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Big thanks to to Hawkscr1mer for the in-game screenshots!



Atom's Blessing has allowed the Children of Atom to pillage the deepest depths and the most irradiated parts of the old world. And as such affords them a great deal of useful equipment they now use to fortify themselves against the wastes.

Adds the DB-507 uniform, a recovered military Underarmor/Over-armor/Overcoat set from before the war. The set is worn by new "Chosen of Atom" NPCs which can show up in place of any leveled Child of Atom NPC. The armor makes these guys quite a bit tougher than the normal rag robe wearing Children of Atom.

This mod has no overwrites, and uses scripts to inject new items into vanilla leveled lists, it should be compatible with any mods that use the same vanilla leveled lists.

--DB-507 is a reference to the OG-107 and OG-507 nomenclature for US army uniforms used from the 1960s to the late 1980s.
--The Hooded version of the Overcoat is a toggle you can access from a workbench, it uses some script trickery to cover the hair without wasting slot usage. You may need to re-equip the overcoat to make it properly cover the hair.

Female skin textures are CBBE based, a CBBE skin texture is not required, but suggested.

Xbox Link: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4099800

Items in the set:
Armor Arm (left/Right)
Armor Leg (left/Right)
Armor Chest
Outfit (underarmor)

Master Skin!
There is a new option on the underarmor called 'Master Skin', when enabled all eleven parts of the DB-507 set will match the skin of the underarmor. This means you won't have to go to each piece of the set and individually select a texture if you feel like trying out a new skin.
--The master skin feature requires a single instance of individual items to function.
--For example: If you have two overcoats (or more) in your inventory the master skin feature will not re-skin any of them.

All skins are at 2k resolution with the main Nexus download.
4k textures are available free at this public Patreon post.
Check the images tab to see previews of each skin.

Atom's Chosen (default)
Army Camo
Bush Camo
Classic Institute
Modern Institute
Urban Camo
Vault-Tec Security

Faction Patches:
With the exception of the Atom's Chosen skin, none of the skins have factional markings, the skins are really only color combos with a factional theme in mind and name. There are however Factional Patches on the Underarmor, Chest, and Arms, that allow you to sew on a specific faction's logo.

Included Patches:
Classic Institute
Medic Blue/Red
Modern Institute
NCR Flag
NCR Ranger
NCR Ranger Alt
PLA (China)
Pre-war Flag
Synth Retention
Vault 111
Vault 88

-Chance to be found on almost any randomized Children of Atom NPCs
--The mod uses a script to add new NPCs that can spawn anywhere Children of Atom normally do
--The vanilla 'CoA outfit' Leveled Item also gets updated with a script, so some non-hostile CoA NPCs can have the set as well.
--Far Harbor CoA characters have a chance to use parts of the set.
---The mod doesn't require FH.
--Newly added enemy NPCs use the prefix "Chosen of Atom"
--Some parts are more rare than others, with the mask being the most rare (since most Children of Atom are immune to Radiation they don't really need the mask)
-Also Craftable at Chemlab


2k resolution with the main Nexus download.
You can get the 4k link at this public Patreon Post:

Q: Why switch to Patreon?
A: Since Gumroad changed their policies on free stuff I've been wanting to try something else to make things easier for everyone. I was adverse to Patreon for a long time because I feared it would take up too much modding time to manage a community, but I'd like to have a way to communicate back and fourth with people who go to the effort of supporting the content. I hope to use Patreon to better grasp what the folks who lend their support actually want to see.

Q: What happened to Gumroad? What about old projects?
A: The Gumroad page isn't going away, and everything there is still free, but I will put direct download links to the old stuff on Patreon for easy access for supporters.

Q: What do supporters get?
A: I'll be posting more Work in progress screens, as well as early test builds of future projects (these will range from super early alpha versions to release candidate versions of mods).


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