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Fixes most of the exterior flickering aka z fighting in the game, particularly in the Boston and Cambridge areas. (Modder's Resource.)

Permissions and credits
Flicker Fixer

Fixes most of the exterior flickering aka z fighting in the game, particularly in the Boston and Cambridge areas.

* Meshes only.
* In v4 I have fixed probably 90% of all exterior z-fighting throughout the game, however the games Previs/Precombine system nullifies some of the fixes made by this mod.
* T
his mod cannot fix the z-fighting of precombined objects while precombines are enabled, but I do not recommended disabling your precoms just to fix the remaining z-fighting because you will experience (Interior and Exterior) performance & FPS loss throughout the game.
See Comments Section for details/pictures.

This mod does not:

Edit any Cell or World Data.
Disable or Delete any files.
Effect Previs / Precombine Data
Use a plugin slot for any option.

No known conflicts.
100% compatible with texture packs and texture replacement mods.

Load Order Tip:

Anywhere in your Load Order is fine.

Install / Uninstall:
This mod can be installed or uninstalled at any time without harming your save games.
All files are in FOMOD Installers. Install using your favorite mod manager.

Additional Options:
For clear weather 24/7 with lighting that's easy on your eyes use my Simply Better Weather mod.
Use Fog Remover - Performance Enhancer II to remove interior fog, mist, steam, dust and airborne debris while giving you a boost in performance and FPS.
Use my Radiation Removers mod to remove all environmental radiation.

Use Puddle Remover Plus to remove water puddles, mud puddles, blood puddles, seagull droppings and the dirt clouds from NPC footsteps.
Use one of my Useful Combinations - Fallout4Custom.ini files to have controlled jet pack flight, no fusion core drain, no fall damage, strength (pick up cars) and more.
Use our Interior Teleportation Mod to travel to every player accessible interior cell in the game!

Please check out the Permissions and Credits for a list of "Credits and Thanks".
And don't forget to come back and give us and endorsement if you like this mod.

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