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About this mod

This mod aims to replace parts of Vault Boy UI with a new Vault Girl UI. You can also download some optional textures.

Permissions and credits
New: I am adding a list of recent patches for this mod. Please take a look:
Vault Girl XDI and VATS Fix
FallUI - Inventory and Vault Girl Mod Patch
Vault Girl Meets VR
Big thanks to all the authors of the patches!

About the mod:

Hello to all the BodySlide and CBBE girl lovers! I am not the developer of this mod, but I decided to make my own FOMOD installer. Previously, I did not want to install the textures and some perks from the original Fomod. Also, I got game problems due to old "forced to install" files, and I was not the only one. The reason I uploaded it here is to share it with you guys as well as to make possible to manage it with Vortex as a small bonus. I believe the mod will become more popular (since it has never been published on NexusMods), and the people that are able to finish it will probably appear here =) Hopefully, you find my work useful.

This mod aims to replace parts of Vault Boy UI (for the most part) and vanilla Vault Girl UI with a new Vault Girl UI. There are three Vault Girl types: A, B, and C. Currently, it is still Alpha version, and the mod is ON HOLD and not finished yet (LEVEL UP perks, Pip-boy-STAT-PERKS, and Pip-boy-DATA-QUESTS). However, I find it quite good even without those unfinished animations. There are also optional Sign and Poster textures so check them out if you are interested.

Share your images, enjoy, and cya!

Mod Developer Recommends - LevelUpMenuEx
Mod Image and Gif Gallery on

Mod overview by Ikari (time 1:32):

Below, are links to the Vault Girl files ported to Xbox by chucksteel on the basis of my Fomod. Special thanks to Chuck for his work and time.


So, I had some troubles with the installation of the Vault Girl mod. Therefore, I decided to fix the problems and also add several new options.
What is done:
0) The beautiful Vault Girl Mod is finally on NexusMods, and you can mange its files by using Vortex! No more manual installation and bug fixes.
1) Now, Sign and Poster textures are downloaded separately and previously built-in DEF_UI installation files are removed, what makes the mod size much much smaller (900Mb-->30Mb) and fixes the problem when the "None" option for the textures in the original mod did not work correctly.
2) Vault Girl options are systemized and more flexible making it possible to select "None" and install/not install several previously hidden perks.
3) Added the compatibility patch for the Extended Dialogue Interface. Files copied from here.
4) Added LEVEL UP colored animations of Vault Girl A, which are copied from here.
5) Removed excessive files from the archive so that the installation becomes faster and the mod should not cause game crashes or corruption of other mods.

I used the FOMOD Creation Tool and Notepad++ to create the installer. If anything works wrong or is missing, please inform me via the Bugs section.

Unfortunately, I am not good in modding and drawing. However, if you guys can create any patches, I will be glad to upload them here or give you an access to edit this NexusMods page. If you have any files to add, I am able to update the FOMOD installer with them. Some useful for developers files are here (original mod files and guidances) and here (Miscellaneous files). Also, check the older bigCman123's works: Vault Girl Mod F3 and Vault Girl Mod NV. If you would like to use or create any NSFW animations, here are some mods, ideas, and sketches:

CAUTION!!! NSFW!!! I do not provide any hyperlinks in case you accidentally click on them (18+)
Show (mostly animations, gifs, and videos on page 4)

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Vault Girl B Bobbleheads
Vault Girl A .exe Icon

Original Mod Development Thread
Vault Girl Perk Tree
Vault Girl Mod Alpha Extended Dialog Interface (XDI) Patch-Fix

Thanks to:
bigCman123, xoad123, ironkito, Lazyradly, Mikupie, Kingvego, MXR, Uziumi, RuthlessPeasantchucksteel