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From the Co-Creator of Fusion City Rising and Outcasts & Remnants comes a Completely New Adventure...

10 Connected Quests, Unique Rewards, Custom Player Home, Lore-Friendly Backstory, Lots of Explosions, and a Twist.

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"...it will blow your f**king mind, and then it will blow your f**king Commonwealth,
and then it will blow your d*ck off because of how amazing of a mod it was."

MxR Review of 50 Ways to Die at Dr. Nick's

From the Co-Creator of Fusion City Rising and Outcasts & Remnants
Comes a Completely New Adventure...

Short Release Trailer (1:36)

Recommended for Player Characters level 30 or above

ATTENTION YouTubers: All Music used in this mod is Copyright and Royalty Free - Links Are in the Credits Section


  • 08-20-2017: Update v.0.99c - Numerous small tweaks for better playability - No problem with current saves when updating from v.0.99b

 What This Mod Features:

  • 10 Interconnected Quests
  • Around 5 Hours or so of New Gameplay
  • Multiple Custom Bosses
  • Unique Rewards - Including a working Auto-Doc that you can build in your settlements
  • Many Brand New Craftable Ingestibles
  • Detailed Custom Player Home that you can send your Companions to
  • Explosions. Yes, lots of explosions
  • Detailed Lore Friendly Backstory
  • And what I hope is an interesting story with a fun twist

What This Mod Requires:

No DLC or other mods are technically required, however, CBBE is highly recommended for some of the custom armors to look right.

How to Start the Quests:

The first quest in the series will automatically start when you load your game, and a second quest will be immediately available by talking to Dr. Nick. The remaining quests will unlock or will autostart as you progress through the initial puzzle/mystery quest at Dr. Nick's.

Possibly Helpful Articles:

  • NON-SPOILER HINTS - Non-spoiler hints to help you while playing this mod
  • SPOILER HINTS - Spoiler hints to help you while playing this mod
  • QUESTS - Non-Spoiler list of Quests and how they start
  • KNOWN CONFLICTS - A list of known conflicts that I will try to keep current


This mod uses and includes assets, with permission, from several other mods.
When installing, you may be asked whether you want to overwrite these assets. The best choice is "NO TO ALL"

  • Install using NMM

Important Notes:

  • The Custom Music adds tremendously to the atmosphere and experience, so it's highly recommended to keep the music on.
  • Advancing the Puzzle/Mystery quest isn't very difficult if you pay attention to the provided clues and observe the contents of Dr. Nick's place.
  • You WILL need to know one thingWorkbenches can be looted without activating them if you select the "Transfer" option.
  • Be prepared to die a few times at the beginning of the Puzzle/Mystery quest, though. Saving your progress is a good idea.
  • Using the AutoSave Button (Cerebral Recorder) placed just inside Dr. Nick's entrance is recommended for those playing on Survival difficulty.
  • It's best to start and complete the vanilla quest Synth Retention either before or after playing the quests in this mod, not during.
  • Using God Mode while playing this mod WILL cause problems that require loading a previous save. Don't use God Mode.

Only click on this if you want complete spoilers for the puzzle quest.

So here's everything you need to do to get past the puzzle after reading the Welcome Brochure:

  • Activate the "Ticking Clock" then go to the Vend-O-Matic
  • Loot Tokens from the "Unattended" Baggage, Launch Pail (floor near the Chem Station), as well as the Chem Station and Stove using the "Transfer" option, then go to the Vend-O-Matic
  • Repair the Easy Rider Motorcycle, then go to the Vend-O-Matic
  • Make 5 additional clocks work, one by the couch, one above Mia's picture, one in the bathroom, one above the Chem Station, and the Nicka Cola Clock in the corner by the door to the backroom, then go to the Vend-O-Matic
  • Repair the Dilapidated Engine, the High Performance Engine, and the Lawnmower (in the bathroom), then go to the Vend-O-Matic

At this point you should be able to get "Another Clue" from the Vend-O-Matic and start Mia's quest.

NOTE: You need to actually READ all the magazines you get from the Vend-O-Matic

Hey, We made #1 on the Hot Files!!

Huge Thanks to Everyone for the kind Comments, Endorsements, Votes and generous Donations.
I appreciate the support and I'm glad you're enjoying the mod.

AlChestBreach plays 50 Ways to Die at Dr. Nick's - Thanks Al!

MxR Reviews 50 Ways to Die at Dr. Nick's - Starting at 6:16 - WARNING: SPOILERS

Thanks MxR for the Stellar Review!

KottabosGames plays 50 Ways to Die at Dr. Nick's. Thanks man!

Known Issues:
Brown Face Glitch - Although this mod is not the cause of the game engine glitch leading to the facial skin tone mismatch, this glitch may be triggered while playing the mod. If you experience the glitch, either on your character or on the Nightkin, simply make a new save, exit the game, reload the game, and reload the save you just made. This will reset the skin tones to normal.

Spamming Ingestibles - Heavily spamming the new ingestibles from Dr. Nick's before taking the Inoculant may cause your game to crash. Don't do it.

Cell Music Delay - Sometimes the custom music for the new interiors won't start immediately when the area loads, but will start after a short delay. This is just a side effect of how the game engine handles background music.

Although the mod includes CK-generated pre-combined meshes and visibility for framerate optimization, the added interior locations are very detailed and may cause performance issues for mid to lower end systems. I'm using a gaming laptop with a GTX 980M (mobile) graphics card, not the best, but not bad, and running the game on Ultra Settings.

Making three small changes in the nVidia Control Panel, under Manage 3d Settings, gives me a huge increase in game performance. The settings are:

  • Power Management: Adaptive
  • V-SYNC: Fast Sync
  • Triple Buffering: OFF

If you're running into performance issues and have an nVidia card, try making these changes.

Article Listing Known Conflicts

This mod makes additions to a number of areas in the game and may have conflicts with mods that make changes or additions to the same areas.

There are only two minor edits to vanilla records in the entire mod, however, which should greatly reduce the chance of conflicts.

The game areas that I have added to include:

Conflicts with mods that make changes to any of these areas may be able to be resolved simply by swapping the load order between the two mods, so please try that first if you run into any issues. Mods that alter or repurpose any of these areas MAY be incompatible with this mod and then you'll have to choose one OR the other.

Q: When I install the mod NMM asks me if I want to overwrite files, what should I do?
A: This mod uses and includes assets, with permission, from several other mods. The assets are included for those people that aren't using those other mods. If you ARE using any or all of these other mods, you will be asked whether you want to overwrite the asset files. The best choice is NO TO ALL.

Q: I can't dismiss Seymour, WTF?
A: At the end of the Barking Bad quest Dr. Nick gives you Seymour's Whistle, located in the AID section of your Pip-Boy. Use the whistle to send Seymour home or make him follow you again if you want.

Q: Dr. Nick gave me the access card to get to the Lab, but it doesn't work on the elevator, WTF?
A: There are two elevators in the back room area, one in each hallway. Try the one in the other hallway. Your quest marker should point you in the right direction.

Q: During Dr. Nick's - Epilogue quest, activating the workshop in the Custom Player Home does not advance the quest, WTF?
A: I believe this is the result of a conflict with an unknown settlement mod that edits the workshop script. The best solution, if you encounter this issue, is to use the console command: SetStage CAD_Epilogue_Quest 40

Q: I'm stuck because there aren't enough Tokens to continue, WTF?
A: There are enough Tokens, you just missed something. Use the Puzzle Spoiler as a checklist and make sure you complete everything.

Q: Will this mod conflict with XYZ mod?
A: There are thousands and thousands of mods on the Nexus, and I don't have the time to check whether they have specific conflicts with this mod. This mod makes an incredibly small number of edits to vanilla records, but it does ADD to a number of areas, and has the potential to conflict with other mods that edit or add to these same areas. I will try to keep a current list of known conflicts, brought to my attention by users, updated on the articles page, but it is highly unlikely I will be changing the mod in any major way to avoid them.

Q: Is this mod related to Fusion City Rising and Outcasts & Remnants?
A: No, this is a completely new and unrelated story.

Q: Will you be making this mod available on Bethesda.net?
A: For a number of reasons, this mod will not be available for console users on Bethesda.net, so please stop asking.

Q: Will you add XYZ feature that I want in the mod?
A: Probably not, unless it's an incredibly great idea that is workable and fits the mod.

Q: Your mod is great, and here's everything I think you should change about it...
A: Thanks, and GTFO

Q: Why did your mod completely break my game and cause my shoe laces to become untied?
A: It didn't, you probably have a mod conflict, and aren't tying your laces tight enough.

Credits: (Possible Spoilers)
Huge thanks goes to the excellent modders who allowed me to use their incredible work. Please download, endorse, and support the original mods and modders.

This mod also features custom Royalty Free Music by some very talented people. The inspiration provided by their music was instrumental in making this mod what it is. Like, comment, and subscribe to show them some love.

Modders and Mods:

MadMAX713, joemitchell320, Thirdstorm, and Yogensya for Super Mutant Redux
DOOM for That Gun, credit for the original Models and Textures go to Escargot at GameBanana.
z31t for the Batman and Batwoman Armor Standalone
crimsomrider for the Catwoman Year One Armor
invalidfate for the Skyrim Dance Animations ported to Fallout 4
umpa for the Dance Animation Modder Resource

Royalty Free Music - Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 and 4.0 attribution:

TeknoAXE (This guy is FN awesome) (YouTube Channel) for:
Silencyde - for Shroud (Remixed) used for the Libertalia Battle Climax
myuu - for Into the Depths used for the Laboratory
Ross Bugden - for New York, 1924 used for the Prost Bar
ScorcherEdits - for Metal Instrumental (Remixed) used for Nightkin Entrance Music


3rd Man Font - By Bumbayo Font Fabrik for the trailer and banner font, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License (CC BY-ND)

And finally, a big thank you to AlChestBreach for providing inspiration during the creative process, and to Vatiwah for the livestream playthrough.

Everything else, including Dr. Nick's voice, was done by me, Recluse

For a number of reasons, this mod will NOT be available for console on Bethesda.net, so please stop asking.