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From the Co-Creator of Fusion City Rising and Outcasts & Remnants comes a Completely New Adventure...

10 Connected Quests, Unique Rewards, Custom Player Home, Lore-Friendly Backstory, Lots of Explosions, and a Twist.

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"...it will blow your f**king mind, and then it will blow your f**king Commonwealth,
and then it will blow your d*ck off because of how amazing of a mod it was."

MxR Review of 50 Ways to Die at Dr. Nick's

From the Co-Creator of Fusion City Rising and Outcasts & Remnants
Comes a Completely New Adventure...

Short Release Trailer (1:36)

Recommended for Player Characters level 30 or above

ATTENTION YouTubers: All Music used in this mod is Copyright and Royalty Free - Links Are in the Credits Section


  • 08-20-2017: Update v.0.99c - Numerous small tweaks for better playability - No problem with current saves when updating from v.0.99b

 What This Mod Features:

  • 10 Interconnected Quests
  • Around 5 Hours or so of New Gameplay
  • Multiple Custom Bosses
  • Unique Rewards - Including a working Auto-Doc that you can build in your settlements
  • Many Brand New Craftable Ingestibles
  • Detailed Custom Player Home that you can send your Companions to
  • Explosions. Yes, lots of explosions
  • Detailed Lore Friendly Backstory
  • And what I hope is an interesting story with a fun twist

What This Mod Requires:

No DLC or other mods are technically required, however, CBBE is highly recommended for some of the custom armors to look right.

How to Start the Quests:

The first quest in the series will automatically start when you load your game, and a second quest will be immediately available by talking to Dr. Nick. The remaining quests will unlock or will autostart as you progress through the initial puzzle/mystery quest at Dr. Nick's.

Possibly Helpful Articles:

  • NON-SPOILER HINTS - Non-spoiler hints to help you while playing this mod
  • SPOILER HINTS - Spoiler hints to help you while playing this mod
  • QUESTS - Non-Spoiler list of Quests and how they start
  • KNOWN CONFLICTS - A list of known conflicts that I will try to keep current


This mod uses and includes assets, with permission, from several other mods.
When installing, you may be asked whether you want to overwrite these assets. The best choice is "NO TO ALL"

  • Install using NMM

Important Notes:

  • The Custom Music adds tremendously to the atmosphere and experience, so it's highly recommended to keep the music on.
  • Advancing the Puzzle/Mystery quest isn't very difficult if you pay attention to the provided clues and observe the contents of Dr. Nick's place.
  • You WILL need to know one thingWorkbenches can be looted without activating them if you select the "Transfer" option.
  • Be prepared to die a few times at the beginning of the Puzzle/Mystery quest, though. Saving your progress is a good idea.
  • Using the AutoSave Button (Cerebral Recorder) placed just inside Dr. Nick's entrance is recommended for those playing on Survival difficulty.
  • It's best to start and complete the vanilla quest Synth Retention either before or after playing the quests in this mod, not during.
  • Using God Mode while playing this mod WILL cause problems that require loading a previous save. Don't use God Mode.

Only click on this if you want complete spoilers for the puzzle quest.


Hey, We made #1 on the Hot Files!!

Huge Thanks to Everyone for the kind Comments, Endorsements, Votes and generous Donations.
I appreciate the support and I'm glad you're enjoying the mod.

AlChestBreach plays 50 Ways to Die at Dr. Nick's - Thanks Al!

MxR Reviews 50 Ways to Die at Dr. Nick's - Starting at 6:16 - WARNING: SPOILERS

Thanks MxR for the Stellar Review!

KottabosGames plays 50 Ways to Die at Dr. Nick's. Thanks man!

Known Issues:




Credits: (Possible Spoilers)

For a number of reasons, this mod will NOT be available for console on Bethesda.net, so please stop asking.