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FX0x01 - aTacticalError - DanMak - Ha_ru

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Adds the AK400 Assault Rifle. It's highly customizable, features custom animations and sounds in 1st and 3rd person.

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"On October 21, 2077, a rogue Kalashnikov Concern employee put their hands on a super-secret weapon that wasn't supposed to be manufactured yet: The AK-400. He stole the blueprints and a prototype of the weapon from inside the factory and flew away to American Soil to sell it to possible investors. The private auction was supposed to happen on October 24, 2077, in Boston, Massachusetts. Sadly, fate gave the secret blueprints and the prototype a different future after the bombs fell."

It's highly customizable, features custom animations and sounds in 1st and 3rd person. It's also implemented into the Leveled Lists and spawns after you complete the "Gravedigger" quest (Level 20).

If you want to add it by using the console, type: "help AK400 4 weap"
Have fun! It's gonna be a unique
Unforgiving experience.

Animations: DanMak, Ha_ru, F3AR || Custom Inertia: Shiny Haxorus
AK400 Model/Textures: aTacticalError
Flashlight, Lasersight Models: F34R
Gun Case Model/Textures: Overkill Studios | PERMS: IMG
EOTech 552, Aimpoint COMPM2 Models: aTacticalError
CQBSS Scope Models: parallaxgamestudios | Special thanks to ViolentNomad
Barska, C-More Models: Odec3D || Cubemaps: ajhakra
Osprey Suppressor Model: Tigg || PST-1V Suppressor Model: Captiva
Specter DR Scope Model: Krycek & mounker
Aimpoint T-1 Sight Models: Farengar || OKP-7 Model: madmax1539
Sounds: Navaro
jmanumber1 for Gorka suit || Neto for screenshots.