaw Jumpsuit - Custom vault jumpsuit with lots of color options.
Nanosuit 6.2 - Custom Nano Suit

Pampas Set - Modular body suit with lots of options

Private Military Company - Tactical outfit with custom camouflages and gloves. Private Military Company Extended is an expansion to this mod if you want more customization options.

Commonwealth Shorts - Sixteen craftable shorts and tanktop outfits

Sarah Rage Armor - Sarah's armor from RAGE: The Scorchers
Spartan Sniper Outfit – Modular sniper outfit

HN66s SIRIUS.12 Assault Suit - Modular military outfit
HN66s EasyGirl Outfits – Modular casual outfit

Tough Girl Attire –Tank top and body suit with several options

Armor & Clothing – Slutty Standalone
These are all optional standalone outfits. They will not replace any vanilla outfits in the game unless otherwise noted below.

Absolutely Skimpy Attire – Several dozen custom wasteland ‘worn and torn' outfits.

Dicky's Pinup Outfit - A skimpy, modular, military pin-up girl themed outfit collection.

Sporty Underwear – Set of sporty underwear in different colors.
Lacy Underwear  - Set of lacy underwear. Standalone but also with nude replacer options.

String Bikinis – Set of 28 craftable string bikinis with various options.

Vtaw Wardrobe 2 - Modular bikini pack

Vtaw Utility Pack - Modular clothing pack, works great with Vtaw Wardrobe 1 & 4 packs listed above in the "Armor & Clothing - Standalone" section.
DA Merged 11 Pack – Skimpy outfit collection
TheKite's Combat Zone Stripper Outfit – Modular slutty outfit
TheKite's DC Scoop Digger Outfit – Slutty modular Piper outfit
TheKite's Vault-Tec Slave Suit - Extremely skimpy vault suit with customization options
Slooty Vault Jumpsuit – Moderately skimpy vault suit 
Sexy Transparent Zipsuit – What the title says

Armor & Clothing – Slutty Replacer Overhaul

These are optional outfits that will replace the vanilla versions in the game. Choose either NONE or ONE of these options, not both, as they modify the same outfits, although you can mix and match if you want to manipulate the individual mesh files.

Option 1: Moderately more revealing
CCO Foxy Factions Edition - Remodels of 26 BoS, Institute, Minutemen, and Railroad outfits
CCO Vulgar Villains Edition - Remodels of 19 Raider, Gunner, Triggermen, and Children of Atom outfits
CCO Saucy Settlers Edition - Remodels of 20 Settler and Wastelander outfits

CCO Cheeky Casuals Edition - Remodels 19 pre-war and casual vanilla outfits

Option 2: Slutty

Female Outfit Replacer - Replaces all the original game vanilla female outfits with much sexier/skimpy versions.

Armor & Clothing – Slutty Replacer Specific Outfits

These are optional outfits that will replace the vanilla version in the game. If you use any of these, let them overwrite the outfits from the general slutty replacer overhaul outfits above.
ALSL Vault Suit Unzipped - Unzipped vanilla vault suit with higher polygon count
Piper’s Sexy Outfits – Remodel of Piper's red coat with stockings, heels, and garter. Has standalone and replacer versions
Cait's Corset Deep Cleavage – Remodel showing a little more skin for Cait's corset
Grognak Costume Skimpified – Skimpier version of Grognak costume
Sturges Outfit No Shirt - Replaces the female version of Sturge's outfit with a version that does not have an under shirt
Feathered Dress No Bra Strap – Skimpier version of the feathered dress

Sex Mods

What the hell is this?

The adult section.

Obviously, but... just... why?

1) Adult mods are popular.
2) Some of them will break your game.
3) When people want to play adult mods, verifying compatibility is often the last thing on their mind.
4) This leads to some horribly broken load orders.
5) Users with these broken load orders file bug reports on completely unrelated mods.
6) This is mildly annoying.
7) Let's provide a safe way to play adult mods.

This section is completely optional. The mods here aren't included in the sample load order. To the extent you use the adult mods in this section, for your load order, place them in the same order in which you install them, with the first adult mod you install placed in load order below where your quest mods are. In the event of a conflict between the preceding sentence and the sample load order, follow the sample load order.

So you actually play-tested this garbage?

I did. Had to restart the game several times and throw out a large portion of the initial popularity-based adult list, but yes, the list below is stable and can be run on top of an otherwise stable load order.

Is this section popularity-based?

More or less. Same general standards as the main Thuggyfied list: Popular + Supported + No major bugs + No major conflicts. And it's compatible with the main mod list. Particular attention was paid to choosing mods that will not spam your papyrus log, in order to maximize compatibility with any other script-heavy mods you may be running.

Okay, but sex mods aren't immersive. They take you out of the game.

Indeed. Many mods cater to gratuitous situations without any cohesion or feeling that the content is a natural extension of the game world. We end up with sex rugs, sex guns, menus to force NPC's into sexual positions, etc.

But not all "sex" mods are the same. The mods on this list are meant to make the game feel grittier and darker, with sex being a rare but natural consequence of certain actions, rather than the focus of the game. In short: this is an attempt to create the Fallout 4 Bethesda might have made if they didn't have to worry about the ESRB, media coverage, soccer moms, and fruitless attempts to sell the company.

So what does this adult Mod List feel like in game?

The first time I played it, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary for the first couple hours. And then it happened:

Outside Corvega, my character's health dropped below 20%, and she automatically surrendered to the Raiders. A half-dozen Raiders surrounded her - 5 holding their guns on the player, while the 6th taunted her, raped her for about 30 seconds, then taunted again, knocked her out, then fade to black.

Woke up as a prisoner outside the 'Now Leasing' tower in East Cambridge. All weapons and armor stolen. Being guarded by one Raider.

A quest started to get my stuff back, which was being held at the top of the tower. A Mirelurk showed up west of the tower and distracted the Raiders. I used the opportunity to pickpocket the guard's pipe weapon, but there were only 13 bullets. Ran out of ammo quickly and was running for my life defenseless. Eventually made it up to the top of the tower, where I had to fight the Raider boss with my fists, punching him off the side of the building and watching him fall to his death.

That encounter was the most entertaining 20 minutes of Fallout I've experienced in a while. The quest took a cool location that Bethesda didn't use right, and maximized its potential, incorporating frustration, curiosity, strategy, terror, and ultimately triumph. This experience felt like Fallout, the way it should have been, given the world space Bethesda has depicted.

The best thing is that no menus were required. While the mods in this section do include menus and hotkeys to force situations (if that's what you want),
100% of the above happened using an X-box controller without actively trying to start the sequence, and without using any menus.

How does that help the Fallout 4 story?

Surrender, abduction, and rape mechanics add a "show me" instead of "tell me" element of storytelling to the game. In vanilla we read and hear about how terrifying these Raiders are, but then we encounter them and they're Elmer Fudd. We don't have to play smart to beat them, and we don't derive a particularly satisfying sense of accomplishment when we do.

With an auto-surrender feature if your health gets too low, you're more conscious of making wise combat decisions. You play with purpose, and the stakes feel higher.

Got any less disturbing examples?

Random encounters. We've all been to Diamond City and experienced Piper's "you open this gate right now Danny Sullivan!" scene. It was great the first couple times. But these days I just spam the controller button to speed through the conversation.

Except this time when I approached the Diamond City gate, Piper had a different approach. She lured Danny outside, had sex with him, and with the gate open, I waited for Piper to finish up, and then we walked straight in and talked to McDonough.

Being a random encounter, there was only a small chance of it happening that way, but with random sexual encounters enabled, certain vanilla scenes may play out differently than you expect.

Okay, you've got my attention. So can I assume this experience will be completely seamless and never require in-game workarounds or reloading a save?

What kind of issues are we talking about?

Suppose you lose in combat and surrender to a group of Raiders intent on raping you, but at the same time two NPC's are trying to have sex on a nearby bridge. The rape scene might not start, and you'll need to open the MCM menu and click the fail-safe button to abort the surrender scene.

The sexual encounter mods are configurable via Mod Configuration Menu (MCM). Using MCM settings that are more conservative than the defaults, you can largely avoid situations where different sexual encounters are competing against each other, and you can eliminate those encounters altogether if you get bored.

Will this list be quick and easy to install?

Not exactly.

1) For most of the sexual encounter functionality, you'll need to install mods from LoversLab, which requires creating an account there (it's free).

2) It will take most users at least an hour to install the sexual encounter portion of the adult mod section.

3) The LoversLab mod download interface is not user-friendly. They don't use sections like Main File, Optional Files, Old Files, etc, and there are no instructions on the actual download file.

4) LoversLab mods sometimes have this feature where Mod A requires Mod B which requires Mods C, D, and E, but mod D no longer exists, and no one bothered updating the installation instructions on the main mod page, so you have to scroll to page 23 of a 57 page comment thread to find a patch and/or workaround.

We're going to avoid broken chains like that.

What Official Content and Mod Frameworks are required to make this work?

ALL of these are required.

1) All Fallout 4 Official DLC, excluding the HD texture pack (don't ever use that).

2) BodySlide and Outfit Studio - Customize the body shapes.

3) Fallout 4 Script Extender - (F4SE) Makes scripts work that adult mods depend on.

4) LooksMenu - Customize faces. Requires F4SE.

5) Mod Configuration Menu - Make mod configuration decisions in-game. Requires F4SE.

6) HUD Framework - Technically not required for everything, but some sex mods require it, so just install it. It won't hurt your game.

7) OCBPC Physics - (with simple collisions) or OCBP Physics (no collisions). These require F4SE. There is no .esp plugin file.

8) Advanced Animation Framework - (AAF) Requires F4SE and LooksMenu. Doesn't override any vanilla records.

9) Zaz Extended Skeleton - Requires AAF. No plugin file, just meshes. This will replace the CBBE Knee Fix Skeleton if you're already running that one.

10) MTM Physics Preset - No plugin, just a cbp.ini file

If using a dialogue interface mod, use "Full Dialogue Interface (FDI)". Do not use "Extended Dialogue Interface (XDI)", as it can bypass dialogue prompts and/or break certain scenes.

Got it, what's next?

Install the following mods, in the following order. Your load order should follow this too, i.e. put them one after the other, starting below wherever you have your quest mods loaded.

Body Mods - Female

Required to make the female genitalia function as intended:

Fusion Girl - For female body. Fusion Girl works with Bodyslide, and any CBBE compatible textures work with Fusion Girl, so you don't necessarily need to redo any outfits to work with Fusion Girl if you're switching from CBBE. It will generally work out of the box. For customization and outfit body physics, there are a number of outfit conversions and body presets to get the exact look you want.

The mod requires several of the framework mods above which you should already have installed. See the Fusion Girl mod page for details, and follow the installation instructions there.

The Fusion Girl body needs to be built in Bodyslide before playing (Fusion Girl Body). If it doesn't show up for you in Bodyslide, find the folder: meshes\actors\character\characterassets in CBBE, then: Drag the FemaleBody.nif from CBBE into the meshes\actors\character\characterassets folder for Fusion Girl. Then run Bodyslide to generate the Fusion Girl body and customize the shape you want.

Body Mods - Male

Required to make the male genitalia function as intended:

BodyTalk - For male body. BodyTalk requires several of the framework mods referenced above in order to work. See the BodyTalk mod page for details, and follow the installation instructions there.

Settlement Building

Wait, what?

Yes, we're installing some of these first, because the sex animations we're going to install after this will detect what furniture you have installed. All of the following are optional.

CWSS Redux - Craftable Working Showers Sinks Baths Toilets Urinals Kitchens etc - Some of these fixtures are eligible to be used in sex animation mods. Contains no overrides of vanilla records.

Prisoner Shackles - Eligible to be used in sex animation mods. Contains no vanilla overrides.

Torture Devices  - Eligible to be used in sex animation mods. Contains no vanilla overrides. This one is an .esm file, so it goes up near the top of your load order with the other .esm records. Contains no vanilla overrides.

Lovers Luxury Bed - The Lady Killer - Eligible to be used in sex animation mods. Contains no vanilla overrides.

Lovers Luxury Bed - The Black Widow - A variant on the Lady Killer bed.

CRX Workshop Crosses - Lookin' at you Preston and Marcy.

Pimp Workshop - The most pimped up beds, sofas, and tables you can imagine

Sex Animations

Install all of these, preferably in order. Some of these lead to LoversLab. If those links disappear, not the end of the world. The rest should still function.

1) Atomic Lust - Requires AAF and BodyTalk V2. It has no vanilla overrides. If you want to use menus to force NPC's or the player into sex, instructions are on the Atomic Lust main mod page.

2) [AAF] Themes - Vanilla Sex Animations, Kinky/Aggressive and Creature Sex Animations - Requires AAF. There is no plugin file. Download the latest version. Even if you have no intention of using Creature sex, download the full pack. Creature sex is disabled by default in the MCM once your in game.

3) Vioxsis' Strap-Ons - Allows for lesbian animations.

4) Savage Cabbage My Animation Pack - Requires AAF. Contains no vanilla overrides. Download the latest version. It says it requires various crafting mods above, but it doesn't, they're optional.

5) [AAF] FO4 Animations by Leito - Requires AAF and a couple others you already installed from above. This one is a confusing mess. We need to alter a few things. Here are the steps:

A) Download latest version of the Leito main animation file, and also download the alternate female voices file.

B) "AAF compatibility patches" and "AAF patches for Crazy & Leito" are listed as requirements. "AAF compatibility patches" leads to a broken link. "AAF patches for Crazy & Leito" has something to do with cum overlays and canine parts, and it leads to a migraine-inducing mod page. You can ignore both.

C) Optional: The plugin file FO4_AnimationsByLeito.esp makes wild edits. These aren't deal-breakers, but it's best to remove them in FO4Edit if you're familiar with using that program. The edits it makes are: in one of the Faction records it has Identical to Master overrides for Raider Faction and CZRaiderFaction

To fix, with FO4Edit open, delete both the cell and the Faction records. Then exit FO4Edit so that it saves the changes to the plugin file.

6) NSFW Sound Pack - These are just sound files for sex effects. There is no .esp plugin file.

7) (AAF) Bad End Animation Pack - Download the latest version. The plugin file contains no overrides.

8) AAF Bondage Animations - Download the latest version. The plugin file contains no overrides.

9) Farelle Animations for AAF - Download the latest version. The plugin file contains no overrides.

10) Ulfberth's AAF Patch - Download the latest version. Install after you've installed and activated everything else above. Pay attention to the options on the installer, e.g. you'll probably want to choose Vanilla, not Extended, on the Super Mutant bodies, so that they don't freeze in place when killed.

11) Staged Leito Plus Erection Fix - Download the latest version and install after you've installed and activated everything else above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whenever you have added, removed, or reinstalled a pose or animation mod you have to reinstall 'Ulfberth's AAF Patch' and then 'Staged Leito Plus Erection Fix' afterwards. Also reinstall if you change your character's gender. Let these patches overwrite the other sex animation mods, and put them lowest in load order of the above sex animation mods.

There are additional sex animation mods available on LoversLab. As of this writing, they are not included here because either 1) They contain dirty edits (e.g. deleted records), 2) They haven't been around long enough, or 3) They contain creature sex features I wasn't willing to spend time testing out.

Making sex happen naturally in the game without using menus to initiate it.

Install any of these that interest you. You'll want to browse through the MCM's after installation and adjust the settings to your liking:

[AAF] RSE II: Framework Resources ESM - This is the main file that controls the others. It overrides some vanilla items in Diamond City Security cell.

[AAF] RSE II: Combat Surrender and Abductions - This one allows for surrender and abduction mechanics to work. Download the main file and the race patch. The plugin file overrides the vanilla PairedKill Neck Break and Stab Neck idle animations, and marks several worldspace items as persistent

Once in-game, in the MCM, set surrender to happen when player health falls below a certain number. I find 10% or 20% works well. The lower the number, the less chance of it triggering. You want it to be a rare occurrence so that the mechanic doesn't wear out its welcome. If something goes wrong with a surrender, use the CSA Reset Hotkey, or reset via the MCM.

Enabling NPC surrender when their health falls below a certain percentage is also a fun mechanic. Choose a lower number like 10% or 20% so it doesn't make the game too easy. Once an NPC surrenders, you can rob, rape, execute, or free them.

In general, you'll want to play around with the MCM settings to find your preferred balance. If you want the surrender/abduction mechanic, but without any sex, then disable the assault option via the MCM.

[AAF] RSE II: Abductions Addon Pack - This just adds some more abduction options to Minutemen kidnap radiant quests. Download the main file and the race patch. The plugin file overrides a few vanilla prisoner markers.

[AAF] RSE II: Random Shenanigans - This allows for random NPC on NPC sex. You can control the frequency, or turn it off, via MCM. Download the main file. The plugin overrides the vanilla "CompanionInterjectionSceneStandNearPlayer" record.

"Shenanigans" can potentially interfere with "Combat Surrender and Abductions" if both a "Shenanigan" and "Surrender" are happening at the same time. You can set shenanigans (random NPC sex) via the MCM to only occur in settlements for the most trouble-free experience. Configure this however you want, but I'd recommend setting the Shennanigan chances (default 20 "day" and 80 "night") much lower. Of course, if you want your game to be an all out orgy, the MCM configuration will let you do that as well.

Can I install other sex mods on top of this?

Maybe. You 'void the warranty' on the list if you do. RSE II is as close as it gets to "It Just Works". It doesn't spam your papyrus log, and when something goes wrong, the MCM gives you an easy way to reset the scene.

If you install other sex mods on top of it, running who knows what scripts, things may break or slow down. Honestly I don't know. I tested a bunch of stuff, but haven't tested them all.

One exception is you can run Advanced Needs 2 along with RSE II (same mod author), although Advanced Needs 2 isn't really a sex mod. You can also run Crime and Punishment (same author) with RSE II, but if you do that, see the Crime & Punishment mod page for configurations where the surrender and abduction mechanisms overlap with RSE II.

I initially made this list before 'Crime and Punishment' was released. At that time, RSE II was the best mod for combat surrender and abductions. Crime & Punishment significantly improved upon these, but since it was a Nexus release, it wasn't allowed to include any forced sex. So you have a choice: Use Crime & Punishment if you want better (and fully voiced) combat surrender and abductions, but no sex. If the sex is more important to you, and you don't mind some silent dialogue, use 'RSE II Combat Surrender and Abductions'.

What's Next?

Good news, that was the hard part. Sex will now happen naturally and (hopefully) immersively in your game. You can stop here if you want.

Screw immersion. I want to slootify the entire game.

Well Jimmy, have a look:

Romanceable Female Companions

These are already included above, but here they are again:

Heather from Heather Casdin
Darlene from I'm Darlene
Roxy from Depravity
Sarah from Project Valkyrie
Dayna from Fusion City Rising

- Sexbot Assaultron. This has no vanilla overrides. The French Maid and Bunny Outfits listed as requirements are not actually required.

Romanceable Male Companions

Very few females play Fallout, and no one makes Fallout 4 mods for players who want believable male romance options.

Pip Boy Backgrounds

Chose only one these, or none:

Alternative Sexy Pip-Boy Screen - Several options here for screen backgrounds. The girl with the gasmask is pretty unobtrusive.

PipBoy Screen Sexy Vault Girl - Replaces The Default PipBoy Screen With A Picture Of A Sexy Vault Girl.

Fallout Sweaty Boobies Pipboy Wallpaper - Big pair of tits. Nude and covered options.

Vaultmeat Pervert Pip-boy - A background for the pip-boy featuring Shadman's vault meat character.

Other User Interface

Sexy Charisma - Changes the Charisma perk animation of your pip-boy and speech success to a sexy vault girl animation. Good chance it's not compatible with your dialogue interface mod of choice.

Idiot Savant to Idiot Slut - Changes the Idiot Savant noise to a female moan instead.

Bobblehead Replacers

Choose one or none.

Bobble Girl with Slooty Vault Suit - Replaces the bobbleheads with something female and skimpier.

Vault Girl Bobbleheads - Three different options for female bobblehead replacers: SFW, Skimpy, and Nude.

Magazine Texture Replacers

No single mod is going to suit everyone's tastes. You can mix and match if you want by swapping individual textures into the following folders:


Nude Magazines in Fallout - Burnt magazines and "La Coiffe" magazine retextures

Phoenix Lab Magazine Retextures - There are a bunch of different magazine mods by this author. Choose whatever you want.

Shadman's Magazine Retextures - 5 different magazine mods by this author. Choose whatever you want.

Hot and Horny Wastelands Magazines by Shadman - Texture replacer for All 133 magazines.

Karon123 Magazine Retextures - 3 different magazine mods by this author. Choose whatever you want.

Karna's Nude Magazine Backs - Replaces the back covers of magazines (which by default are blank) with nude screen captures from Fallout 4. Compatible with all the other magazines retexture mods above.

Keep in mind magazine covers can play in load screens. Those load screens almost never play when you're alone, and play 100% of the time when someone else walks into the room.

Painting Texture Replacers

Erotic Paintings - Replaces 20 vanilla paintings with classy 1950's pin-up nudes.

Photographic Pin-up Paintings - Replaces 20 vanilla paintings with classy photographic 1950's and 1960's nudes and skimpy outfits.

Vault Meat Home Decor NSFW - Replaces 20 vanilla paintings with Vault Meat smut.

Hot and Horny Wastelands Paintings by InCase - 72 Paintings replaced with cartoon smut.

Standalone Paintings

You can craft these in your settlements.

Atom Bomb Pinups Paintings - Huge variety of classy paintings.

Vault Meat Paintings - More Vault Meat stuff.

Faction Recruitment Pinups - The most underrated mod of all time.


These edit some of the same texture files. Mix and match whatever strikes your fancy.

Pinups of the Wasteland - This mod replaces paintings, posters, ads, and billboards throughout the wasteland with retro pinup and pulp art.

Adult magazine billboards and posters - Replaces posters and billboards with classy adult portraits.

NSFW billboards & posters - Replaces billboards, bus stop signs, and posters in the wasteland with women in explicit poses, while retaining the brand name logos (Nuka Cola, Fallon's, Red Rocket, etc.) to remain marginally lore friendly. There are also optional files to replace the abstract and generic paintings with women in explicit poses.

Hot and Horny Wastelands Posters by TheKite - Replaces posters with cartoon porn.

Hot and Horny Wastelands Billboards by Hizzacked - Replaces billboards with cartoon porn.

Before you go and replace all the signage with porn, another option you have is to replace only some of it, see if you like it, and adjust from there.


No Sorting Mods

If the goal is a popular sorting system in the Top 500 requiring all of the following:

- Minimal unresolved bug reports
- No reliance on other frameworks which may be unsupported, or are actively avoided by a significant portion of the community
- Avoidance of "compatibility patch hell"

That system doesn't presently exist, at least not to the extent it does in Fallout New Vegas with something like Universal Item Sorter. For Fallout 4, VIS-G and Valdacil's Item Sorting are the most popular sorting mods at present. Both of these require other framework mods, and you may need a slew of patches on top of that.

If you're comfortable using FO4Edit, Rudy 88's Simple Sorter is another option. This is a FO4Edit script that automatically adds the text needed for icon replacements for all valid items in your load order. The Simple Sorter automatically scans your mod list, loads all valid items to a new .esp plugin file, then detects what sort of item it is so that the correct icons are used. This avoids needing patches like with other sorting mods. However you made need to run the sorter each time you add a mod or your existing mods update.

If you'd like to try a lightweight sorting mod with no dependencies, you can also try Really Simple Sorting, downloadable from the Files page here.

No Scrap Mods

While two scrap mods, Scrap Everything and Spring Cleaning, are quite popular, they break precombined meshes. That's just how the mods have to work in order to achieve their intended goal, but this has some adverse consequences, and it can be hard to pin down where problems in your game are coming from. If you're using "Sim Settlements", it's possible you won't miss scrap mods all that much.

Lots of people play with scrap mods and experience no major issues, but this Mod List has moving parts, with an opportunity to build large and complex settlements that require extra computing resources, and so you effectively "void the warranty" on the list if you use scrap mods. If you're hell-bent on using one anyway, use "Scrap Everything". It has fewer open bug reports than "Spring Cleaning" and may play nicer with "Sim Settlements" if you're running that.

Certain Framework Mods

Nothing against the following framework mods. I use them personally, they are immensely popular, and they will function just fine alongside anything on this list. But some users do not wish to be tied into frameworks, installing scores of patches, so this Mod List has been constructed without reliance upon any of the following:

Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)
Armorsmith Extended

Transfer Settlement Ecosystem

This ecosystem has been excluded even though it accounts for roughly 3% of all mods on FO4Nexus. Transfer Settlements itself is in the top 500, but none of its settlement blueprints are.

HUDFramework and F4SE are required in order to make "Transfer Settlements" work, and each settlement blueprint has its own list of additional mods, sometimes dozens, that are necessary for the individual blueprint to function correctly.

"Transfer Settlements" allows for some fun and creative settlements (e.g. The Playboy Mansion at Coastal Cottage), but it is imperative to RTFM, or you will have problems. While the mod edits no vanilla records and is compatible with just about everything, you need to be conscious of memory and how any large settlements added will interact with other resource intensive mods you may have installed. Navigating those potential issues is beyond the scope of this mod list.

Settlement blueprints can be found in the Transfer Settlements Blueprints category. I recommend sorting by Endorsements, not Trending, on this one, as most of these blueprints fall off the radar soon after release, and newer isn't necessarily better here.

Many blueprints require dozens of supporting mods for each blueprint, which could quickly clog your load order. There are exceptions though - blueprint authors who have built their settlements using only the base game and DLC. These authors include:

Space2Jump - 15 blueprints
Onyx Nightshade (a.k.a. PhasedTM) - 26 blueprints
MayaTerror - 8 blueprints
FrozenMemories - 5 blueprints

Blueprints are tiny files that don't take up a load order slot. You can download up to 50 of them (currently) to store in Transfer Settlements. Once a blueprint is imported into your game, you can customize the settlement from there with whatever settlement building mods are already in your load order. Some of the blueprints above significantly exceed the vanilla build limit and will not hold 60 FPS. Do your research before downloading, and save your game before importing.

Settlement blueprints are the most efficient way to "skip to the good part" if you want established settlements quickly without all the grunt work. Blueprints are also compatible with Sim Settlements, i.e. use Sim Settlement building plans on some settlements, and Transfer Settlements Blueprints on others.

If you prefer immediate access to a settlement workshop without having to do the silly radiant quest to gain control, i.e. just walk up to the workshop and start using it, then I recommend the mod No Settlement Quests. This doesn't exclude the quest, in case you still want to do it - it just makes the quest irrelevant to gaining control of the workshop.


This is a 60 FPS kind of mod list. ENBoost may be a good idea depending on your rig, but no recommendations are provided for full ENB's. They can make your game look more beautiful at the cost of frame rate drops and various incompatibilities.

You're on your own. Most ENB's have their own guide and you can search Nexus here for a list of them (sort by trending). I've enjoyed Vogue ENB in the past (which requires "Vivid Weathers"), and that's still the most popular ENB and has reasonable performance. Make sure whatever ENB you're running, if any, is compatible with the version of ENB you're using. 

Hidden Gems and New Releases

What is this?

Just some mods I use personally that didn't qualify for the main Mod List based on either popularity or because the mod is not yet 30 days old. The mods here are completely optional and aren't included in the sample load order.

This part is completely subjective - just stuff I like that is also fully compatible with the main mod list and can generally be placed anywhere in your load order.

If a mod is at least 30 days old and cracks the top 500 on "Top Files", it gets removed from this list and placed on the main one.

Bug Fixes

Fixed Gobo Effects -  Fixes artefacts, pixelation and color banding in textures that are used for special light effects.


The Mobile Mechanic - Portable Workbenches and Junk Scrapping - Take your workbenches with you and craft anywhere. Combine this with the personal mobile storage from the "Cheat Terminal" mod, and you can do a 'homeless' play-through where you never need to visit a settlement or player home.

Take Your Cores - Automatically removes Fusion Cores from power armor when you get out so that other NPC's won't steal it.

Hands Off - Lock Settlement Containers and Doors - Lock and unlock any container or door in settlements that you own. No longer will settlers steal your stuff.

Crime and Punishment - Adds a fully customizable karma and crime system to the game. February 2020 Mod of the Month.

Settlement Building

Auto-sell Everything - Build a container that will auto-sell any items placed inside of it for 75% of full-retail value.

Cattle Feeders Immersively Filled - Adds food and water to the brahmin feeders so your cattle aren't eating air.

No More Floating Razorgrain - Fixes the floating razorgrain at the cost of it not being animated anymore.

Private Area Markers - Keeps settlers out of your house. Settlements built with Sim Settlements will generally ignore this though.

Fusebox Generator Plus - Same as "All in One Settlement Solution" (and compatible with it), except you can boost specific needs (e.g. Water) rather than everything all at once. This mod is Bethesda.net only.

Stained Glass Workshop - Stained glass lamps, doors, windows, animated mist options, and more. Requires Settlement Menu Manager in order to work.

World Space

Goodneighbor Expanded - Fleshes out Goodneighbor, without hurting your frame rates, to make it feel more like the bustling inner-city it is supposed to be. Not compatible with "Better Goodneighbor" or "Welcome to Goodneighbor".

Corporate Wasteland - Replaces Fallout brand names with their real world counterparts by changing the item name and replacing the signage and item textures.

Ultra Exterior Lighting - Improves outdoor lighting without materially impacting your frame rates.


Toxic Raider Armour - Craftable and upgradable outfit with chest, arm, and leg armor, plus a few accessories for males and females.


Murdering Chainsaw - Craftable chainsaws. Contains an optional Leveled List plugin file - would pass on that optional file unless you want to override leveled lists that other mods may be relying on.

Real Throwing Weapons -  Tomahawks, shurikens, harpoons, shoes, fidget spinners, thundersticks, and more. This is an alternative to equipping grenades in your left hand, and perfect for a melee character. Throw the tomahawk at the enemy, then charge them with your melee weapon.

Tenpennys Guitars - Melee weapons. Beat NPC's to death with a guitar.


Dark Sci Fi Vault Retexture - Makes the vaults look less like Pixar and more like Fallout 3.

Vault Crates Retexture - Changes the color of the crates to look grittier and less Pixar. The silver crate retexture may be a little controversial, but it's easy to delete that one if you don't like it.

Blood Mist Overhaul - Subtle and realistic tweak to the blood spray. Works great with Enhanced Blood Textures.


Pip Boy Dual Colors - Add some color to your Pip Boy screen

Mods Requiring Fallout 4 Script Extender

All the mods here are optional. They require the Fallout 4 Script Extender to be installed. In your mod manager, it can be helpful to group these into a F4SE category so that it’s easy to tell which mods you need to update when the Script Extender updates.
Mod Configuration Menu – In-game settings page for mods

Game Configuration Menu - Adjust various game settings like jump height, carry weight, time scale, health, action points, etc. via an in-game menu instead of console commands or additional .esp files. Requires Mod Configuration Menu.

LooksMenu – Adjust the looks of the player and NPC’s in-game

Looks Menu Customization Compendium – More customization options for LooksMenu
PrivateProfileRedirectorF4 – Makes the game load faster

XSE Plugin Preloader F4 - Allows preload of F4SE plugins before the game initializes (required for PrivateProfileRedirectorF4)

Buffout 4 - Engine fixes to make the game run smoother. Please note the requirements on the mod page, and install those first, or this will not work.
Faster Workshop – Makes the workshop menu load faster
Crafting Highlight Fix - Disables the blur effect at various workbenches so you can actually see what you're crafting.

Place Everywhere – Makes building in settlements easier
CBP Physics - Makes the boobs, butt, and belly jiggle on both player and NPC’s. Configure how much bounce, and whether female only. If using later versions of Fusion Girl or BodyTalk, you will want OCBPC Physics (collisions) or OCBP Physics (no collisions) instead.

Achievements – Obtain Steam achievements even if using mods

Bullet Counted Reload System - Reloads weapons according to the number of bullets actually fired.

Classic Holstered Weapons System - Shows weapons as visibly holstered rather than disappearing when holstered.

Fallout4.exe Auto-Backup – Because Creation Club (holds back angry rant). Automatically stores previous versions of Fallout4.exe in backup folders so you always have a backup of your executable in case you unintentionally updated your game via Steam and caused F4SE to break.

Questions, Comments?

Mod suggestions welcome. Feel free to leave a post in the comments section.

One rule though: no trash talking other mods or mod authors. If a mod is not on the list, it's likely there's a reason. I'm not going to talk negatively about anyone else's work here, and as this isn't Reddit, will generally expect the same from anyone posting in the comments.

Keep it factual and constructive. If I don't respond to a comment, it's possibly because I'd rather not publicly mention the characteristics some particular mod has that are excluding it from the list.


Thanks Sacremas, BethraMahaut, Boethiah, Bludmarine, Kain, and everyone on Project Valkyrie Discord Server who helped proof the list. And especially thank you to all the mod authors for the wonderful mods!