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Provides skeleton adjustments for CBBE-based bodies, fixing the long-stand 'Broken Knee' issue, without the need to modify the body or outfit meshes.

Permissions and credits
Adjusts the default skeleton bone positions to fix clipping, stretching issues with the default game animations, focusing primarily on the CBBE knees.

This is not a simple modification of the bone positions. Countless hours of testing and extra care has been taken to avoid distortions and deformations.

-Adjusts the Thighs, Knees, and Calves positions to get rid of the long-standing ‘broken knee’ effect with CBBE-based bodies.
-All adjustments are automatically applied to all characters and outfits, without any mesh modifications.
-Adjustments are handled through 'Offset' nodes, without modifying any default skeleton values.
-Mainly tested with the default sneak animation.
-Introduces 'COM_Override' node, providing full support for Fallout 4 High Heels System.

More features will be added and updates will be provided as they become available.

Type variations:
-Type 1: Balanced version. Recommended for CBBE Vanilla preset or similar.
-Type 2: Thighs, Knees, and Calves bend forward even more. Looks better on CBBE Curvy preset or similar, but the legs on male characters may look strange.
You do not need to worry too much over this, either variation will work fine with any presets. And just in case things don't look right with your preset, lower the 'Knee Height' slider in Bodyslide.

-Round Bottom Edition: Gets rid of flat-looking bottoms by adjusting the 'butt' bones to provide a slight lift and a fuller look to characters' bottoms.
-'Rocket' Bottom Edition: Uses similar adjustments to the mod 'No Collapsed Butt'.

Installation and usage:
-Just install with NMM or another mod manager.

-This mod is likely fully compatible with True Wasteland Body (TWB) as well.
-This is not compatible with any mods that edit the main skeleton file ('Skeleton.nif').
-Also, please do not try to use this directly with mods requiring the ZaZ-Extended-Skeleton, such as BodyTalk or Fusion Girl. You can use the guide in the article section to create your own compatible version or use this mod Gender-Specific Skeletons (kudos to karlarsch1913 for coming up with a solution).

- Since Fallout 4 shares the same skeleton between the genders, any edit to it is applied to both male and female characters. Even though this affects male characters, the adjustments are subtle enough that you won't see any issues.
- It is possible that this will not fix the knee issue completely due to the many possible body/leg shape in CBBE. Try both variants and lowering the knees using the 'Knee Height' slider in Bodyslide. Recommended for CBBE Curvy and similar presets.
- Due to the nature of the fix, you come across custom animations where leg/calf alignment may not look ideal.

If you find any issues, please report them.


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