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Adds customisable and optional prefixes to all items in the game. Automatically covers all items added by other mods and DLC. Customisable, more accurate, and less script intensive than other similar mods.

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Universal Item Sorter
All Official DLC (except Gun Runners' Arsenal)

New Vegas Script Extender


Universal Item Sorter adds optional and customisable prefixes to all items in the game, for the purposes of organising inventory lists, e.g. "FOD:" before all food items, "CHEM:" before all chems, "QST:" before all quest items, etc. This is particularly useful for the Aid and Misc categories, which have a large number of items and can become cluttered very quickly.

Items are grouped into 5 main categories, subdivided into several subcategories which each have an associated prefix. Prefixes can be enabled and disabled for whole categories, and individual prefixes completely customised or removed in this mod's INI file. The categories are as follows:

  • Weapons - Energy Weapons, Explosives, (Small) Guns, Melee Weapons, Unarmed, Big Guns (if you use a mod which restores it).
  • Apparel - Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Power Armor, Headgear, Handwear.
  • Aid - Aid (medicines, etc), Alcohol, Books, Chems, Drinks, Food, Magazines, Poisons.
  • Misc - Ammo Parts (Guns and Energy Weapons), Caps, Cards, Chips, Clutter, Crafting Parts, Currency, Keys, Quest Items, Weapon Mods.
  • Ammo

This mod differs from other similar mods in that it uses scripts to automatically categorise all items, from all mods, without needing patches or making record edits, so is therefore compatible with everything. It also uses up-to-date NVSE functions to better categorise items, such as determining whether a Misc item is used for crafting or is just clutter.

If you use Project Nevada, I recommend you disable its item sorting feature in favour of this mod. PN's feature is less accurate, and more script intensive as it is constantly running scripts to scan all containers you interact with to detect new items it hasn't yet sorted. Universal Item Sorter, on the other hand, only runs scripts once when you first start the game, and detects and sorts all items immediately without the need for constantly running scripts.

New Sorting Modes

Alternatively, Universal Item Sorter comes with two additional sorting modes that aim to minimise the visual impact of inventory sorting. These can be enabled in the INI with the iMode option under the [General] heading. The valid settings are as follows:

  • iMode=0 is the default mod behaviour, adding your custom prefixes to the enabled item categories.
  • iMode=1 only covers aid and misc items, and you cannot toggle either category. However, the prefixes you define will only be visible in the PipBoy inventory, rather than being permanently visible at all times.
  • iMode=2 also only covers aid and misc. No prefixes are added to any items, and instead items are sorted under headings in you inventory list, like Aid and Drinks, etc. This option provides the most vanilla look, whilst also providing you with a tidier inventory.


This mod requires:

You can customise the prefixes used by this mod by editing the INI file (of the same name) found in (Your NV Directory)\Data\config.

The [General] section allows you to toggle prefixes for an entire category, e.g. bAid=1 enables all aid prefixes, bWeapons=0 disables all weapon prefixes, etc.

The sections titled [Weapons], [Apparel], etc allow you to write your own prefixes for subcategories. By default only the Aid, Misc, and Ammo prefixes are defined, but these can also be changed to whatever you want. Prefixes should probably be kept short (long ones cause long item names, which look untidy in inventory lists), but there are technically no restrictions on what you can write with the exception of the percent sign (%) and quotation marks ("). The former must be written twice (%%) to appear correctly as the singular, and the latter needs to be written as "%q" (without quotation marks), which the game engine detects and replaces with quotation marks. Quotation marks are not required when writing prefixes; only use the above replacement if you want them to appear in the prefix. You can also leave a prefix blank, in which case none will be added for that subcategory.


This mod can be uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game.


This mod will automatically sort all items, from all mods without the need for patches. There may, however, be rare occasions where there's some discrepancies with categories for mod-added items, in which case a patch will probably be needed to 'fix' them (if it bothers you). This should be relatively straightforward, and just involves placing the items into the correct form list. Also keep in mind that some items may be incorrectly sorted due to errors on the other mod author's part, such as selecting an incorrect equip type for the kind of item.

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