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This isn't a game... this is real life!

Corporate Wasteland® is a brand name overhaul that aims to replace Fallout lore and immerse you with shameless product placement, bringing the game to a new height of horrifying realism.

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This isn't a game... this is real life! 

Corporate Wasteland
® is a brand name overhaul that aims to replace Fallout lore and immerse you with shameless product placement, bringing Fallout 4 to a new height of horrifying realism. All brand named items have been replaced with its real world counterpart. Some items previously without brand names now have one...just because! This mod changes item names and textures as well as textures for most posters and billboards (I left the Red Rocket ads alone). If you just want the textures changed and not the item names, simply deactivate the ESPs after installing.   


Now compatible with VIS-G Item Sorting. Download the patch here: Corporate Wasteland - VIS-G Item Sorting Patch

(11/22/2020) 1.9.1 - "The dirtier billboards update" I took many of the billboards that were too clean or too white and gave them dirtier, grittier textures for more immersion. (a few examples below)

I made every texture myself... there are other texture mods that inspired this one (Bottles Labels Overhaul, etc) so not every texture is an original idea, but I did not use anyone else's assets. 

Recommended mods to enhance your Corportate Wasteland® experience:

All Nuka-Cola Flavors for the Commonwealth - For this you will need the Corporate Wasteland® Nuka World patch

minated Billboards  

Lucky Strike Cigarettes  (texture only)

Proper Flyers and Posters

Smokeable Cigars - Cigarettes - Joints -Install My Smokeable Cigars patch if you already have this installed (You'll need the patch to see the cigarettes renamed as "Lucky Strike" The patch also gives you a few temporary luck perks if you smoke a cigarette. Overwrite if asked, it just replaces the original Smoke-Able cigars esp

Have a Beer - Animated Drinking -
Install my Have a Beer patch to make sure the drinks are named properly, this needs to be in the load order AFTER Corporate Wasteland®

Corporate Wasteland - VIS-G Item Sorting Patch

Your load order should look like this: (top to bottom)

-Lucky Strike Cigarettes - This only replaces the texture for cigarettes. You need this if you want your Lucky Strike cigarettes to have the proper label. No ESP

-All Nuka Cola Flavors  (this can be anywhere as long as it's before Corporate Wasteland and the Nuka World patch)

-Illuminated Billboards (this can be anywhere as long as it's before Corporate Wasteland, If you installed this after installing Corporate Wasteland you might have to reinstall Corporate Wasteland and overwrite if asked)

-Smokeable Cigars Patch (download the patch in the optional files page. You do not need the original mod but you should download it anyway to give credit to the author. Try to put this in the load order right before Corporate Wasteland) 

-Corporate Wasteland - Main (towards bottom of load order to make sure no other mods rename the items back to vanilla, if you are the using VIS G item sorting patch, don't worry about loading it towards the end)

-Corporate Wasteland  - Far Harbor

-Corporate Wasteland  - Nuka World

-Corporate Wasteland VIS-G Item Sorting Patch (if you have VIS-G and want your items sorted properly)

-Have a Beer - Animated Drinking Patch (download the patch in the files page, this should overwrite the original Animated Drinking ESP if you have it already. Be warned this mod is not good for using in combat.)


Install the main file with Nexus Mod Manager or Vortex - If you have Item sorting or mods that effect food items, you will want this toward the end of your load order or the changed item names will not appear. If you have VIS-G Item Sorting download the VIS-G Patch and follow the instructions carefully. If you are using Vortex, you may have to move the main Corporate Wasteland ESP in the game's main menu under Mods > Load Order

If you have Far Harbor and/or Nuka world, go to the manual install page and install the Far Harbor and Nuka World patches with Nexus Mod Manager

You should have no performance hits as most of these texture files are smaller size than the original. 

1.9 Update:
 The "Dunkin Donuts" Update - Instamash Potatoes (Idahoan Mashed Potatoes) are now Dunkin' Donuts

1.8 Update: Bottle caps and toy trucks (pre and post war) now have a Coca-Cola logo instead of a Nuka Cola logo. Baseball grenades now have a Rawlings logo on them. 

1.7 Update. I renamed Samuel Adams Brewery back to Gwinnett Brewery since there was a reported bug that wouldn't let you complete settler quests that sent you to the brewery. Problem should be solved now. 

1.6 Update:
Eating a McDonald's Happy Meal, Cap'n Crunch or Cracker Jack will give you a toy and 1 bottle cap

-All bus stop ads are now replaced, and 1 minor billboard change

-The Nuka Cola flag is now a Coca-Cola flag

-Cigarettes are now Lucky Strike Cigarettes. If you have the Smoke-able Cigars and Cigarettes mod, go to the manual install page and install the Smoke-able Cigars patch after you install Corporate Wasteland® Overwrite the original esp with this one. Lucky Strikes will now give you a few temporary luck perks (Party Boy perk boost, Live and Love perk boost, Idiot Savant xp boost, and +2 luck for 5 minutes)

-Have a Beer patch added on the manual install page. You just need to overwrite the original esp so the drinks will be renamed properly this needs to be in the load order AFTER Corporate Wasteland®  

-Far Harbor 1.5 now replaces Vim ads and billboards with vintage Pepsi ads ( I left the normal FH billboards alone, for now at least)

1.4 Update - HUGE billboard and poster update. Almost every billboard (excluding the ones for Red Rocket) has been replaced with some type of vintage poster or ad...You'll get a mix of beer, cigarette, auto, Coke, 50's monster movies, and maybe some (safe for work) pinup ads. 

- Archive files have been renamed so they should now extract properly in Nexus Mod Manager

1.2 Update: Nuka-Cola clock, bus stop, billboards and ads have been replaced with vintage Coca-Cola ads (and a few McDonald's billboards) I didn't search the whole wasteland to photograph each one but they're out there. I would delete the 1.0 main file if you have it installed and install the 1.2 file. About 20 textures are added to this mod... no other changes.

Future plans:

Peak Antifreeze
Colgate Toothpaste
More dirty and worn billboard textures, Once I seem to have everything set in place, I'll go over the billboards again with rustic textures when I can find some that will work

  If I missed renaming something, or a texture isn't working let me know. They all tested good on my end.

                             List of all item name and texture changes:

                                                            Main File 
                                           Nuka-Cola is now Coca-Cola Classic
                                        Nuka Cherry is now Cherry Coke
                             Nuka Cola Quantum is now Red Bull Energy Drink
                                      Gwinnett Brew is now Samuel Adams
                                    Gwinnett Stout is now Samuel Adams Imperial Stout
                                Gwinnett Pale Ale is now Samuel Adams Pale Ale
                                       Gwinnett Ale is now Samuel Adams Boston Ale
                                    Gwinnett Lager is now Samuel Adams Boston Lager
                                  Gwinnett Pilsner is now Samuel Adams Noble Pils
                                                    Beer is now Budweiser 
                      Blast Radius Board Game is now Battleship Board Game
                           Blamco Mac n Cheese is now Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
                        Fancy Lads Snack Cakes is now Hostess Cup Cakes
                                        Pork n Beans is now Van Camp's Pork n Beans
                                         Sugar Bombs is now Cap'n Crunch
                                        Potato Crisps is now Pringles Original
                                                    Cram is now Spam
                                          Wonderglue is now Gorilla Glue
                                     Abraxo Cleaner is now Ajax Laundry Detergent
                                   Canned dog food is now Alpo Dog Food
                                             Instamash is now Dunkin' Donuts
                                     Salisbury Steak is now Banquet Salisbury Steak
                               Deezer's Lemonade is now Country Time Lemonade
                                           Bubblegum is now Bazooka Gum
                                               Baseball is now Rawlings Baseball
                                                     Rum is now Bacardi Rum
                                               Whiskey is now Jameson Whiskey
                                                  Vodka is now Absolut Vodka
                                               Bourbon is now Wild Turkey Bourbon
                                 Dandy Boy Apples is now McDonald's Happy Meal
                          Yum Yum Deviled Eggs is now Cracker Jack (Until I can change the mesh the box will be on it's side)

                                                            Far Harbor
                                                       Vim is now Pepsi
                                           Vim Refresh is now Mountain Dew
                                            Vim Quartz is now Crystal Pepsi
                                Vim Captain's Blend is now Mountain Dew Pitch Black

                   Nuka World (Some Coke flavors are real, the rest I made up myself)
                                         Nuka Orange is now Orange Crush
                                          Nuka Grape is now Fanta Grape
                                 Nuka Cola Victory is now Coca-Cola Legacy
                                             Nuka Cide is now Spiked Coca-Cola
                                         [Nuka Cooler is now Coca-Cola Chill]
                                            [Nuka Love is now Black Cherry Vanilla Coke]
                                           Nuka Punch is now Hawaiian Punch
                                               Nuka Ray is now 7-Up
                                            [Nuka Rush is now Vitamin Coke]
                                              Nuka Void is now Coke Zero
                                         Nuka Xtreme is now Coca-Cola Extreme
                                      Nuka Cola Wild is now Sprite       
                                   Nuka Cola Quartz is now Sprite Remix
                            [Nuka Cola Bomb Drop is now Atomic Coke]
                                      Nuka-Cola Dark is now Coca-Cola Blak
                                          [Newka-Cola is now New Coke]
                                           [Nuka Berry is now Coca-Cola Raspberry]
                                            [Nuka Buzz is now Coca-Cola Life]
                                           [Nuka Fancy is now Coca-Cola Deluxe]
                                             [Nuka Free is now Diet Coke]
                                           [Nuka Frutti is now Citra Coke]
                                         [Nuka Hearty is now Vanilla Coke]
                                              [Nuka Lixr is now A&W Root Beer]
                                          [Nuka Power is now Dr Pepper]
                                         [Nuka Sunrise is now Mello Yello]
                                            [Nuka Twin is now Cherry 7-Up]

  The Coke flavors marked with "[]" I could not find the textures for in bethesda archive extractor, the names are changed but the texture might show up as "Coca-Cola Mix" if there are textures for them I could use some help finding them