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Enhance all Vanilla clothes to highest quality with smallest size.

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First time i try HD DLC official textures, quite surprised me. Because i didn't get what i want about quality. Considering the file size so big, i really hope for Screenshooter Quality. But i can't deny many textures inside that pack....very good as " source ". 

So this project begin almost two months ago. I adjusted every cloth one by one. Adjust them accordingly like reduced plastic effect, adjust specular, mix normal map and specular, ect.

Every single item in Clothes folder edited. Including Hat, Glasses, ect. 

I mixed 4k/2k diffuse, 2k/1k normal map, 4k/2k/1k specular. Enhanced many factor from this textures. Example...
INSTITUTE CLOTH. We knew institute so bright sometimes and their clothes all white. I reduced textures lightness for institute. It will reveal more detail and reduced glowing effect. I give full quality 4k Enhanced only for special cloth such Valentine, Piper, ect.

This textures saved in variant format to make sure we get smallest size with highest quality possible for gameplay. I don't provide Full BC7 for now. Quite big about 4gb. HD DLC Official 6gb ( Clothes folder ). 

But enough read my description. Better you see my screenshoots, compare the quality VS File size. You will see my goal about File size = Quality.
Not Size bigger than Quality.

AMOR NOT INCLUDED. Need more time to finish it. IGNORE ESP NAME because i forgot delete word ARMOR. Just use it as Cloth.

Credit to Bethesda gave us HD DLC as good source so modder can make many good stuff from it. Like it or not we need that HD DLC pack to make good mod from it.