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About this mod

Over 100 building plans from throughout the community for Sim Settlements!

Permissions and credits
Head to SimSettlements.com for more details, and contacting kinggath to talk about the mod!


Requires Version 4.0.3a or Greater of Sim Settlements


2x2 Advanced Industrial: 1 Tech Tree (with 7 buildings)
2x2 Agricultural: 5

2x2 Commercial: 8
2x2 Industrial: 6

2x2 Martial: 4
2x2 Recreational: 5
2x2 Residential: 23

1x1 Martial: 1

Interior Agricultural: 6
Interior Commercial: 9
Interior Industrial: 5
Interior Martial: 4
Interior Recreational: 6
Interior Residential: 21

City Plan: 1 (Vault 88)
City Leaders: 1 (Clem)
Settlement Flags: 4
City Planner's Desks: 8

Building Features
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Yes
Performance Settings: Yes

Over 100 building plans for Sim Settlements from add-on packs and community members created throughout the first two years of Sim Settlements!

Mega Packs work seamlessly with existing add-on packs. If an add-on pack that a building plan is from is detected, that add-on pack will be given control of the building plan. This allows us to create merged add-on packs without taking away control from the original author! So if you're already using some of the add-on packs listed below, continue to use and update them to get any additional content or improvements those authors make.

Includes all building plans from the following mods - note that uninstalling one of those add-ons will cause your plots that were using them to select a new building plan:

Awsome Town by Kytampe
VFX Downtown by XV-Versus
Vault-Tec Tools by Samutz and Wulfharth
Institute Settlements by Argyuile AKA MrTrust
Another Brick in the Wall by Sebbo86
VaultLand by RodericksBlade

Also includes building plans donated by Ruined World, RobotsSmells, Whisper, and CaptainLaserBeam. Plus City Planner's Desks donated by Captain COOTS.

Special Thanks

XV-Versus, MadHzShft, ShotokanV Shoto, Raybo, and Phil_T_Casual for helping test the content and make sure I didn't miss any files!