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Finally, a proper engine-level system for bullet counted reloads with most of the features such a system should have.

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BCR v2.0 is now released. It can now work together with Tactical Reload mod and allows to have something that was impossible in previous versions - post reload animation. Read more about it here:
You might ask, what does that post reload animation even means? Well if you paid close attention to how bcr works, essentialy it makes reload animation to transition to idle when needed. it was ok solution and wasnt much noticeable for some weapons, but that also was limiting certain kind of animations (for example bolt push when reloading bolt action weapons). Any animator who wanted to have their animation work with BCR needed to make sure that transition to idle looks good on every shell or bullet insert. For many weapons it was very difficult to do or even impossible. So animation interrupts in this case looked unnatural.
Starting from v2.0, now having separate after interrupt animation is possible (meaning no more limitations to any kind of reload) thanks to weapon behavior edits - work by i_code_i, hyperX and Bwones. BCR takes advantage of Tactical Reload mod functionality and allows any weapon to have reload end animation in new animation file WPNReloadToIdle. 

This mod is an engine level fix of an infamous Fallout 4 bug, where weapons can't be reloaded based upon the number of shots fired. For example, the lever action rifle from Far Harbor - no matter how many times you fire, your character always loads 5 rounds into the gun.

The dynamic nature of this mod allows other modders to make their weapons have this functionality without even touching the Creation Kit or any scripts. It only requires the animation files to be set in a specific manner that was created specifically for this mod.

The detailed article about using this functionality + v2.0 advanced functionality for external mods can be read here.

  • No esp    -    The mod is a full f4se plugin, that means it won't take a slot  up in your load order.

  • Fast and reliable    -     working directly with engine.

  • Interrupt mid reload    -    Reload can be interrupted manually by pressing the weapon fire button or reload key again.

  • Fully functional for all situations    -    1st person, 3rd person, and power armor.

This mod along with the Classic Holstered Weapons System and Damage Threshold Framework is one of core mechanics of the Fallout 4 : New Vegas project

For direct questions, suggestions and bug reports (if you find any) you can join my discord: https://discord.gg/2SgPMns

In the download section you can see two downloads.

The main file is the system itself. It provides the core functionality which can be applied to any weapon, but wont do anything alone. if you are a mod author and want to add this functionality to your weapon, you only need this. 

The optional file adds this mod's functionality to the lever action rifle from Far Harbor. If you want to see this system in action, download this file in addition to the main download.

If you are starting a new game, you MUST save game and then load at least once. The mod needs to detect save load to start functioning.

Of course, the mod requires f4se and game to be launched from f4se launcher.

The optional file has edited animation files of lever action rifle, its incompatible with any other mod that also changes them

None yet
The mod has been extensively tested, but keep in mind that even base game is full of bugs so if you find any,  just let me know. The mod does all its job in memory so it cannot do any harm/bloat/touch your save file.

Scrivener07 - showing proof of concept that influenced the way this mod detects animations, this mod wouldnt be possible without that, testing.

Neanka - animation events hook.

expired6978 - explaining how input handlers work.

Saggitarius, leldorado, Wanamingo - testing.

Metamoth741, bigCman123 - additional help.

F4NV Team - moral support.

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