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GCM allows you easily set many game settings without the need of additional ESPs or console commands.

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If you are looking for direct helpinformationpatchesunreleased mods, pre-released updates for my mods or just want to talk and share images and videos of your adventures, feel free to join us!

What is GCM?

GCM allows you easily set many game settings without the need of additional ESPs or console commands.

What can not be changed?
Survival settings (Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue, Sleep, Diseases etc.)
As survival has been added as a brand new script based system by Bethesda, it has been excluded from this mod and released as a standalone mod.

Survival Configuration Menu
Features a brand new eat and drink system, which relies on weight of the item instead of the caps value and allows you to control it. In addition to that, you can tweak many aspects of the survival added features. Like tweaking disease chance, disabling adrenaline. Choose how long you can maximally sleep on the different bet types. And more.

What can be changed?
There are a lot of settings within the game, this mod does not cover all. This mod will be updated over time and new settings will be added.
Right now the following categories exist to give you an idea:

Barter -
(buy and sell settings)

Character -
(Adjust character attributes and formulas)

(Covers only Automatron right now: Disable robot encounters, adjust chances, etc.)

Difficulty -
(Change the difficutly of each difficutly setting on the fly!)

Experience -
(Change the exp gain from crafting)

Gameworld -
(Respawn settings)

Legendary -
(Adjust legendary chances/spawn rate)

NPCs -
(Adjust bonus health of NPCs, adjust throw frequency of stuff/explosives, disable the spidy sense dodge)

Quests & Factions -

(Covers only BoS for now. Adjust quest item chances and reward amount, unlock railroad armor mods)

Power Armor -
(Power drain settings, durability settings and settings for the jetpack)

Random Encounter -
(Disable random encounters, adjust frequency, set level conditions etc.)

Skills -
(Pickpocket max chance, Hacking settings to set the number of words, lockpick settings)

Sneak -
(Sneak damage multiplier, reverse pickpocket, detection settings)

Sound -
(Settings to allow you to disable combat music or tweak it)

Time -
(Timescale, gamehour, fast travel speed)

(VATS activation distance[can be used to disable VATS!], timeslow, damage reduction)

Visual Settings -
(Gun shells lifetime, debri amount, ironsight blur)

Weather -
(Change weathers)

Workshop -
(Adjust powerline length)

Future plans:
-Add more game settings
-Add one button configurations
-Save configs and share them with others

You know helpful game settings, that should be added? Write a comment or send me a message!

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