Fallout 4

About this mod

A Brotherhood of Steel quest for high-level players. Travel to New York and fight Super Mutants, Raiders and Gunners through Central Park, Manhattan and the Subways. Rescue a captured BoS soldier from the Gunner facility and acquire and destroy their weapon technologies. 

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Also available on XB1

Location: New York City.
Faction: Brotherhood of Steel (it will work no matter what your affiliation with the vanilla BoS faction).
Requirements: High-level character (30+). Compatible with all DLC, no DLC required. 
Mission: Rescue a captured Brotherhood soldier and acquire/destroy the weapon technologies. 

NOTE: Enemies spawn based on invisible triggers. It is recommended to move slowly through each section and clear all enemies before moving forward. Otherwise a build-up of enemies will occur, and they may follow you through doors and even back to the Commonwealth.

  1. Make a hard save. 
  2. Install mod anywhere in load order. 

  1. Delete the old version.
  2. Make a new clean save without the mod installed.
  3. Install latest version anywhere in load order.

  • Pack a lot of ammo, meds, and radaway. 
  • Travel to Listening Post Echo and speak to the Inquisitor. 
  • Board the Vertibird and travel to Central Park, Manhattan. 
  • Defeat the Central Park Super Mutants and enter the Subway system. 
  • Defeat the Subway Raiders and escape into lower Manhattan. 
  • Defeat the Manhattan Gunners and enter the Gunner facility. 
  • Eliminate the rogue scientists and rescue the captured Sergeant. 
  • Plant the explosives and destroy the Gunner facility. 
  • Escape from New York.
  • Defend the BoS outpost from pursuing Gunners. 
  • Collect rewards. 

Video playthrough: Many thanks to AlChestBreach. More on the videos tab

Travel to Listening Post Echo. Be sure to look around and read the terminal.

BTW Central Park is no walk in the...

Raiders control New York's subways.

Welcome to Manhattan.

The Gunners rule New York.

They have built their own Liberty Prime with the help of 4 banished BoS scientists.

Oh yeah, good luck with that...

Rescue a captured BoS soldier.

Pickup some cool gadgets.

Blow up the place.

Escape from New York.

Defend the outpost.

Legendary armor & weapons:

Read the mod notes on any terminal.

Can I bring companions?
Yes, but it may get crowded.

How do I restart the mod?
Uninstall and clean save, then install again.
Or just make a hard-save before initial installation.

How do I get more nuclear missiles?
You will be given the recipe as a reward for quest completion. Under 'grenades' at any chemistry station.

Can I get the legendary weapons without completing the quest?
There is a cheat room located at Listening Post Echo. Check the terminal there.

Why is there no map in my pip-boy?
It's linear, so local map only.


Also available on XB1