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Version 2.2 Features newly made trees, grass and LOD enhancing the vanilla feel.

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Please be Sure to Enable Precombines as this Mod don't Break them by Checking these Lines in your Fallout4.ini and Fallout4Custom.ini:

* bUseCombinedObjects=1
* bPreCulledObjectsEnabled=1

                                                             BOSTON NATURAL SURROUNDINGS

                                                                                                          A Few Things to Note:

* New trees and grass made from scratch along with Tree LOD.

* Very lightweight as i only wanted to enhance the vanilla look.

* I am thinking of bringing the old Fallout 76 styled look back but it will take some time.

* I hope you guys enjoy the latest version and please be sure to leave an endorse and upload your pics.



* Mods that Changes Landscape Ground and Grass Textures (use tree only version if you want to use your own grass).

Any Mod that has Lod Files in them.

Be Sure to Check your Data Folder for any of these Files before using this Mod.



* Fallout 76 Weather

* Commonwealth Critters

* Campsite - Simple Wasteland Camping

* Boston FPS Fix



Ousnius for Bodyslide.

* Zilav and Sheson for F04lodgen.

* Gimp development team for Gimp 2.0.

* Bethesda for Fallout 4 and Creation Kit.

*  Matortheeternal for the xEdit Replace Formid Script.

  Payload for the NeuraLOD Mod.

 And all my supporters for all the hints and feedback.