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Electricity is still out there, why not light up the wasteland a little bit? Street Lamp Illuminations Galore! Adds approximately 813 lights to street lamps, billboard signs, or other decorative lights in the Commonwealth and Far Harbor.

Permissions and credits
Update: 5/19/21:
See logs>changelogs tab for description of the latest updates.  Note: these descriptions are brief. I don't actively track everywhere I add lights or make changes.  I believe the mode is currently adding around 850+ lights to the Commonwealth and Far Harbor.

~~~~~Latest Installation Instructions~~~~~
Never install more than one "Wasteland Illumination" file.  Use either "Wasteland Illumination" OR "Wasteland Illumination Shadow."
This is as of 5/10/21

Wasteland Illuminations lights up most of the street lamps around the Boston Commonwealth and Far Harbor.

Settings Update:
If you use Bilago's Config Tool search for "light" or find the fFlickeringLightDistance and set it to 20000 or more to have the lights flickering at roughly the same distance they load in.

What this mod does:
Edits exterior cells by adding approximately 813 lights in the form of street lamps, billboard sign lamps, and few other decorative lighting elements.  These lights automatically turn off during the day and on at night so long as the light source is electric.  Lights from flame sources will be on all the time.

How it does it:
I copy the vanilla light source or static object and renamed it with the prefix Thaylar so that all entries are unique to this mod and only this mod.  This mod will not change any vanilla light sources nor will any mods that affect vanilla lights change this mods lights.  Every single light or static object is then hand placed in the world using the Creation Kit.  Then loaded into FO4edit to check for errors and remove any.

What this mod does not do:
Change the previs or precombine data.
Touch any vanilla assets in any way.
Edit any interior cells.

What is Currently Done:
The Boston Commonwealth.
Far Harbor.

Download Version Information:
  • The main file is the standard and includes all DLC's. If you don't have the DLC's download an older version.
  • The Shadow version of the main file  -  Not recommended for the average potato.  You will need a super potato

Use Vortex/NMM

Use Vortex/NMM
-not aware of any side affects from uninstallation.

Base game + DLC's.
Base game and no DLC's for older versions of the mod.

Known Issues:
  • Far Harbor is a damned mess!  Every single time I do anything in Far Harbor the Creation Kit exports a bunch of random physics errors.  These can be safely ignored and I try to fix them all at the end of an update to keep from wasting loads of time in xEdit for every release.
  • Darker Nights will change the color of the lights in this mod to a greenish hue.  Nothing I can do about it other than randomly change the color of my lights so that whatever Darker Nights is doing, when added together, makes a normal looking light.  Which isn't happening.  I recommend using my ReShade settings instead.

Should be compatible with almost any mod so long as it doesn't edit the placement of street lamps, the courtyard clocks, or billboard lamps.  Compatible with any mods that affect only textures. Should be compatible with almost almost anything and everything.
Illuminated Billboards - tested and compatible.
Scrap Everything - load Wasteland Illumination before Scrap Everything in your load order. Thanks to ACAB1312.
ELFX- Compatible. Thanks to lasthero92.
Vivid Weathers - Compatible. Thanks to lasthero92.
True Storms - tested and compatible
Darker Nights - tested and compatible
Boston Natural Surroundings - tested and compatible

What Needs Doing:
Find and add lights to more Bus Stops around the Commonwealth or Far Harbor.
Possible decorative expansions here and there where I see fit.