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Allows you to turn Ada into a human (and back again). Includes full appearance configuration, lip synced dialogue, adjustable combat proficiency/style plus hacking/lockpicking. 

Activate mod
Trade the controller holotape from Ada whenever you have access to her if you haven't done the quest. If you have it should automatically be added your inventory.
Select the "Turn to human" option

Holotape Functions
Summon - If Ada is more than 500 units away this will summon her to you
Exit Power Armor - If Ada is closer than the above and in PA this will eject her from it
Revert to Robot/Turn to Human - As it says on the tin
Edit Appearance - Activates the character gen interface so you can edit Ada's looks however you want
Set Combatstyle - Cycles between Tactical Ranged (covered fire), Offensive Ranged (tries to get close to fire), Melee, Sniper (Tries to maintain range while firing)
Set Boost - Level 2 activates lockpicking and hacking, Level 3 adds Rank 3 perks in all weaponskills, Level 4 adds Rank 5 in all weaponskills and Level 1 disables all- 
Robot Hunter Perk - While active Ada has 25% damage bonus to all robots while also taking 25% less damage from them. Experimental, not sure if it works on NPCs.
Custom Voice toggle - The game generally identifies Ada by her unique actor ID. In some cases however it also randomly does a voice check breaking dialogue if Ada has the custom lip synched voice active. If that happens use this option to re-activate the default one so you can proceed.

If you want even more customization options Ada can also edited with the Wintermute Master Control Program if you use a "unrestricted" Control Rod to lock her in as target.

Custom Gear
Ada has her own outfit which is a Kellog appearance armor modified to be roughly on par with the Railroad Armored MK I. She's also equipped with a fully automatic scoped assault rifle with extended magazine. Combined with the Boost feature allowing you to scale her damage as the game gets harder she should do quite well even if you decide to hoard all the good gear for yourself :P

Misc Additions
Added the keywords to allow the same infinite ammo as Settlers (heavy weapons not included), Danse style power armor damage immunity and Sneak Rank 1-4 so she won't blow your cover. Or mines in your face. 

Automatron addons
From what I've experienced Ada seems to retain the bonuses of any modifications except weapons. That means if you add mods to increase carrying capacity that should also boost her human inventory limit. Special functions like the M-SAT or Recon Sensors should also still work as before. Keep in mind that also any negative effects like the sentry leg effect causing "restricted movement in tight spaces" will also still be active.
As I result I recommend planning when you decide to make the switch instead of doing it frequently to avoid issues with the changerace function. Making sure you only do it from a robot body as humanoid as possible (e.g assaultron), at least when it comes to legs, will also minimize issues.

Possible future plans
Custom body/face texture support for those who want to reskin Ada into some more robot-y looking.
Add custom follower system so you can use Ada with dogmeat/other companions.

Known Issues
Toggling Ada back to robot causes wonky legs - On-the-go race switching isn't really supported so the animations can sometimes get messed up. Putting her in the Robot Workbench and clicking the different leg options back without building them will reset them.
Why she walks like a woman and talks like a tank - If you change the body while movement is active the related footstep sounds will continue to play also in human form meaning for example if the sentry leg tank one is active that's what keeps looping. Make sure she is standing still or you're using other type of legs before switching to avoid this.
Ada enters melee instead of using her default weapon - Sometimes the Automatron melee AI will kick in, possibly due to it deciding the melee weapons are more powerful for the current situation. Cycle through the combat styles to reset it and she should use it again. Giving her another non-default weapon also seems to fix this.
Ada is too strong - Make sure you set boost to level 1 or 2 to disable all weapon bonuses. You can also equip her with something less powerful than her default rifle.
Ada unequips everything - Caused by the assaultron laser head, replace it with something else before turning Ada to human.
Crashes, missing textures, head or other bodyparts when turned to human - This mod works by setting Adas default race to human and then adding the Automatron functionality. This is necessary to make sure all the human bits are attached and working. If you use a mod that modifies Automatrons in general or Ada specifically it might reset her back to protectron in which case these problems can happen. Moving Ada2Human last or below the mod(s) doing this might help.

Image upload is instant so don't be shy - share your custom Ada's and your adventures together! :)