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This mod will add Bozar - a legendary sniper LMG from Fallout 2 and Fallout New Vegas GRA DLC, with new bullpup design, custom assets and animations

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This mod will add Bozar - a legendary sniper LMG from Fallout 2 and Fallout New Vegas GRA DLC, with new bullpup design, custom models textures and animations

Straight Donations


   Bozar was called the ultimate refinement of the sniper's art. It is a comapct but heavy weapon. It is an automatic sniper rifle (however, you can make it semi-auto too, but it's not as fun), and unlike it's predecessors from Fallout 2 and Fallout New Vegas, it is bullpup. 

   Bullpup designed allowed to install much longer barrel for higher range and keep the size same as first Bozar models. Bozar is a mid-to-end game weapon, has same stats as Handmade Rifle, but uses more common 5.56mm rounds and has higher range, so Bozar is a very good alternative to most assault or sniper rifles  in game.

    Because Bozar is somewhat finicky and prone to jamming if not kept scrupulously clean, it rarely can be seen on Wasteland battlefield, but most of vendors can sell it after lvl 30. Some Gunner bosses have small chances to have it after lvl 35.


- Standard amount of receivers :)
- 6 barrels
- 6 stocks
- 6 magazines

- 3 muzzles
- 8 sights
- 3 simple paint options + 2 unique paintjobs


DeadPool2099 (Painter2099) - concepts, models, textures, CK work (Straight Donations) (Patreon)
Hitman47101 - animations, CK work
Pie_Savvy - concept arts
Oh Deep - screenshots and critique
Navaro - sounds
a_blind_man - LL script


Q- Why it is bullpup? In previous games it wasn't!
A- In my opinion, in FNV (I take FNV because it's the only game that had Bozar in 3D mady officially by devs) Bozar was clumsy, boxy and, I won't lie, ugly weapon. The back part had no mechanical sense to me, I think it should have detachable stock. I decided to conver it to bullpup because I've seen it as option to make gun cooler, more machanical-true, more unique and just bad-ass.

Q- Ok, I like bullpup design, but why it's not made from white polymers?
A- Because of aesthetics reasons. You see, I don't think that white polymer gun will look good in this game. I've chosen Millenia's retexture as my main reference and texture inspiration for it, but also, I've made polymer-frame variant that can be created on any weapon workbench that is spiritual successor of classic Bozar, but still it is different. Though, there is white paint as part of unique gun.

Q- Where I can find the uniques?
A- Uniques are located in Sentinel site and Revere satellite array. Search in these locations well, and you'll find them

Q- Does it has 3rd person animations?
A- Yes, but only for human, and only for reloading. It is really hard to create 3rd person idles and impossible to create anims for Power Armor (3rd ps of course).

Q- I cant unpack archives. How to unpack them?
A- Use Archive2 tool that comes with Creation Kit 

Q- Is it compatible with...?
A- Almost, it should be compatible nearly with everything. It uses scripted leveled lists, so you don't need merged patch. However, this mod changes come world cells, so if you'll notice any visual bug in specific location, move this mod HIGHER in your load order.

Q- Is it overpowered?
A- No. It is powerful, but it's not have big gap in balance between vanilla weapons

Q- Are there faction paintjobs?
A- No

Q- Will there be updates that will bring more content to it?
A- Probably no, I feel that this mod is complete

Q- Will there be a console release?
A- Yes, but because of Sony limitations there won't be PS4 version

This gun was made for the Fallout 4 New Vegas project.
Apply today here to join the team. The Mojave awaits you!