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Adds lots of Chainsaws to the game.

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The Chainsaw was made possible through hijacking the Buzz Saw's unique melee animations from the Automatron DLC. It should feel familiar to anyone who has played the Fallout 3 DLC The Pitt and used the Auto Axe, and indeed as well for anyone who has played New Vegas and used the Chainsaw in that game. 

But nobody needs to have played Fallout to appreciate the unique role chainsaws play in the post-apocalypse.

The CHAINSAW features:

  • Fully animated, rotating saw chains which bathe themselves in blood and gore
  • Multiple styles of saw teeth for inflicting maximum damage
  • Color customization options to fit every player's niche
  • Additional powerful attachments: 'Chainkebabs,' the mix between a Shishkebab and a Chainsaw, and more

Use the optional plugin to hand the chainsaw to enemies around the commonwealth - highly recommended.


This mod requires the Automatron DLC.

  • Download the Main File 'Murdering Chainsaw' from the files page and extract it to your Fallout4\Data folder or use a reliable mod manager of your choice to install the archive. 
  • Load Chainsaw.esp after RobotDLC.esm.
  • It is recommended to grab the update with each new version.
  • Load Chainsaw_LL.esp after Chainsaw.esp, if you are using the optional. 

If you are updating from 1.0, Chainsaws will revert to being Buzz Saws. They will retain the Chainsaw's weapon modifications and naming rules until they respawn or otherwise re-aquired in your game.


The following mods are incompatible with MURDERING CHAINSAW:

If I don't want to use the optional, how do I get the Chainsaw?

  • You will need to console yourself the item. Use the command 'player.additem xx001f0f,' where xx should be replaced by the index of Chainsaw.esp.

What level should I start seeing Chainsaws if I'm using the optional? Where can I find them?

  • Chainsaws will start appearing in the hands of Raider's at level 18. They will appear in merchant's inventories available for sale starting a little earlier. Even more powerful variants are carried by tougher Raiders at level 28.

Why are the saw teeth gigantic?

  • Very few people probably want to animate that many individually moving teeth. The fewer in the chain, the larger they have to be. It's a compromise.

Is the Chainsaw fusion-powered or gas-powered?

  • Nobody can say for sure.

Currently, the fire effect for Chainkebabs must play all of the time that the weapon is equipped or outside of the player's inventory. This is a technical limitation of only being able to apply one set of animations to a single object modification for the weapon, which goes to the spinning teeth. Blood effects are not visible on the Raider Dressing upgrade while in the player's inventory. Both of these issues may be resolved in a future update.

Thanks to you for downloading.

All meshes and textures were made by me using the following tools:

NifSkope 2.0

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