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Ambient Wasteland is back! Immerse yourself in the wastes with sounds of wildlife and more! Ported over from Fallout 3, Ambient wasteland offers many new ambient sound effects added seamlessly into the base game.

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(Ported with permission)

Ambient Wasteland was a mod for Fallout 3 and NV that added ambient sounds to the wasteland ranging from gunfights to bird call. This mod aims to add all that back into Fallout 4. Now Fallout 4's ambient sounds system works differently than older Fallout games, as in games like Fallout 3 sounds would get randomly picked from a folder. In Fallout 4, it's much more organized, and sounds have records, so I had to decide which sounds are appropriate where. Generally foothills (area around Sanctuary, etc) are the most diverse. You'll here packs of dogs, distant quick gunfights, bugs, snakes, and birds. Forested areas like near Fort Hagen is where you'll start to hear more wildlife like loons, bears, mountain cats, hawks, ravens, etc. Lastly, swamps focus heavily on haunting birds like loons and crows, as well as tons of insect sounds. In the cities you'll here shattering glass, falling metal, and junk clanging around among the moaning buildings. The same can be said for diamond city with the addition of dogs and cats.

Drag the contents of the mod in to your games "Data" folder and activate with the mod manager of your choice.