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Allows the Player to have a Unique Body

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Unique Player

This mod lets your Player Character have a unique body. It can be made different from NPCs.  Right now, the meshes and textures for the body and hands can be changed.  A custom race is probably required to have unique head and skeleton, which might have to wait until after the CK is released.

How to use
Like a lot of my mods, it is currently DIY:
  1. Install with NMM or manually copy into your data folder and enable the ESP
  2. Copy the body/hand textures from your favorite body mod into:
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanFemale for female PCs OR
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanMale for male PCs
  • Copy the body/hand meshes from your favorite body mod into:
  • data/meshes/actors/character/PlayerCharacterAssets

    The package includes the default "vanilla" textures that should be overwritten by your chosen body textures.

    Recommended Mods

    • data/UniquePlayer.esp
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanFemale/FemaleBody_d.dds
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanFemale/FemaleBody_n.dds
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanFemale/FemaleBody_s.dds
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanFemale/BaseFemaleHand_d.dds
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanFemale/BaseFemaleHand_n.dds
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanFemale/BaseFemaleHand_s.dds
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanMale/MaleBody_d.dds
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanMale/MaleBody_n.dds
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanMale/MaleBody_s.dds
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanMale/BaseMaleHand_d.dds
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanMale/BaseMaleHand_n.dds
    • data/textures/actors/character/PlayerHumanMale/BaseMaleHand_s.dds
    • data/meshes/actors/character/PlayerCharacterAssets/FemaleBody.nif
    • data/meshes/actors/character/PlayerCharacterAssets/FemaleHands.nif
    • data/meshes/actors/character/PlayerCharacterAssets/MaleBody.nif
    • data/meshes/actors/character/PlayerCharacterAssets/MaleHands.nif

    • This mod is experimental, use at your own risk.
    • Generated with FO4Edit

    • v0.4.0 - Added body/hand meshes
    • v0.3.0 - Added male body/hand textures
    • v0.2.0 - Added hand textures
    • v0.1.0 - Initial - Only body textures