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About this mod

Build your own swimming pool !
Adds 3 water planes to build at your settlement workshop. The water
markers snap with each other and most of workshop structures.
Add 5 fully functional showers. NPC can use it, the actor that use
it (even the player) will automatically undress and redress upon

Permissions and credits

  • Add a Special issue of Picket Fence that allows  you to build pool and shower at your settlement (the issue is located in the small cabin at the exit of vault 111 see screenshot)
  • Adds 4 water planes to build at your settlement workshop. The water markers snap with each other and most of workshop structures.
  • Adds 8 fully functional showers. NPC can use it, the actor that use it (even the player) will automatically undress and redress upon exiting.
  • Adds 2 Rad-Away Showers that remove radiations.
  • Adds 2 Waterfalls.
  • Adds 3 Water-Splashes.
  • Adds 1 Relaxation Point Marker.
  • Adds 18 Ceramic Tiles to build your pool or a bathroom.
  • The new items are found in the workshop main menu under B.Y.O.P. (or Furniture / Structure >> Misc if you disable the new menu option) once you found the Picket Fence Special Issue : B.Y.O.P.
  • Perfectly compatible with mods like Settlement Keywords or Homemaker.
  • If you enter the workshop mode while in sneak mode the markers won't show-up allowing you to place stairs or statue in your pool.
  • See the What's New section for further details.

  • In order to get the new items to show in your workshop menu you need to find a magazine named Picket Fence Special Issue : B.Y.O.P. located in the cabin right at the exit of Vault 111 (see screenshot).
  • Once you found the magazine an Holotape named [Settings]Build Your Own Pool will be added to your inventory.
  • If you don't change the settings the new items will be found under B.Y.O.P. in the main workshop menu.
  • If you chose to integrate the items in vanilla menu the water marker will be located under Structure >> Miscellaneous and the Showers under Furniture >> Miscellaneous.
  • Relaxation Point : In order to work efficiently the relaxation marker must be placed near furniture, alone It won't attract any settler.

A crude tutorial to show you how to build a basic, yet functional pool

  • Note that due to the undressing script if you have more than 64 showers in use (and/or naked people in the pool) at the same time the 65th+ NPC won't undress. Well if you have 65 actor showering at the same time, your main issue might not be the undressing of the 65th)
  • Due to the game engine, everything under the water planes will be considered as underwater area. So building a roof-top pool isn't a good idea. (To make a long story short, pool on the roof = swimming in the living room).
  • Due to the change in the pool undressing system player and npc will only undress if they are swimming
  • In order to overcome the graphical glitch when undressing npc (it happens when you change their outfit) I had to use a workaround involving a naked body as wearable armor. This body use all inventory slots less the air, long air and head. (to avoid decapitated, bald npc ^^) Some mods like Armorsmith Extended change the records of some helms to remove the biped slot 46 - headbands from those, leaving only slot 30 - air top . So any item biped only to slots 30, 31 and/or 32 wont be unequipped by NPC.
  • Armors tagged as quest items won't be auto re-equipped on Player.
  • Sometimes for some people the PipBoy fails to reequip on player, if it happens to you, use this command in console to reequip the PipBoy : player.equipItem 21B3B and turn off the PipBoy Auto-Unequip in the config holotape.

How to update
  • Unless stated in the version info, there is no need to uninstall previous version before upgrading. The way I build my updates you simply need to over-write the old files.

Version 4.0
  • Adds tile-less variation of the player house showers.
  • Adds an institute shower cab.
  • Adds 18 ceramic tiles mesh to build a pool or a bathroom.
  • Change the name of the holotape to [Settings]Build Your Own Pool.

Version 3.5
  • Added quadrant water marker.
  • Add new option to the config Holotape :
    • You can now choose to keep your PipBoy equipped while undressing (OFF by default).
    • You can choose to undress the character once they enter the pool (OFF by default) Note that this option is buggy and I added it as it was a request. If you chose to enable this option your NPCs might be stuck in constant undressing mode, use it to your own discretion (I won't give support for people enabling this option and getting bugs).
  • Fixes issue with Syringer and Junkjet freezing game if the player had them equipped when undressing (the player won't unequip weapons anymore when undressing).
  • Fixes the targeting issue with the 128x128 water markers.
  • NPC with custom texture will now keep it when undressing.

Version 3.42
  • Fixes issues with pool undressing
  • Due to the change in the pool undressing system player and npc will only undress if they are swimming.

Version 3.41

  • Fixes some script typo.
  • Add a +3 charisma bonus for 1H after showering (you must shower for at least 10s, does not apply to Rad-Away Showers)

Version 3.4
  • Player & Npc now automatically undress and  redress when entering  and exiting the pool.
    • when in the pool since his pipboy is removed player won't be able to access his pipboy, fast travel, use vats and use favorite menu.
    • if the player or a npc is in combat it will not be automatically undressed upon entering the pool.
    • you can choose to stay clothed in pool with the configuration holotape. (same for NPCs).
  • Added a version of the chemicals showers that remove radiation (10 rad / sec) those Rad-Away Shower don't bring any happiness.
  • Updated the configuration holotape to match the new functionalities.
  • Added a Picket Fence Special Issue : B.Y.O.P. to enable the pool items and give the player the configuration holotape.
    • People upgrading from 3.2 and higher do not need to get the magazine to enable the pool and shower construction as they already have the holotape (they can retrieve it if they want but it is not required)
    • The magazine is located in  the small cabin at the exit of vault 111 (see screenshot).
  • Added back the animation file that was missing in the previous version.

Version 3.3
  • Added a circle water plane (obviously it does not snap).
  • Added a relaxation point marker : place the marker near the furniture you want your settler to use and they will be attracted to it (like they are attracted to the bar...)
  • Added configuration options to the holotape :
    • You can now choose if the player and / or npc undress when showering.
    • You can now choose to use the custom menu (On by default) or sort items to vanilla categories.
  • Fixed a missing record preventing the holotape 3D icon to show in inventory.

Version 3.2

  • Added 4 new showers (2 chemicals, 2 sanctuary like).
  • Added 2 water splashes size (medium & small).
  • Added a configuration Holotape named B.Y.O.P. Configuration Holotape it will pop in your inventory when you load your game.
    • You can configure if the shower you are building are bringing happiness.
    • You can configure if the water planes (not the markers) are showing in workshop mode (to place Tarberries as example).
  • Fixed some issues with water marker (should be easier to move).
  • Due to the additions of the new showers i had to remove the cap of happiness brought by showers.
  • Some script polishing.

Version 3.1
  • You can now build waterfalls and waterfall splash.
  • Added some safeguards to the shower to prevent npc being stuck in shower animation.
  • Added Happiness to the Shower Head:
    • Each Shower Head adds +1 happiness with a limit of 10 happiness bonus.
    • When you reach the 10 happiness bonus the next shower you build wont bring any happiness.
    • Due to the way happiness limit is handled when you reach the limit you might not be able to build shower. in this case close your workshop menu, then re-enter.
    • If you don't want happiness bonus just type this in the console : set bIsShowerHappinessEnabled to 0
  • Added Akarnan's Pills item craftable at Alchemy Station for 1 plastic.
    • Give the pill (or place it with pickpocket) to the npc you want to reset bugged animation.
    • The pill isn't restricted to the shower animation, and will reset any npc stuck in any idle.
    • why the pill ? well, idle animations are bug... ahem, let's say special... and tend to bug, no matter what.

  • In order to uninstall the mod you must run the B.Y.O.P. Configuration Holotape and set the option [Item In Separate Menu] to OFF. You'll get a confirmation message telling you that it is safe to uninstall the mod.
  • If you don't follow this step, you will mess up your workshop menu really bad.

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