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Adds >350 New Character Faces, with playable custom hair, for Settlers, Raiders, Gunners, CoA, BoS, RR, Minutemen, and more. Optional version for Far Harbor, patches to work with Better Settlers, popular Minutemen mods, and Vault-Tec Workshop, compatible with other DLCs. The settlers also come with better gear. Non-Replacer.

Permissions and credits
Lots More Settlers and Enemies v. 0.99b

All Files and almost all Patches will need to be Updated for v.0.99b


8-19-2016 - Update v.0.96b - Slight modification of NPC records in LMSE Main File and LMSE - Far Harbor aimed at optimizing new NPC loading.
8-20-2016 - Update - Added Compatibility Patches for Varied Raiders and the Far Harbor Trappers version of Varied Raiders
8-23-2016 - Update - Added Patches for LMSE Main File and LMSE - Far Harbor to make the Settlers Mortal
8-24-2016 - Update v.0.97b - Fixed a bug that made the Settlers mortal. Unfortunately the bug fix means my new settlers will no longer show up with
                  actual names, but as a consolation they WILL now show up Leveled. 
2-15-2017 - Added Beta Exported Facial Geometry Archive for LMSE Main File in Optional Files section - Should help with FPS issues. Thanks
                  to ScrollTron1c for the suggestion.
2-16-2017 - Added "All Female" patches for LMSE Main File and LMSE Far Harbor, including an AIO Patch, making all Settlers and Enemies (Except
                  Triggermen and Trappers) Female. These patches will only affect newly spawned Settlers and Enemies.
2-16-2017 - LMSE Main File - Update v.0.97c -Minor Bugfixes for Tints and LCharScavenger Leveled NPC Lists. Existing Compatibility Patches will work
                  with this version.
2-20-2017 - Update v.0.99b - Update of all files and patches. Adds 100 additional Male looks to Settlers and Enemies. Newly made Exported Facial
                  Geometry Archives for both LMSE Main File and LMSE Far Harbor in the Optional Files Section. Updating should cause NO problems in your
                  current game.
5-18-2017 - Better Settlers v.2.0 Patches added for LMSE Main File - Only for use with Better Settlers v2.0 NO DLC


Big thanks to vatiwah for featuring this mod in one of his videos

Hey, We made the Hot Files!
Huge thanks to everyone who downloaded and endorsed this mod


Lots More Settlers and Enemies combines and then improves the functionality of many of my previous mods, including:

Beautiful Female Settlers
Beautiful Female Enemies
Lots More Female Hairstyles
Lots More Male Hairstyles
Lots More Facial Hair

If you are currently running these mods or my Better Settlers - The New Settlers - Beautiful Female Settlers Merged Patch mod, please see the KNOWN ISSUES section. 

What this Mod does:

Lots More Settlers and Enemies adds >350 New Custom NPC faces to the game and makes them available in-game for:

  • Settlers
  • Raiders
  • Gunners
  • Children of Atom
  • BoS
  • Railroad
  • Minutemen
  • Scavengers
  • Triggermen (male only)

This mod does not replace any vanilla NPCs

My newly added Settlers will show up with actual names, with no scripting involved, (V.0.97b Bugfix means they will no longer show up with names) and they will show up with better starting armor and weapons, drawing them from Raider and Gunner leveled lists.

Most of the added NPCs feature custom hair from my "Lots More" hair mods, and the custom hair is set as playable, so your character can use any of the custom hairstyles as well.

Non-Settlers will be immediately affected and will show up with a mix of old faces and new faces, but only newly spawned Settlers will draw from the New Bank of NPCs, so the Settler portion of this mod is best for new games. 

You can, however, use the console command "recycleactor" on your current settlers and the "recycled" version of your settler has a good chance to be one of the new faces.


Far Harbor

Also available is the optional LMSE - Far Harbor, which adds the Custom NPCs to your settler pool in Far Harbor, as well as adding 54 new male faces for Trappers.

Available Compatibility Patches:

LMSE - Better Settlers Compatibility Patches for BS v.1.1b and BS v.1.1c
LMSE - Far Harbor Better Settlers Compatibility Patch
LMSE - We Are the Minutemen Compatibility Patch
LMSE - Minutemen Overhaul Compatiblity Patch
LMSE - Vault-Tec Workshop Compatibility Patch
LMSE - Varied Raiders Compatibility Patch
LMSE - Far Harbor - Varied Raiders (Trapper Version) Compatibility Patch
LMSE - Mortal Patch
LMSE - Far Harbor Mortal Patch
LMSE - All Female Patch
LMSE - Far Harbor - All Female Patch
LMSE - AIO - All Female Patch

All other available DLCs have been game and spawn tested for compatibility and show no obvious problems at this time.

Potential conflicts:

I have tried to provide compatibility patches for some of the more popular NPC mods, but it is far from a comprehensive list.

For those mods without compatibility patches, this mod will conflict with any mod that alters the Leveled NPC lists (usually LCharXXX) for Settlers, Raiders, Gunners, CoA, BoS, Minutemen, Railroad, Scavengers, Triggermen, Settlers and Trappers in LMSE - Far Harbor, or Settlers in the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC.

My previous enemies mod Beautiful Female Enemies had issues, which is why I did this mod from scratch. This new mod has been tested with LooksMenu Customization Compendium and has shown no compatibility problems with it.


Known Issues:

If you're currently using my "Lots More" hair mods, my Beautiful Female Settlers Mod, and/or my Better Settlers - The New Settlers - Beautiful Female Settlers Merged Patch mod, and you replace them with this mod (run this one instead) there will be a few issues.

As a side effect of merging the custom hair mods without conflicts, the FormID's for the custom hair are different in this mod than in my "Lots More" hair mods. This means if you disable the previous "Lot More" hair mods, any custom hair on your current Settlers (assuming you run Beautiful Female Settlers or the BS-TNS-BFS Merged Patch) will no longer be present in your current savegames, and will revert to default hair.

Since the settlers in this mod are all added records, any Settler NPCs generated from BFS or the BS-TNS-BFS Merged Patch will have different records and if you uninstall those mods, any Settlers generated by those mods in your current savegames will be changed.

If you decide to keep running the "Lots More" hair mods and/or my BFS or BS-TNS-BFS Merged Patch mods, there should be no conflicts as long as this mod is lower in your load order than those mods.

One side effect of keeping the "Lots More" hair mods is that the character customization menu will then have two copies of every added custom hairstyle.



Thanks to veter75n and his mod The New Settlers for 15 of the Male Faces
Thanks to xatmos for Face Ripper, without which this mod would not exist.
Thanks to Hlp, Zilav and Sharlikran for FO4Edit
And a big thanks to Thuggysmurf, my partner in modding crime, for all his support in the modding process