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10 custom hairstyles (10 for female, 3 unisex) created by me! :)

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So if you've taken a look at all my previous mods, you'd probably notice I have a lot of mods having to do with hair. Well, that's because I really like hair mods. In fact, my first ever mod from this site was a hair pack for New Vegas. I just have an urge to make my characters to look nice whether I'm playing a game like the Sims, or one like Fallout. It had been my goal since I first started modding to be able to make my own hairstyles from scratch, and now I actually have!

Before the game came out, my concepts of my Fallout 4 character, Zella,  were much like the picture shown above, with that half pinned, lavender hairstyle. The vanilla game kept me from making her look like how I wanted her to look, and I wanted to change that. I've since went from learning basic texturing, to editing meshes, to finally being able to model and being able to do what I want with those models. Now over 2 years since I first drew Zella, she looks just as like I first envisioned her. :)

I've been working on these five styles for the past two months and have spent over a hundred fifty hours making them and getting them game ready. Hope you all like them!

1.0 was released with five female only hairstyles, a few months later I added a sixth hairstyle I made. Now, almost two years later I'm releasing version 2.0, which comes with 3 new hairstyles I've made over the past few months, and an edit of one of my older styles. I made these 3 new styles unisex as I think they fit well on both. When I make more hairstyles I'll likely add them to this mod, so look be sure to follow this mod for when that happens!

Zella Ponytail comes with three variants: one with a red polka dot hair bow, one with a dark hair bow, and one without. The hairbow was retextured from Nuka World.

For more about the new hairstyles, see this process album.

The styles are all hat compatible!
Some styles work better with certain hats, but it's far less clipping than what you'd get without this method.

Yes, all styles have physics as well.

✪ Maya 2016 ✪ 3DS Max 2016 ✪ Photoshop CC ✪ Outfit Studio ✪ Nifskope ✪ FO4Edit ✪ Material Editor
ZBrush ✪ XGen ✪ xNormal

- Azar for explaining how to make hairs hat compatible!
- All the super supportive people on Tumblr and Nexusmods who expressed interest at my screenshots and updates!
- The crazy talented people who've made custom made hairstyles for years and inspired me with their creations.
- Hayllee for converting these for New Vegas!
- Samedog for porting these hairstyles to Kenshi.

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