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FX0x01 - WarDaddy - Navaro - shavkacagarikia - Covadonga - and other

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This mod adds a Mosin Nagant into Fallout 4. It features Custom animations and Sounds. Its also highly customizable.

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Special thanks to our Patreons! We really appreciate all of you and this mod couldn't be as feature complete without your help!

It's finally here, the long awaited Mosin Nagant!
The weapon features two custom 1st and 3rd animations sets and sounds.

It uses 308 ammo and has 2 scopes see through (pe and pu), iron sights, suppressor, bayonet, quad bayonet for the sake of fun, suppressor, 3 barrels and 2 types of bolt, curved and straight.
It will start to spawn when your character reaches level 25.

There is 2 versions of this mod, one that has scripted reload for the curved bolt and one without. 
Keep in mind bethesda did not make a proper reloading system for weapons, we had to, it can be a little bit buggy sometimes and there is nothing we can do about it with the tools available. 
Currently the scripted reload works only in 1st person.

If you enjoyed the mod please endorse and support the Authors!
We're trying the best we can with the tools we have to give the best experience we can create. 

v1.2 Script Reload VersionNew
-Fixed random playing Bolt Push animation
-Now script should work for users who weren't able to get it work.

- Fixed broken NPC anims -
v1.1 Script Reload Version
- Fixed broken NPC anims -
- Tweaked mosins bullet counted script, removed debug command and restricted it on power armors -

Full change log

★New Caliber Patch★
★Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster★

Animations: WarDaddy
Mosin Nagant Model/Textures: Frimenitnet
PE Scope Model/Texture: Frimenitnet
PU Scope Model/Texture: Covadonga
Silencer Model/Texture: Saghen
Bayonet Model/Texture: KnechtRuprecht
Reload Scripts: shavkacagarikia
WarDaddy: WarDaddy mom
Sounds: Navaro