About this mod

Quick jetpack mod I pieced together using Vasstek's Nanosuit 6.2 assets. They come in 9 different colors and are designed to match some of the popular armor sets such as Kerrigan's Bodysuit, Nanosuit 6.2, and Courser X-92 Power Armor.

Permissions and credits

NOTE: Before you update from an older version remove all JFAO jetpacks from your inventory. Please report any bugs or problems immediately so they can be reconciled, thank you.

Firstly, this is a jetpack mod I pieced together by using primarily Vasstek's Nanosuit 6.2 and Niero's CROSS Jetpack's assets. There are 2 different styles of jetpacks, a Nano style jetpack based on the model in Nanosuit 6.2, and a RobCo style jetpack similar to the one used in Personal Jetpack and Armorsmith Extended. All jetpacks are craftable, have animated flight like CROSS Jetpack, and together add a total of 60+ color and style selections to the game. Jetpacks FAO colors have been selected to match some of the popular armor sets such as Kerrigan Bodysuit, Nanosuit 6.2, and Courser X-92 Power Suit. You will find the recipe for the jetpacks at either the chemistry bench under UTILITY or the Armorsmith Extended bench under JETPACKS.

Secondly, JFAO has become a patch project where I have started putting together patches in my spare time to make other jetpacks compatible with the CROSS Jetpack animation script. The patches are completely independent of the main file and CROSS Jetpack, which means you can download what patches you want and it will add flames and animations to those jetpacks, so no more ugly T-pose during flight!

Version 4.5 notes

In version 4.5 the older Combat style jetpack is eliminated and replaced by a fully customizable Robco jetpack that can be adjusted at the armor bench to three sizes. You should now be able to customize your Robco jetpack to fit whatever size armor you have equipped. Version 4.5 also offers a more immersive and integrated upgrade/crafting experience so be ready to put some perks into armor smith and science!

If you like this mod then ENDORSE it!

Patch Project

Keep an eye on the OPTIONAL mods on the download page, I will try to add a patch at least once a week if possible. In case you are wondering, "Power Armor Animated Jetpacks" patches the vanilla power armor jetpacks (T-45, T-51, T-60, X01). I did the best I could on the vanilla PA suits by adding a "always on" .esp because the original script only worked intermittently with power armor.  Honestly, I added the PA patch as a bonus (as is) for people who really love their animated jetpacks but miss the flames on the PA (see screenshots). See the posts under the comments section for further compatibility information.

Currently the patches Include:

Nanosuit 6.2
Armorsmith Extended
Power Armor Animated Jetpacks
Personal Jetpack

Jetpacks Unlimited
C.U.T.E. - Customized Universal Tactical Equipment
Navi - Brand New Power Armor
B-90 Armor
Outlawer Halo Mod

My Other Mods

Please Note

There may be minor clipping depending on the armor these are equipped with, these jetpacks were designed for nearly skin tight gear and look best on armor such as the Nanosuit 6.2, Proto Vault Suit, etc. Also be aware that even though Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer is not required it is HIGHLY recommended, I have not tested this mod without it. You will find the recipe's under UTILITY at the chemistry station. To craft the jetpacks you need a high "Science" perk rating.

TO ALL JETPACK MOD HOARDERS: Be aware that this mod changes 6 entries in the base game animations for jetpacks, changing them to jump animations. It is the same 6 entries that CROSS Jetpack changes. Other jetpack mods you have will switch to the jump animation and the flames on those jetpacks will most likely stop working unless they are patched to this style of animation. Luckily, I have provided patches for a lot of popular jetpack mods on the downloads page. If there is a mod that I have missed feel free to make a request and I will "attempt" to create a patch for it. =P

And lastly, there are a lot of mods I am patching and I do not play with all them installed all the time. Please report any bugs or concerns you have so I can correct them as soon as possible, thank you.


Credit goes to Vasstek for letting me tinker with his junk, ok... that didn't come out right. Anyway, also a huge thanks to Niero for letting me use his CROSS Jetpack script, models and various meshes to animate the jetpacks and put the finishing touches on everything. Thanks to nhimkoko for selflessly allowing me to use the model for the original RobCo jetpack, and to J3litzkrieg the author of Jetpacks Unlimited for his antique/chrome jetpack textures that saved me an immense amount of trial and error. These guys are the real Astronauts here, I am just the monkey that flipped the switch, but I flipped a LOT of switches!

I would like to thank J3litzkrieg the author of Jetpacks Unlimited for the inspiration to make the antique jetpack design and Worsin for the inspiration to make the camo jetpacks and permission to use his flame textures as a template for my own.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the people who complained! No seriously, your pruning has been for my growth. Someone complained and now the jetpacks have animated flight. Someone else complained and I added a different model to help deal with some armors clipping. A certain someone mentioned not being able to choose all the colors in game (in their video) and now? Everything is customizable in game! And I only had to watch youtube videos, squint at tiny FO4Edit type for 6 hours, and then spend 3 days completely rebuilding the entire mod, so thanks. I think... =P



Enable Fallout 4 modding by following this guide: Fallout 4 Mod Installation

I recommend using Nexus Mod manager for installation since JFAO and many of its optional patches now have installation scripts. Feel free, however, to manually them install by unzipping the downloaded file(s) to a safe location and moving the contents of the "MAIN" folder into your Fallout 4 Data directory then select the various options from the "OPTIONAL" folder and merge those in the same directory. Activate the .esp file(s) in your in-game Fallout 4 Mods menu (or Nexus Mod Manager). Make sure to update Nexus Mod Manager to the latest version.

LOOT comes HIGHLY recommended for sorting your load order.


Remove any equipped jetpacks from your character's inventory then save your game, exit, and uninstall the mod using NMM (or manually delete the files).

Known Issues

The currently version of Jetpacks FAO uses the CROSS Jetpack model which summons the BoS PA frame when equiped. It may conflict with power armor mods that add or alter the base power armor frame. See the sticky on the posts page for more details.