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Original concept art was done by TheKite!

Adds the Archimedes-II finder module as multi-purpose weapons platform.

Three unique firing modes: Flare charger, Dissapator beam, and Orbital Designation

When in Orbital Designation mode the weapon acts as a laser pointer that calls in an orbital strike from the Archimedes-II satellite.
--Laser must be held steady for several seconds before the strike imitates.
--Does not cost ammo, has a in-game cooldown of 24 hours
--Orbital strike cooldown and laser designation time can be reduced at a weapons bench with Science! perks.

The three modes can be toggled anywhere in the world by equipping the weapon though the inventory menu (paused game), equipping the weapon through hotkeys will skip the mode swap menu.

The Direct-Fire modes (Flare/Dissapator) can scale with any weapon perk, switchable at a weapons bench.

There is a special fourth "Safety Override" mode that allows you to fire the calldown with ammo and no cooldown, it is extremely dangerous and should be used with extreme caution. This mode is not intended to be balanced.

Fully compatible with CROSS_Crits, enemies that take a direct hit from the orbital strike will always burn down to a skeleton.

XBOX link: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4099442

-Craftable at Chemlab
-Found in Advanced systems in the Institute
-Ammo is converted from Fusion cores at a chemlab


Firing Modes:
--Firing mode can be swapped at any time by equipping the gun through the inventory (paused game)
--Equipping the gun with quick-keys will skip the mode-switch context menu
--Firing mode upgrades do not cost components.
---Switching between them will always use the highest possible upgrade with current perks.

-Orbital Designator:
--This is the default mode, it does not require any points in Science! to use.
--While in this mode the A2-Finder consumes no ammunition and deals no damage directly.
--Hold the trigger down to project a laser dot, the Satellite will zero in on the location and fire its cannon from orbit.
--Default target time of 7 and cooldown for 24 (in-game) hours
---Target time and Cooldown can be reduced with Science! perks at a workbench.

-Flare Charge:
--This mode is most similar to a Gauss Rifle
--Hold trigger to charge a shot, release to fire
--Beam inflicts all of its damage in the initial blast, but can still burn the surrounding area with the afterblast
--This mode uses ammo that converts at 10 shots to one fusion core
--Upgrades improve ammo capacity and damage.
--Full power at 3 seconds charge, minimum of 50% listed damage per shot.
--Ammo in inventory is converted automatically

--This mode is like a Gatling laser combined with a Flamer as one gun
---Its kind of like the Gluon Gun from Half-life 1
--Fires a constant beam of energy with a sharp range fall-off
--The beam is recoilless and easily controlled
--Upgrades improve effective range and damage
--Ignites any area the beam touches
--This mode uses ammo that converts at 100 shots per fusion core
--Ammo in inventory is converted automatically
--This mode requires a specific barrel, which is automatically equipped

-Orbital Safety Override:
--Limitless calldowns.
--Automatic, each shot fired in a valid location will be a target for an orbital strike
--There is no target acquisition time or cooldown, this firing mode should be used with EXTREME CAUTION
--To unlock this mode the user must have Hacking 4 and Nuclear Physicist 3
--Ammo is spent on trigger pull, even if the calldown is targeted in an invalid location and does not fire
--This mode uses ammo that converts at 1 calldown per fusion core
--Ammo in inventory is converted automatically from other firing modes
---Ammo conversion rounds down
---ie 199 Dissapator ammo will only give you 1 Orbital strike, where as 200 Disapator ammo will give you two.
--This mode isnt really meant to be fair or balanced, its just fun to call down tons of orbital firepower.

Other Options:
--This gun doesn't really fit the standards of most guns, so its perk use is entirely optional
---Damage scaling can be switched between Commando/Rifleman/Gunslinger/Heavy
---Damage scaling only matters for Direct-fire modes, Orbital Strike doesn't need to scale.
---You still get the various bonuses from perks, like the disarm effect from gunslinger, if using the gunslinger mode
--Three grip options: Default/Lite/Short
--These have no stats or requirements, they are entirely cosmetic
--Three Barrel options: No Extension / Heatsink / Two-phase
---The 'heatsink' barrel is required for Dissapator mode, and will be auto equipped when in that mode.
-Target time:
--Target time for Designator mode improves with Science! perks at a workbench
--Though faster to bring down Orbital fire, the lower charge time may be less accurate
--Suggested minimum target time is 4 seconds.
-Cooldown Time:
--Cooldown mods reduce the number of in-game hours required for the Archimedes-II to cooldown
-- 24/12/6/3/0.5 in-game hours
-- 72/36/18/9 minutes in real-time (default timescale of 20), final upgrade is about 40 seconds real-time.
--1.5 Reflex
--3x scope
--6x scope

--Skins provide no functionality or bonuses, they are purely cosmetic.
--The free Skin pack from Gumroad enables 4k resolution for all the skins.
-14 total skins: The First 4 skins are 2k resolution with the Nexus Download
--Santa's Little Helper
--Blue (Minutemen blue)
--Enclave (Black/Tan)


This mod is feature complete from the Nexus download, it's mechanics are fully functional. However I have also made available a 'skin pack' through Gumroad for free at gumroad.com/niero

-Every part of the mod is completely free
-The Nexus download is fully functional with 2k resolution for the three skins.
-The extra skins in the Nexus download use low-res placeholders to keep the Nexus file size reasonable.
-The Gumroad download is "pay what you want".
-Gumroad recently changed their "pay what you want" policy; for this mod you will need to use the discount code "cross99off".
-This is re-stated on the Gumroad page for better visibility, the mod is still free. I apologize for the change in process from usual.

-Every part of this mod is still free. No charges are required anywhere, and if you do choose to pay it is still considered a donation.
-There is a second texture download that ups the resolution all of the skins including the three base skins to 4k resolution.
-You do not need to give gumroad a real email address to access the download.

Discount code: "cross99off"


Q: Is this paid mods?
A: No, every part of the mod is still free. The fully functional mod is free right here on the Nexus, just like mods have always been. Gumroad considers anything with a zero minimum price a donation, which means even if you choose to pay for the pack you are still just donating.

Q: What is in the download at Gumroad?
A: Texture files pre-packed into a BA2. Installing the 2k or 4k pack is as simple as dropping the " - textures.ba2" in your fallout4/data folder.

Q: Do I need a Gumroad account?
A: Nope, Gumroad remembers what you've downloaded based on the email you give it. If you want to download something again later but don't remember the link you can make an account with the same email and it will show up at gumroad.com/library. Because the content is free you do not need to give Gumroad a real email address, the download link is provided on-site.

Q:The Gumroad page says it costs 0.99+ USD! wtf?
A: Type 0.99 in the 'pay what you want' field, Hit the "I want this" button and use the discount code "cross99off" on the checkout page to get the skinpack free. Most of my older files are grandfathered in to the old system, and hopefully will never need this alternate step.

Q: Why do this if everything to do with the mod is free anyway?
A: Several reasons: This keeps the filesize down so people can get the mod quickly. People who don't care about the extra skins don't have to download an extra Gig of content. Gumroad also offers an uncapped bandwidth limit for all users (Nexus caps at 1024 kb/s), which is ideal for huge files like the 4k texture pack. This also streamlines donations for the folks that don't want to deal with paypal.


Manual Installation:
1. Download the Main Nexus archive
2. Unpack all files within the Nexus archive to *Steam*/Fallout4/Data
3. Download a skinpack off gumroad.
4. Place the " - Textures.ba2" file in *Steam*/Fallout4/Data
6. Activate the mod with your mod manager of choice, or use the in-game mod list

Screenshot auto-approve is turned on, feel free to add your own!
(Please keep screenshots SFW according to Nexus content guidelines)


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