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You can finally retake Quincy from the Gunners!

This makes Quincy a fully functional settlement.

You can recruit settlers, create supply lines and build proper defenses in case those gunners come back.

Permissions and credits
You can finally retake Quincy from the Gunners!
This makes Quincy a fully functional settlement.

City of Quincy is located south of the Atom Cat's Garage.
The workbench is on the roof above Mama Murphy's room.

The Quincy Massacre was a battle in the town of Quincy, a settlement belonging to the Commonwealth Minutemen, fought when the Gunners launched an invasion of the town. The attack was very successful, leading to the destruction of the Commonwealth Minutemen with only twenty survivors (including Preston Garvey), and the occupation of Quincy as a permanent Gunner stronghold. Now with the Minutemen rebuilt, they prepare to retake the city led by their new General.

  • Lore-friendly - This is SO lore-friendly it should have been in the game.
  • Working Supply Lines
  • Settler Recruitment
  • Brahmin Recruitment
  • Fully navmeshed - If not, don't be afraid to tell me.
  • Settlement Attack Spawn Points outside city limits - Yay!
  • Respawning Quincy Gunners near the city entrances - They really don't know when to quit. Too bad there's only a few of them left.
  • No need to clear area of hostiles to activate workshop.
  • Large build area: 16000 x 8000 units - It basically covers the ENTIRE city.
  • 15-Story Build Height limit - Higher than Finch Farm, beware of Vertigo.
  • Amazing Views
  • WILL NOT DISAPPEAR!!! - Sorry but I already lost a Quincy settlement to Conquest and I don't want that happening again. 
  • Russian Translation in the Optional Files. Created and thanks to kopasov.
  • "No Respawn Enemies" version in the Optional Files. Feel free to inform me if I miss any of them.

Please be aware of the Settlement 00% Happiness Bug. 
Once you activate the Workshop, check the Happiness rating.

If it's 50% the mod is working fine and everything loaded correctly.
If it's 00% load a previous save and try again.

I installed/uninstalled my mod multiple times and never got this bug but just to be safe I posted it anyway.

For anyone who hasn't activated the workshop yet, PLEASE check to see if ALL settlement functions work properly otherwise the Quincy Cells for that save may become broken and will always reset regardless of re-installing the mod or other mods that alter the Quincy Cells.

Things to check:
  • Map Icon with Stats on Provisioner Map Option
  • Recruit Settlers
  • Assign Provisioners
  • 50% Happiness
  • Can't Scrap in and around the Church(Still checking if this is a requirement for a fully functional Quincy)
  • Cell does not reset after 30 In-game days(Just place anything near the borders and see if they disappear)
  • Yes I know this last one is annoying but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Changing your Load Order (Installing/Uninstalling a mod) is NOT RECOMMENDED for a mid-game save. Doing so will most likely BREAK this mod and any other New Settlement mod you have installed.

This is simply an issue with the Settlement System and the game engine itself. As far as I know, problems caused by this cannot be fixed for that save. I haven't seen any other way to avoid this than to simply install all the mods you want then play the game from start to finish without changing your load order. This is how I clocked in over 200hrs for my save to make the screenshots I uploaded.

Uninstalling mods mid-game is already bad so you shouldn't do it anyway even if you decide to not use this mod. Installing new mods may also cause problems but not nearly as certain as uninstalling.

This is compatible with my other settlement mods.
Will conflict with any mods that modify the Cell space in or around Quincy. 

If workshop objects you've created disappear, it may be caused by mods that reset the cell.

These mods are, but not limited to:
  • Mods that edit/update cells
  • Mods that add new enemy spawn points
  • Mods that increase enemy spawn count
  • Mods that affect cell re-spawn timers
  • Mods that scrap additional objects; Changing Load order will avoid conflicts.
  • Mods that reset/update NPC levels

If anyone gets this bug of resetting please post any mods you may have that might cause this in the discussions.

Thanks to bobblunderton for the info!

Extract files into "../Fallout 4" folder.

Delete "CityOfQuincy.esp" from "../Fallout 4/Data" folder.

Glowing Sea New Settlement - Relay Site Alpha

Settlement Management Software by matzman666 - Makes Settlement management so much easier
Scrap Everything by shadowslasher410 - To clean up the place a bit; Make sure to place above this mod in the load order
Snappy HouseKit by robboten - Perfect for repairing the damaged buildings.

FinalRender - For his video that taught me how to use the Creation Kit
Bethesda - For making all this possible

Thank you very much to AlChestBreach for including my mod in his Mod Review!

Thanks to wintertoburn for featuring my mod!