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Modifies vanilla scripts to allow for you to recruit any companion plus dogmeat, and up to 15 real companions, and an infinite number of normal companions.

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Before you ask, YES, you can have a companion in addition to dogmeat and yes it supports Automatron and Far Harbour companions.

This mod essentially allows you to have as many companions as you want. The only catch is that you may only have actual companion dialogue with the first 15 companions, any additional companions may have generic dialogue sequences.

Removed the dogmeat replacement code where recruiting dogmeat will result in your previous companion being dismissed. Dogmeat does not count toward the 15 companions available for companion sequences.

Known issues:
-Certain quests may not trigger dialogue asking you to recruit them, but instead mention you already have someone
-Some companions may be barred from becoming a follower, this is actually a vanilla feature intended to prevent you from bringing someone when they're not meant to be brought
-If you recruit another follower sometimes the companion will trigger their dismissal comments to the other companion, however they do not actually leave
-Cait will not be able to use her lock picking talent unless she is the first companion (Will look into)