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Finally, a proper engine-level system for showing holstered weapons on characters, with various customization options.

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As we all know, for Fo4 Bethesda decided to remove physical appearance of holstered weapons on characters, now when a weapon is holstered it's just vanished in the air. This mod is dynamic engine-level system that brings that feature back from previous fallout games.

The dynamic nature of this mod allows for it to just work on any weapon, including any mod as long as they are consistent with the implementation standards of vanilla weapons

  • No .esp – This mod is a full f4se plugin, that means it won’t take a slot up in your load order

  • Customizable – Various customization options are available that can be set via an .ini,  and a powerful ingame tool – the Positioner. Read more about all customization options here

  • NPC support – holstered weapons are visible on human NPCs as well

  • Just works – you don’t need to do anything additional other than just installing it

This mod along with the Bullet Counted Reload System and Damage Threshold Framework are core mechanics of the Fallout 4: New Vegas project

For direct questions, suggestions and bug reports (if you find any) you can join my discord: https://discord.gg/2SgPMns

Install like any other mod, make sure both mod .dll and .ini files are in your F4SE/plugins folder.

If you make changes in the .ini, when updating, make sure you backup your .ini file, so you can then restore your customization options.

Of course, the mod requires f4se and game to be launched from f4se launcher (f4se_loader.exe).

Unfortunately there was no magic involved in this mod, that means there are some limitations and other information that you should keep in mind.

There will be clipping. There’s lots of clipping in vanilla Fallout 4 and there was lots of clipping with holstered weapons in previous Fallout games. There is no mechanism in the engine to completely eliminate it. But this mod does various things to avoid it as much as possible.
  • It takes into account the character’s weight
  • It includes an ingame tool, the Positioner, that allows you to manually move around weapon holsters from ingame. Read more about it here
  • In future versions, It will take into account values from Weapon Adjust armor addon box, that was present in Fallout 4 Creation Kit but its never used. Like skyrim, for this mod Weapon Adjust value will be the distance of the holster from that particular armor addon

Big guns aren’t displayed by default when holstered, they just have too much clipping. There’s an option to enable it, but use it at your risk.

Holstered Weapons don’t appear on Power Armor and on any non human character.

Mod doesn't guarantee to work on every released weapon mod. If its implementation contains something thats not charasteristic for vanilla weapons, there may be issues

If you are starting a new game, make sure you save and load at least once. Mod needs to detect save load to start functioning properly

shad0wshayd3, expired6978, po3, Ryan (SniffleMan) – explaining some reverse engineering and the way some engine stuff works

metamoth741 - Additional help

Lots of people from F4NV and The Bone Zone servers – Testing and moral support. The moral support I received from both servers was the thing that really made this mod possible.

Source Code

Extra Item Info (EII)
Blink Grenades (Teleportation)
Toggle Revolver Fanning - Wild West Cowboy

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