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Carve your way through the Commonwealth with the iconic weapon of the Jedi and Sith. Personalize your weapon with a plethora of hilt styles, blade colors, blade lengths and sound options!

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:Star Wars:

The Lightsaber

"This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age..."


This mod brings the iconic weapon of the Star Wars franchise to the Commonwealth. Ladies and gentlemen, the lightsaber!

*Confetti, noisemakers, applause, cat shrieking*

Ahem, right. Anyway, as said before, this mod brings the lightsaber into Fallout 4. Now, I know what you're gonna say: "But DMagnuuss, there's ALREADY a lightsaber mod!" Yes, there is, and that's cool, but for me it doesn't hit the right notes, as far as visuals and moddability. Because what I wanted out of a lightsaber mod didn't exist, I went above and beyond to make that happen, and now after 2 months of work, here we are. The mod comes replete with custom meshes, sounds, textures, and even impact effects!

So, here's the skinny: To even start faffing about with the weapon, you need to get your mitts on the hilt. You can either craft it at a Chem station, under the LIGHTSABER category, which requires Science 3 to do so, or venture to Virgil's Lab in the Glowing Sea to get the one he has. Of note, however, is that in both cases the hilt is inert. In order to make it into a fully functional lightsaber, you'll need to bring it once again to the Chem Lab in order to activate it. Lightsabers are also leveled on Synths and Synth Coursers, however they're a bit uncommon.

Once you've got a working one, you can mod that sucker. The lightsaber is extensively customizable, with a choice of not three, not four, but seventeen blade colors.

The colors you can pick from are:

Dark Red

Dark Blue

Sky Blue

On top of color, you can also pick your blade's length, with 4 to pick from: standard length, long, short or small, with small provided the shortest reach. It's also great for slicing bread. As of version 2.0, you can also make your blade Precise or Compressed, which will make the blade much slimmer and increase the saber's critical strike damage. With a 1-handed hilt, you're also able to change the way you attack, so you can either lay heavy cuts on your foes or make it so you'll thrust and swipe at whatever doofus decided to pick on the dude armed with an energy sword.  Ah, but, this isn't all. On TOP of both color and blade length, you can opt to make your blade Unstable. Unstable blades come in all the colors and lengths, and do additional energy damage due to not being as restrained. There's a visual difference, as the unstable blade will have a rippling glow to it. You can make the blade shed light in whatever color you wish as well, whether or not it actually matches the blade's color.

The customization doesn't end here, no sir. You also have 7 hilts (and more!) to choose from!

(Click for a nice up-close look. Be advised, the picture does not reflect how the hilts will look in-game.)

The three on the left are my own designs, while the four on the right hail from the Original Trilogy. What's available now will change in the future as I plan to add more hilts down the line. The hilts come in one and two handed varieties, so you can opt to give fools a nice 2-handed whack with your new toy or buzzsaw them 1-handed. This also leads into the next bit of customization, the sounds.

On top of everything else I've mentioned, you can also change how the lightsaber sounds. The hum, ignition, retraction and swinging sounds can all be changed to suit you. Some hilts will change the sounds, but they won't prevent you from changing things if you'd rather it sound different. What can't be changed are the impact sounds, since those are tied to the impact effects, however said sounds will vary depending on if you're hitting a wall/armor, or whacking the saber into a Raider's chest.

Now, all this is great and all, but "how do I make all this?" you ask? Good question, Billy! Blades, both unstable and normal, require crystals. Normal blades require Refined crystals, while Unstable blades require Cracked crystals, and the Precise/Compressed blades require Compressed crystals, which need Refined crystals to make. All of these can be made at a chem station, under the LIGHTSABER section. How many crystals you'll need depends on the blade: Small blades require only one, Short blades require 2, standard blades require 3, and long blades require 4. Changing the sounds requires nothing. A unique version of the lightsaber, the Darksaber, also exists (as of 3.2) and can be found in the Sentinel Site, located in the Glowing Sea.

Oh yeah, one last thing. You've done all the above, but you noticed the Crystal Socket section on the lightsaber. The trunk is that, you say? Well my friend, that's the cherry on top of the customization sundae. There are three special crystals you can make and fit into the lightsaber (all three doable at the Chem Station). These crystals will make the lightsaber cryogenic, radioactive or electrical, and affect opponents accordingly. Nothing really changes visually, but the naming will and so will its effect on enemies.

As of Version 3.1, Visible Weapons support has been added! Most hilts now have apparel versions that can be crafted at a chem station under Lightsaber Holster, as well as empty holster models for D-ringed lightsabers and the prequel-style Covertec clip. For full functionality you need to have Visible Weapons installed. Once you have an apparel hilt made you can re-link it to your lightsaber (lightsabers by default are pre-linked to the Luke ANH hilt) using the Visible Weapons Config item in your inventory. There are some limitations, though: As Visible Weapons looks at the base ID of a weapon, you can't have multiple lightsabers linked to different holsters. Linking a crafted lightsaber to a holster means any other crafted lightsabers will use that holster, and the same goes for lightsabers retrieved from Synths. Also, you have to manually re-link your lightsaber to a holster, as there isn't any sort of dynamic reassignment function in this mod or in Visible Weapons itself that changes the holster to match the hilt you've selected.

Ok, I think that covers it. So go out, find or make yourself a lightsaber and have fun!


Q: "My lightsaber blade has no color!"

A: The blades rely on the bloom effect to generate the glow, so if your blades end up white sticks then bloom isn't enabled and must be re-enabled for the blades to show color. To fix this, check your mods for any that disable bloom, check your game settings to make sure bloom hasn't been disabled there, and if you have ENB installed check the enbseries.ini or the in-game settings menu to see if bloom has been disabled there. If you want your saber to glow like how it do in my screenshots, you will need to have ENB installed and you'll then want to install Natural Bloom, or find a preset that includes multipass bloom.

Q: "What's the Item ID?"

A: The easiest, quickest way to find out isn't to ask me, but to use the "help" command (i.e "help lightsaber 4", without quotes, or "help hilt 4" for hilts.). Item ID's aren't static; the first two digits will change, no exceptions, depending on where the mod is positioned in your load order. So for one person an ID could be 0A000D62, while for another it could be 0C000D62. Because of this, I don't give Item ID's out, as those who ask for them will end up having to use the "help" command anyway, or use NMM, Vortex, Mod Organizer or Wrye Bash to get the first two digits.

Q: "The ignition sound plays in 3rd person! Can you fix?"

A: At this point, no. It's due to a bug in the game itself, either with the 3rd person animations or the sound engine, and in either case (especially the latter) it's beyond my ability to fix. I've made attempts to call the sounds in a different way in order to get around the issue, but the game's thwarted those efforts at every turn.

Future Plans

  • Custom animations. Unlike the custom animations addon mod by wer123456, the planned animations will take after Jedi Outcast's stance system, meaning you'll have three "forms" to choose from, as well as a separate form for lightstaffs. The three "forms" will be equivalent to the Fast, Medium and Slow styles from JO; Fast will allow you to make quick swipes and cuts, infinitely chainable and may also invoke the deflection perk, making it ideal for deflecting shots in combat. Slow will focus on brute force; swings are slow and telegraphed, but hit like a bus if they connect. Medium will strike a balance between the two; swings will be of moderate speed and power, with the ability to chain attacks like the Fast style. No fancy acrobatics or flourishes will be implemented.
  • Saber trails/fanning.


Drop that sucker into your Data folder, or download with NMM/Vortex, then activate via NMM/Mod Organizer or the ingame mod menu. If using Vortex, make sure that once the mod is enabled that it's been deployed.


Deactivate the mod from the ingame mods menu, or via NMM/Mod Organizer/Vortex/Wrye Bash. Delete the .esp and BA2 files if you want to completely wipe the mod.


How the lightsaber's glow looks is entirely dependent on how bloom is handled in your game, and varies depending on the environment and time of day. It's passable with the vanilla bloom, though some colors will look more like butts than others, and if bloom is turned off then you'll just have white sticks. Ideally the glow would look as it do in the other screenshots. Hence, I recommend an ENB of some sort to make the bloom less butts so you can has nice, more realistic-looking glows. ENBs that add other lighting effects to bloom (like anamorphic flares, etc) might interfere/look icky, so give it a go, see how it looks with your preset and make adjustments if necessary. I personally use a rather barebones ENB fitted with Natural Bloom.

Known Issues

Putting the weapon away in 3rd person causes the ignition sound to play instead of the shutoff. This unfortunately is an issue with the vanilla game, so there's not much I can do to resolve it. The problem lies either with the 3rd person unequip animations, or with the game's sound engine. In the former case this bug could be resolved by modifying the animations, but if it's in the game's engine, that would make it nigh-impossible to fix.

Wielding the lightsaber 2-handed results in you holding it like a baseball bat when idle, meaning your player (or NPCs) will rest the blade in their hand. Or not, if using the small blade. There's really nothing for 2-handed swords in the vanilla game, that I know of, so this is another issue that boils down to vanilla guff and can only be fixed with custom animations

The lights have some quirks. A saber with a light attached will always be lit when the saber's dropped, or if it's in the mitts of a follower. But, I added a Null light so you can use this if your follower being lit like a Christmas tree bugs you, and you don't mind a lack of light.



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