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This mod adds a G36 into Fallout 4. It features custom animations, sounds and quest.

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  • Ukrainian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • Italian
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  • French
Special thanks to our Patreons! We really appreciate all of you and this mod couldn't be as feature complete without your help!

"...Rumors persist of a H&K weapon prototype that was being evaluated by the United States Military. It was due to reach limited operational status in the Commonwealth, but was prevented from the onslaught of the Great War, it never reached mass production but somewhere in the commonwealth there is still the blueprint hidden..."

This mod adds the G36.
It has custom animation, custom sounds and also has a variable modifcation system including various versions if it like the MG36, the G36C, the lithuanian G36KV and KAC rails.

There are 3 options to get started:
QUEST: Starts G36 quest when player reaches Level 25
NORMAL: Skips quest and only gives you the options that show after completing the quest (Leveled list, crafting, etc.)
CHEAT: Same as normal, but also adds weapon to player's inventory

The G36 is lorefriendly integrated into the game via quest (H&K exists in the fallout universe and created for example the Laser Gattlings), parts have to be bought by vendors that scavenged the parts around the commonwealth.
Attachments you can buy from vendors, after completing the quest (Arturo / Cricket / Tom / Institute).
*Quest starts after 35 lvl*

Animations: Ha_ru
Models: Mr. Brightside, Noodum | Textures: Domcha
ACOG, Bullets Models/Textures: Thanez
NATO Silencer Model/Textures: ImBrokeRU
EOTech 552 Model/Textures: aTacticalError
Helix HX Silencer Model/Textures: r_populik
Aimpoint, Magnifier Models/Textures: natelaurin
Barska, C-More, AN/PEQ-15 Models/Textures: Odec3D
AAC Silencer Model: chamferzone | Textures: Oh Deer
Sounds: Navaro