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This mod makes Cait more tough, Curie more lovely, Piper more beautiful.
also, This includes my own body slide option and face preset files, as well as a choice between vanilla outfits and new outfits.
You will never ever be disappointed. i guarantee you. (+한국어 지원)

Permissions and credits

English is not my native language.
Please let me know if you have any difficulty understanding.

This mod replaces the appearance of Piper, cait, and Curie.

And there are two options, one is the new outfit(Option A) like the screenshot above, and the other is the vanilla outfit(Option B).

The new outfit mod requires an additional preinstallation of several outfit mods.

한국어도 지원됩니다!!
Also Korean mod is added!!
Let's check whether the mod you download is Korean or not.

Change Log

2017.06.25      :     Added mod - I forgot to upload my own body slide presets.
That uploaded in "Optional files".

And Because of my mistake, option A was a Vanilla face,
but I modified it.

2017.06.25      :      Removed Thbrows from the required mods list.
THBrows is included in the Looks Menu Customization Compendium,
but I downloaded it because of a recent update from THBrows.
However, as a result of checking, my mod works well without ThBrows.

2017.07.21     :     Piper's face was slightly modified. It got a little more natural.

2017.07.31     :     new images, merged patches and face presets were uploaded.

2017.09.11     :     I received some reports that the problem occurred because of the master file.
so I removed "The Eyes Of Beauty" from the master file.


[ N o t i c e ]

While I was investigating the cause of the problem, I noticed one thing.
If you haven't met them yet, the outfit will work without any problems.
However, outfit mod doesn't work if you've ever met them in a save file.
This is because them information is stored in a save file if you have already met them.

So if you playing a save file that you've already met them,
install Option B and you should dress them directly.

To do that, you need to know the ID code of their clothes. Enter this to get the code.

help 4 ZZjay elegant
help 4 toxic

(Curie's outfit ID is fixed. - 151e34)

And then, go ahead to each character and enter the console code below.

In front of Piper        2f1f.equipitem "ZZjay elegant outfit code"
In front of Cait       79306.equipitem "toxic Raider Armour code"
In front of Curie                                 102249.equipitem 151e34


◆ Required mods

1. LooksMenu and
   1-2. LooksMenu Customization Compedium
2. MISC Hairstyle

3. deLuxe Makeup

4. Appealing Moles

The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition

You must be choose this.

 Highly recommended mods.
1. Valkyr Female Face and Body Texture   "face texture only"
1-2. Ida Body Texture   I used the paler version.

2. Calient's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- and
2-2. Bodyslide

3. Eye Normal Map Fix Fallout 4 Edition
3.2 FCO - HD Eyes

4. HD smile

5. Decent ENB

Female Neck Tweaks

choose this.

◆ The mod required for option A

1. Toxic Raider Armour for Cait

2. 1950's Feminine outfits for Curie

3. zzjay wasteland attire for Piper

◆ The mods used in the screenshot.

1. Dave's Poses

2. Highheels

3. HN66s and Xazomns French Nails

◆ How to install

1.   Add the following lines to your "Fallout4Custom.ini" file located in "Documents\My Games\Fallout4":


It' not necessary if you have already used other mods.

2.   If you are using another mod that replace Cait, curie and piper,
you will need to uninstall it.
Otherwise, it may conflict with my mod.

3.    You must first install the required mod listed above,
or place the esp file of those mods above my mod with the nexus mod manager.

4.   Finally, choose the option you want and download it.
Keep in mind that Option A requires three additional armor mods.
I also have uploaded a body slide preset, so if you are interested, build it.

◆ Solution when outfit isn't applied

Stop that character.

Press "~" to open the console.

clicking the character,
typing "disable" and then typing "enable"

 Tah dah!

◆ My other mod

(Click on it)


Thanks to everyone who downloaded my mod!!
If you like this mod please endorse :)