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WET enhances all water and most water-related effects in the game. From one of the creators of the popular Realistic Water Two mod for Skyrim.

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WET - Water Enhancement Textures
by CaptainCockerel

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WET enhances all water and most water-related effects in the game. Simple. I have utilised my years of experience creating water and water-based effects in Skyrim for Fallout 4. Please check out the feature list below.


  • Covers all waters in the game, giving new flow and motion
  • New water surface textures generated from a 3D water simulation
  • New foam textures generated from a 3D water simulation¬†
  • New splash textures generated from 3D splash particles
  • New high quality droplet textures
  • New high quality water mist, fog and spray textures
  • Improved splash effect 3D models
  • Improved waterfall 3D models¬†
  • Improved general water effect 3D models
  • Optional rain textures generated from hand-crafted 3D models
  • Optional More Rads and Clearer plugin options for underwater (see FOMOD installation)
  • ENB water surface displacement support

Installation and uninstallation with a mod manager like Vortex is recommended. I do not recommend manual installation due to the multiple options available, especially for new users. However, a text file with basic manual install instructions can be found in the FOMOD folder of the mod.


Will work with any mod that doesn't edit the same files as in the .ba2 archives. You will need to use the B.A.E mod to view/extract the files and do a comparison if you have any doubts. Some other water mods will be compatible with WET. Please read the description and/or ask the author(s) of those mods for confirmation if you are unsure.

Please make sure WET is getting priority over any other mods that seem to edit the same values.

External support may be few and far between due to life stuff. Please stand by!

Kesta for previously re-hosting and managing the mod.