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Adds a character preset of Keanu Reeves based on his role in the critically acclaimed masterpiece... Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Or John Wick, that too.

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Have you always wanted to play everyone's favourite assassin? How about everyone's favourite immortal actor? Well, now you can!

Please note that this is still a WIP. Though I did my best with the FO4 character creation, my results are far from perfect. There will be angles where the preset won't really look like Keanu Reeves. However, this will be worked on and (constructive!) feedback is always appreciated. There are other factors outside of my capabilities (such as enb settings) which might also influence how close the preset will look like in your setup. For the record, I'm using Subtle ENB and True Storms. In the event that you dislike the update (or my update is actually worse, because hey that happens), I will NOT remove the old files from this page. You will always be able to download the preset which you think best fits your character.

When you shoot your gun up in the air and gone "Ahhh!!!"

Want this on Bethesda.net? Do you know how? Put it in the comments or PM me! I have no idea how to port it there without the need for F4SE (since LooksMenu requires it) and whether the required mods are on there, nor do I have an XBOX ONE or PS4. Your help will allow console players to avenge their dogs the right way!

And lastly, post images! I want to see how different the preset looks under different ENB and reshade settings.

Q: Why do you have an FAQ? You just released the mod, how can you field enough questions for it to be frequently asked?
A: That is a good question. I'll put it in the the FAQ.
Putting the "MOD" in "oh My gOd, just enD me."