About this mod

This is a simple .bat file containing a handful of console commands that attempt to optimize the vanilla godrays.

Permissions and credits
What Is This?
First things first... This isn't really a "mod." It's a collection of console commands put into a .bat file.
All these console commands already exist in the vanilla game, this just makes it easier for the user to input them.
It changes the GR Grid value from 64 to 12.
It changes the GR Scale from 1.0 to .8.
It changes the GR MaxCascade from 2 to 1.

Why Use This?
The ultra/high quality godray presets look great but perform horribly on virtually every system, meanwhile the low/medium quality presets perform great but produce poor quality, blocky godrays.

These tweaks provide a middle ground where the godrays perform roughly on par with the low/medium quality while mitigating the blockiness.

What's The Catch?
A shimmering effect may occur when the light shafts squeeze through tight spaces.
Like all performance mods, each system will be affected differently.
There is no guarantee this will work for you.

      For those that like to watch tutorials, this video will show you how to install. :)